Thursday, May 31, 2018

bike racing with kids looks costly.....

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

you ever say to yourself...
christ i thought id never see you again..
but just because im not here week after week, month after month spreading my crusty old metallic opinion doesn't mean i aint hanging around and watching...

 Style goes along way..
you can be douchest douche bag around..but for some if your style is on point you gain back a little respect along your path towards cool dude..
Im ok with country pride..
id just felt better if that big gawd alwfull swoosh logo wasnt ruining the Union Jack..

In a perfect world there would be no-gears..
That lid..
Bleeech looks like it got chopped off at the brow..

Normally i love these Parlees
but im kinda on the edge on this one
something is not completely giving me total lift off..
maybe the tires

funny how you can probably buy a 20$ alloy stem and make look like 400 custom Vanilla..
that aside i like it..but its only fail is the stem spacer 

Is this a wet suit..
or skinsuit?
and holy metal bat turds
this gals waist is sickly small

i dunno grey?
it usually looks just like dirty white..
but im kinda digging these..
too bad you have to be single or overpaid to afford em

the Velodrome squad

i was sooo
sooo sooo close

until the wheel decals killed it

despite the fact i think this gal is way too young to be here on this horrible blog...

the glasses...
the shoes..
the fork..
thats fuckin winning

the importance of good shoes...
any fuckin rotter that says vans are comfortable are lying out there ass..either that or they haven't destroyed there arches yet with these horrible fuckin shoes...

good lord....

make it up
create it or borrow pieces from other fuckers
just go and
find some style

Ben`s Koi Dreamin Schemin Specialized Crux SSCX

June is interview month 
here on TMS!