Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How do you show that you like your fans? You don’t ding’em for money every possible chance you get.
You make CD’s long and add a lot of cool bonus cuts. You don’t charge $50 for a t-shirt. When kids download your stuff for free off of the internet and tell you about it, you don’t get mad at them.
My parting line is ” I’D RATHER BE HEARD THAN PAID.” Am I going to come after you like Lars Ulrich, demanding my 35 cents, nah man. If you can’t afford to listen to my music and you gotta get it off the internet, at least you’re rockin

-Henry Rollins

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Triple T Tuesday

1.Burke: travel miles
2.Sven: vacation
3.SIMONSTER: certain concerns
4.Shrek:  Family man
5.Bigring..:see Burke
6.the Bunny:deduct six points
7.Bebee: still the kiss king
8.Kolo-Tc: TLA
9.White Lightning: thats all you need to know
10.P Russell: wolverine nuff said
11.Tim Keffer
12.Open: Icepreps

Monday, October 28, 2013

TAO of T

Its been awhile since Tao has been felt inside T's soul....maybe because that fat broad is gettin prepped..
i dunno

 I feel sorry for suck'as i really do..I just cant seem to wrap my head around all can peace set over a soul when all is planned out and arranged..its like having your stone laid out in the bone yard..just like my friend Pascal..every week he can be seen pruning it and getting it ready...i say to myself..why..I cant imagine life without flat out kicking it freestyle..Ive tried i have..made the attempt and it just dont flow with T. yea we got Friday 15 and Tuesday 12..but you and I know..thats silly time wasting kids stuff...So few days to count..and some folks spend them counting numbers, miles, watts,KG's, calories, weight,, intervals, time gaps,grams, titles, stats, money, friends, likes appointments, gettin it..?  Time flys by and in actuallty when your gone your gone..and none of it matters..none of it..I aint here to preach the word.make you think my way..I and i sure as hell dont expect a slap on the butt..It was my way..and I sleep well at night knowing I did it that way...


Welcome to Holy Week 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013


12.brow beater

check  yours accordingly 

Thursday, October 24, 2013


You know what T's momma used to say...
"rather be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie..."

You have to love flat faced straight shooters....pure and simple..and when TMS's friendly neighbor to the north put out its sand bag awards and called dudes out straight up the ass... it was classic..I aint jumpin on the band wagon and piggy backing off it..cuz its a subject that has been approached down here more times than U-NO-WHO  has rode off the front breathing easy intimidating his fellow suffocating competitors with friendly come on wave and a thoughtfull wink....the curiously funny part about the subject this time is the applause, high five and butt slappin  it received..I dunno maybe its the time of year...folks are tired after a long season, or in too good of a mood to put up a fuss..cuz nothing can bring down a scener when they are less than three days from the start of Holy Week..maybe its the people themselves..? The power laden  knobby crowd seems a lot less touchy and little more laid back...(that is unless you go where i aint sayin)  than there number conscious alter matter how you slice it...props to my fellow neighbor from up there..cuz if TMS would a posted it... i dunno if T coulda of put up with more Hate mail it ..might just been the final nail in the coffin that's already prepared...

get my drift...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Triple T Tuesday

As the big show creeps slowly in..The clock go's tic-toc around here and zero fucks are given...
 even when its tighter than a tics ass and is closer than a _____ hair....

1.T Burke
2.A York
3.S Hoffener
6.J Wakeley
7.BIG Ring
8.A Vanias
11.Jeff the Lil Pony Weinert
12.That Sketchy Fuck.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013

 the Chaos Machine keeps rollin
five weeks in and it still doesn't make sense

1. Sven 56
2.da Bunny 48
3.Burke 43
4.Lil Pony 38
5.Jon The Black Ace Card 28
6.S Hoffener 21
8.Wakeley 15
9.C Wells 14
10.P Russell 12
11.Yankus 11
12.The BigRing 10

Wiz 9
Patterson 7
Beebe 7
San0-prod 6
Big Mac 6
Seamen 5
Jgood 4
Vanias 3
DK 3
Cross Bastard 2
Dybo 2
R Steele 2
That Sketchy Fuck 1

