Friday, August 31, 2012


 To whoever  it may dam well concern..

For the god dam love of the queen i can hate all over this one with out one bit of fuckin care or regret..whats this vent of poorly composed pile of shit gonna be about...?
the evening of Sunday Sept 2, TourdiViaItalia....thats what...but why? ..why? Why hate on such a huge part of our scene its a Labor Day tradition right?  smokin canuk chicks, Italian feel, the wiff of cigars cheap cologne, garlic and the sight of high dollar imports best of all a bike race ...So i guess your asking yourself why the hate you fuckin rotter?
Because those cheap ass bastards are paying 10 deep  .. a lousy10 fucking the 1/2 field..mind you haters we aint in it for the money never ever crossed our minds... but for christ sake, After a trip across the border, the cost of a over priced semi useless UCI license (for most) and  In a race that has had the reputation of being one of the longest, crits with a field depth that would Challenge some of the best. Paying a lousy 10 deep is a god awful disgrace why not just hand out McDonald gift certificates and free coffee at Timmy Horton's.....bleeding from your eye sockets i suppose  is par fuckin normal without compensation in the eyes the promoter who is more than likely banking that grip or trying to pay for the plastic body parts his lady is sportin..

  there i fuckin said it.  sad...

But on the other side of the foreign coin i guess Ol Aldo who ever the fuck that runs that shit over there is just covering there rich arse's in years past when they said they were gonna pay 15 deep they only had enough dosh to cover  10 or maybe 12 rotters. So in all do respect.....i suppose its break even..

so to whom it may concern... go fuck yourself  anyways.


PS don't bother commenting.. because you know i don't fucking care.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


1.SWIATLOWSKI rides like pure bad ass and wins The MBRA's coverage of the Ohio state crit
2.Lil Pony was spotted running loose in a sea of  healthy plastic cougars.
3.Tubies..what a pain..
4.the Cross guy is on Target for a complete 2012 soil domination
5. The Aces race...file under "successfully hard and fulfilling'
6. KROSKE returns..thank goodness
7. DC cant stop racing...
8. Danny sneaks in under the radar..
9. the season ends early for a few.....Can you say Meaty Paw?  sure i thought you could.
10.Comebacks and near heart attacks always  a good combination
11 Free laps.. sure no problem...
12. They penned the Bunny
13.east side cross schedule... whats up wit dat ?
14.Hater Hater..where are you?
15.Bissell ownes the 4th  weekend of the last month of summer.
16.Remember Essex Brass?
17. The Wiz............. still cant figure that guy out.
18. Stoney werent we just here?
19. Parmachicken gets served Luke warm
20. The Turbo diesel tries to pull back laps......
21. Paul Martin Nuff said
22. I can do it week in and week out.
23.Another cross comeback rumor........pleeeze make em stop.
25.T dont strava.
26. overheard: "wait i need to update my status"
27. the best thing about summer ......... its over..
28.there once was a little engine that said “yo fuck this” and went home..
29. old roadies where did they go.?.in the woods silly..
30.oh well theres always Tailwind...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fifteen

1.Rick Snow..thats the answer estimated age of the Lathrup guys 330
3.Put up or shut up..thats what someone once said..
4.Danny..... whats up with that guy anyhow?
5.Dont Dis the Ace's race
6. Alan Z... and they say you cant have two break out years...
7.Erie St...don't hold your breath...
8.Rumor...multiple cross comebacks are like multiple orgasms...often fake
9. Boy time flys' when your not having fun.
10. OH well theres always ICEMAN
11 EMT's are waiting to assist, and the County hospital has been alerted
12. the Rodd bros, will this be the weekend they perform there Malachi crunch?
13. YORK sends a word to all the haters..make like Michael Jackson. and..."beat it"
14. Ride your Lemonds with new found pride...
15. Please..No Lance here sorry... go see Kolo-TC they will chalk it up for you..

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just....another meaningless shit post.

So the unofficial screen door of summer is about to slam on your butt, and you might not even got that elephant ear you were looking for... maybe you went out on a limb and tried that other deep fried thing-a-ma-bob you had your cross eyed on..and well... it didnt quite hit the grease spot you were lookin to fill..Aint no big thing ....even if  you didnt have the legs you thought you had..There again maybe you surprised yourself and the rest of speculative dopers around you.
Racin has been going off like firecrackers in my neighboring trailer park the last few weeks, and I aint even  had time to compse a decent write up worth the price jak without getting piled on by haters alike..No worries cuz i aint mad atcha..My time is precocious lots of things to do..and hatin aint on the docket...not now..
So whats this poorly written shit post all about..get a grip only two weeks of solid skinny stuff left before the air turns crisp..and i gotta small feeling the shit is gonna... good real good...If Miford , the Cherry Ruby and East GR are a sign of things to come you better be going in the right direction...early faders seem to be creepin and spring peepers seem to be fadin..I know im starting to drift and i aint feelin bad... this aint formaldehyde im flyin on..Im kickcin it old school joe style...Do yourself a favor and regroup get the most out of the last two owe it to yourself..You got options.. you got another state championship in your back yard..The Sylvania crit might be a good test for those cross legs some of you think you got..the course is rumored to be the equivalent to a meat grinder.figuratively speaking of course...and since the east cross schedule boast more double days than ever before..Dont be hater cuz you aint drivin a pimp ride and sportin a plastic gal..get on over to The B-HAM and B-Scene.Hell you might even get a glimpse of a pony..if you leave with all your skin intact ..two hard ass days of multi corner racin may just be the extra sauce you need for the remainder of the season or the stew that's on the brew..