Friday, October 18, 2013

ingredients of slow
1. ready excuses
2.confusing routine for dedication
3. little thought
4.cutting corners
5.nagging injury's
6.complaining about nagging injury's
7.riding alone... too often
8.not listening
9.not believing
10.getting too comfortable
11.buying expensive shit to make up for the lack of hard work
12.scrimping on dedication
13.eating too much
14.sleeping too little
15.listening to shitty music
16.getting offended easy
17 wearing an affliction t-shirt or any other gay over printed ugly ass wanna be hard garment.
18.jeans with the same gay ass over printed/embroidered bullshit all over the rear pockets
19.believing in your own hype
20.not being prepared
21 baggy shorts
22.over analyzing
23.too much talk and hyping
24 trying to be someone else
25.not listening to enough Led Zeppelin
28.taking poor advice
30.using 36 hole box section rims Mr Tuffys, Armadiilio or any other puncture proof tire on group rides containing assholes that train on full pimped out carbon fiber rigs
31.a nagging spouse
32.not being honest with yourself
33.missing percentages
34.flat tires
35.fat tires
36.fat ass's
37.brakes dragging
38.recumbent s
39.not resting
40.breathing too much
41.continuing to do  what "used to work"
42 low T
43 being dead
44.self discipline
45.not pulling through
46.following wheels
47.visiting this shitty blog
48.Fear /No Guts
49.Excessive fat
50 Inadequate genetics
51.lack of passion

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Triple T Tuesday

Five weeks in and this shit still doesn't make me or you or that ass hole at the car wash..nor do i gave two shits if it does, if anyone cares or if it gets any response views spit and hits... its a prototype..a system..a way to do shit in T's own fucked up twisted way..a pre of sorts to other things..good or bad..right or wrong.crooked or or white..male or female...success or failure....all fucked up grammar aside...that's how everything starts...
The Das German sticks week six but very narrowly ahead of the bunny..the Wolverine machine just keeps rolling gaining muscle within the Midwest strongest series OVCX week after week the series is filled with a solid turn out that would make even uncle Bobby roll over in his grave..The Wiz..(still cant figure that guy out) further comment...The Grayling Giant seems to be rolling just fine up north laying waste to the midget turn outs up would be interesting to see how he fairs down state.oh and DannyK yea he's out thats that..

1. Das German
2.A York
3.J Weinert
4.M Wissink
5.J Wakeley
6.C Wells
7.J the Black Ace
10.Danny K
12.that sketchy fuck

Monday, October 14, 2013

Even in the world of dudes that can make even the fastest local hot shoes look like feeder fish..Some can be pretty level headed and even have there own style T..from the site  we try not to be...published days ago and probably read by everyone that counts numbers..

Timmy J is pretty cool in T's book.

 Timothy Johnson is a professional cyclocross racer. Let’s just get that straight.
He’s a good one, too. He’s won the U.S. elite national championship three times, and has been one of the most consistent faces on the sharp end of U.S. cyclocross racing over the last 15 years. He finished third at the under-23 world championships in 1999, and is one of only two senior men from the United States to stand on a worlds podium, Jonathan Page being the other. This year, Johnson ( has finished second four times at major races (Providence Cyclocross Festival, the Gran Prix of Gloucester) and won a few tune-up events. He was the first rider of his generation to call himself purely a ’cross racer.
Timothy Johnson is also a cyclist. Matter of fact, he’d prefer to be defined that way, as opposed to “Tim Johnson, racer.” Johnson spends as much time pedaling long rides as he seems to train. He stops on rides to rescue turtles, and — gasp — he even takes the stairs sometimes, or walks places. Of course, anything extra is anathema to a pro. But not to Johnson, who perhaps wishes his life tilted more toward the movie “Rad” — the classic BMX flick with the ludicrous “Send me an Angel” dance/BMX sequence — than it does. VeloNews caught up with Johnson recently.

VeloNews: How are you?
Tim Johnson: I’m killing it right now. I just got a massage.
VN: Every time I check your Strava or Instagram, you’re always doing something cool. Like your Ride On Washington, for example. Is it hard to keep the training up as well?
TJ: You know, I guess I made an unconscious decision — I have massage face and massage head, so don’t hold me too tight to what I say right now — I made the conscious, or unconscious, decision to not worry about being super, uh, I don’t know, crazy about being perfect. I guess I really embrace the idea of being a cyclist, being happy, having range. I’ve been around people who I think are way too type A and literally melt under the pressure that they built for themselves … and then I’ve been around people who don’t do shit either way, that don’t do enough with their careers. But I think I’ve been able to look at enough people who do it right, and enough people who do it wrong, to create a little niche myself.
VN: You’re aiming for that sweet spot.
TJ: Exactly. I’m not quite a soul surfer, soul rider, but I like to be once in a while. I’m not like the super nerdy, super watt guy, but I kind of like to think I am once in a while. I like to ride with people who aren’t pros, which a lot of pros don’t get.
VN: They think you’re crazy for that.
TJ: I’ve actually had a conversation with riders where I’m like, “Wait, really? Do you understand what you’re saying right now?” I like to be around people who are psyched to be doing what they’re doing, whether they’re doing it for fun or for a job. I can use every finger and every toe to count pros who aren’t psyched to be doing what they’re doing. So why bother riding with them? And whatever. Ride with people who are excited, happy.
VN: If you had to define yourself, would you be Tim Johnson, cyclocross racer, or Tim Johnson, cyclist?
TJ: Cyclist. And I’d be wanting to be that.
VN: What do you think you get from your approach to riding?
TJ: I like to meet new people. I like to be exposed to the ideas and motivations of people that are different, or who I’ve known so far. … If I’ve had rides that have gotten me to a place where I think I’m having what I think are great thoughts at the time, you only have those once in a while. But if you ride with people that are interesting, you can have those kinds of things pop up way more often. But you have to present yourself with that opportunity.
VN: At some point — well, that would be now — you’re going to have to throw down and race. How are you feeling about it?
TJ: I feel great about it. … Having started the year off this way, I realize I probably put too much pressure on myself [last year] for our big, American worlds. I really wanted to dial up the Tim Johnson racer and dial down the Tim Johnson cyclist. And I think I probably don’t do as well with that ratio. It’s a learning process.
VN: ’Cross racing is pretty close. You know all the guys, been racing them for years, closely. Is there any sort of rivalry or bad blood?
TJ: You don’t want to lose to a guy you know so well. You want to fight him. You want to push. You want to lay it all out there, to not lay down, to cry uncle. You want to fight and fight and fight. I think it brings out the best.
VN: What of the upcoming schedule? You’ll skip the usual early trip to Europe?
TJ: I really want to have a great nationals in Boulder [Colorado]. I feel like I’m getting luckier and luckier to have my career come at a time where we can have worlds in our home area and have nationals in Boulder. … That’s going to be a fucking awesome weekend. It’s going to be crazy. It’s going to be nuts.
VN: You racers are going to make yourselves stay inside and not see anyone.
TJ: Oh my god. No way.
VN: You can’t be hanging out with people like us.
TJ: Dude, it’s going to be happy hour at the West End on Thursday. Roll it into Friday. And then Saturday it’s going to be this crazy party, and then Sunday I’m going to race. What’s the big deal with that?
VN: Maybe all this hanging out, riding long, has conditioned you for such things.
TJ: Actually, I will tell you, the fear of standing up is ingrained. Can’t stand up. Can’t meet people because you might get sick. I think it’s some of those unfair lessons taught to young riders that doesn’t make sense. It’s like, “C’mon now.” Otherwise you get to the end of your career and you’ve never met anyone. And you’ll never get a girlfriend because you can’t walk five feet.
VN: Wait, wait. So you’re telling me that if you had a dog you’d walk it?
TJ: I have two dogs, and definitely will walk my dogs. And I even run in the offseason. I’ll stand up a cocktail party. Go figure.
VN: And you’ll take the stairs?
TJ: I do take the stairs. Go figure.
VN: Do you think there’s a movement to just ride longer as opposed to race? It seems like a lot of people just want to be out for long, crazy rides and maybe aren’t racing as much, on the whole.
TJ: I think overall there’s a realization that, especially people who have dedicated to racing, they’re finally realizing that all the time they put into training and racing makes stuff like that more fun. … If you’ve been riding your bike … any kind of riding that isn’t your normal training loop is just so much more fun, because you’re fit. … My racing is a very important part of what I do, but not the only thing I do. And it’s been a process to figure that out and eventually become comfortable with that. Because there’s this thing — you miss a day of training, you suddenly become less good. And that’s not really what training is all about. Training allows you to repeat an effort more often, spending less …. but it doesn’t necessarily make you good or bad. It only makes you able to be as fit as you are more often. I think that there’s — this is going to kill the whole article — during the Lance years, being fit became the No. 1 thing. Totally the only thing. It’s a big part of what we do, but fitness is not the only thing. There’s skills, there’s tactics … there’s all kinds of stuff. But there’s also a feeling in being confident in what you’re doing and that’s something for me that came from a lot of years of riding and racing and learning from my mistakes … but I think that’s also a lesson that other people are learning, too. And that’s great.