control it....

east GR

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fifteen

1.the winning est rider in Michigan is a person most dont know.
2.Thelma and Louise coming to a crit near you.
3.13+ Former and current state champions take the line in the 1/2 race at the Cherry Ruby crit 
4 oh-well Theres always ICEMAN 
5 YORK           nuf said
6. KIDA the nicest kid to ever kick your ass
8.DG rides almost human
9. Shrek does the double 
10.WIZ works the pits, but doesnt pin it on, still cant figure that guy out.
11.Comebacks and Camelbacks...
12.A-Game continues with his successful smooth transformation  
13 cross talk its everywhere..but wheres the pony?
14.Who the hell is JTP anyhoo ?
15.Priority Health ...whats up with those guys?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So its a tad bit late and you maybe have already cooked up the batch..but lets face cold hard factsYou aint gotta be nobodies fool to be able to wrap your head around the events that circulated around the northern tier of your scene. And it you shouldn't be dam ashamed of feeling good once in awhile. your worth it it owe to sure as hell aint gettin no younger and that anti aging cream you keep rubbin all over loins isnt workin as good as the jac once use to...roll with it..besides aint none of you collecting checks to drive you butts back and forth for braggin rights..

Its all good and I aint feelin no dam bit of hate, mind you i aint wearing  patchouli oil and i have never owned a single solid  tie dye garnet in my life ...but I got nuthin but joy and love flowin theses crusty ol should too... good times are upon us...Dam fools i could jibber jabber about next to nuthin until the cows come home... but i know how sometimes my drift isnt always welcomed so il just cut it now and speak brief...
If drivin to the tourist capital of the lower wasn't a drive enuff, then i guess headin way up to the summer version of the icecream race was your thing...then so be it....enough of you people did...and well eyed sceners got see Shrek live in person. BigRAY break a bike and drown his sowers in micro brews, ..BMATTER.. jtp, the TANGUY , RONC and whole slew of others fiddlin about..

but wait theres more..
Miscenes version of Drago..didnt need to venture that far to leave no doubt on how his form is that some speculate may be faulting....complete mass annihilation of the 30+ other fools..things could get real messy and shoving matches would be like childs play..if this is a hint of whats to come in 5 weeks...oh brother

oh yea there where others... there always is...but your smart minded, inquisitive and down right curious type probably already know ..if you always here.

 control it.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Fifteen +1

1. Danny Danny boy..
2.JMAK..whats going on?
3. Parmachicken best all a rounder..thats questionable
4.Hines TT..lets move it on the schedule  maybe it will help?
5. MBRA point series ...who cares?
6. Sven cares..kinda
7.where not getting paid to do this..the job is open want it?
8.JTP is all already makin room for the trophy         so fuck off
9. Hater Hater returns...
10. the Wiz         still cant figure that guy out..
11.pedling              just do it
12.lots goin on up far will you go?
13. hear no evil... see no evil..but speak it if you will
14. fake friends...Just love em!
15. cross talk its everywhere!!

+1. BOOKWALTER there we said it..happy now?

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Hello Lawrence its been awhile since we spoke.Seems you have been sleeping late as of late, warm days and cool nights will do that to a soul. Distance, life and circumstances sometime interfere with communication and feelings. But that doesn't mean we are not on the same wave length. My stop is brief this time as i have other places to be today, I just wanted to leave with this before things become hectic and chaotic. Its comforting to know that your still here with a waiting ear.
The days roll  the bills keep coming in and the haters are gonna hate....within all that is life, its a good time to check the meters, kick the dog and grab the sun dial...
So when your on your way to your destination.. you never stop believing..

take care Mike

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Friday, August 03, 2012

Friday Fifteen

1.Dannys Got a bum wing..
2. J-LO does he step up this year?
3.the Sith how many times has he raced this year$$
4.Parmachicken following the A-Games plan?
5.14 that's how many they had...if you were counting
6.Shrek benches ten quarters so he is hard to sweat...
7.having bad Kroske withdrawals...
8. the WIZ cant figure that guy out....
9.“I will not retire while I’ve still got my legs and my make-up box.
10.Lathrup has got a new Cd out titled.." Kings of the Old Age"
11.Cherry Ruby, or  Ore2Shore thats the big question.
12.Waterford Worlds better than the real stuff?
13.Remember Essex Brass?
14. Timmy S is coming back..... or just a rumor?
15.Track racing?  that Lathrup dude with no sox cares..