Friday, October 11, 2013


1.I have a whole bunch of tires and i want to use them.
2.I idolize the little Pony
3.Makes me feel soo euro.
4.i got a new high dollar Craft base layer from grandam last Christmas..I haven't used yet
5.Im a "mudder"
6.I like replacing chains and cables.
7.I missed the registration for "tough Mudder"
8.its Cross
9.I hate grass
10.I like to be reminded how hard i am.
11.People like hearing about muddy races more than sunny dry ones.
12.Its like being a kid again
13.theres something about the smell of muddy goose shit that excites me.
14.Its a good ego boost
15.I am allergic to dust

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Triple T Tuesday

"It will all shake out" ...."it will come it in the wash"....."because you just never know".....all thing T's memee used to say way back when he was ever so naive to workings of this silly place...and darn it all to hell she was right on the button..I know i know none of this is even making any sense and in the scope of it all your right...but inside is Karma really Karma? only if you  believe in Karma..then its Karma..other wise its just wasted hate...So heres T's 12 for week 4..the German sits on top coming off a hard fought battle down south in a local race that would of contest the size of UCI race of years past..The lil Pony called for a rain dance for change.. god said yes..and he showed his appreciation and made it two in a row..The Bunny keeps Energizer happy with some more travel miles... while the cats away the Ace will play.. he snuck over to the Cleveland series and wins one for the old guard...and rounding out the top 5....Whats up with Burke? rumor has it he had some teeth make the call on that one..

1. Das German
2. J Weinert
3.the bunny
4 J the Black Ace
5.T Burke
6.A Beebee
7.Big Mac
8.M Bigring
9.K Patterson
10 P Russell

Monday, October 07, 2013

somedays you bite the bear
somedays the bear bites you

Friday, October 04, 2013

1. Seven Nation Army, The White Stripes
2  Everlong, Foo Fighters
3. Narc, Interpol
4. Swamp Song, The Heartless Bastards
5. Supernaut, Black Sabbath
6. Phototropic, Kyuss
7. Like An Outlaw, Social Distortion
8. Panic In Detroit, David Bowie
9. Drug Store, The Dwarves
10.Body Counts In The House, Body Count
11.Now Im Here. Queen
12.Monkey Man, The Rolling Stones
13.Black Metallic, Catherine Wheel
14.Breaking The Law, Judas Priest
15.Track 04, Unknown Artist

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Triple T Tuesday

It all doesn't make sense..i know its a ll so vague..its not the way its supposed to be done and proves nothing...the grammar sucks T is hated..and the whole thing is played out... like moth that cant get out of  the light..the only reason its here is cuz I have no other...but that's the beauty of it all..the only thing missing from this silly pile of crud of chaos is a little cash...if you want that it aint here as these pockets aren't fat and I dont have no Atlanta sugar momma throwin it out....
that don't mean nothing because in my eyes you all are everything..i mean gosh darn i love this scene..its like we are in a state of got SIMONSTER runnin all over the Allegheny state forest in true Sasquatch form..The Grayling Giant steps out of the fores up north, Osgood breaks out some mad crit skills to earn some confidence points.. and all the while a  whole haggle of Tailwinders split up there decisions in the Buckeye state...

 Triple T Tuesday..
Hated to be loved..Loved to be Hated
3.J Black Ace
4.Das German
5.J Wakeley
6.A York
7.S Hoffener
8.M Bigring
9.J Osgood
10.K Patterson
11.C Wells
12. A Vanias