Friday, November 30, 2012

1.rumble strips..HM?
2.they say money cant buy happiness..but it can buy you a yacht to pull up along side it.
2.Massey..jokes..the jury's out on that one..
2. In Like a Lion out like a.....well aBunny
3.MBRA ditches the wheel bags for start grip...i guess thats what happens when things get done right.
4.Overheard heard the Orange crush is now a bright orange wheel chair ramp somewhere in Oakland county.
5.Wiz and the Das German dodge each other
5. OMG still two weeks till States..Five Guys are gonna have to wait..
6.the problem with self improvement is knowing when to quit
7.Robert looks old..and heart broken
8.Still No Ace on the scene..
8.QueenAnee Must have taken dance lesson from Gerald Ford
9.Waterford Day 1 gets served the finest plate of Parmachicken
10. The Michiganscene is alot like boyfriends/ astonished by the choices people make.
12. AA dominate masters causing the yellow shoes to stumble..
13.To Burke wins on a disc equipped Fuji..may be a Tailwind first?
13.5 dont 4get BRX opens @ noon tomorrow...
14. Redbull everywhere..
14.5 Hardcore Saturday....Softcore Sunday
15. A-Game will he come south?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TAO of Bruce

 “As you think, so shall you become.”

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

another shit post

T: back to normality aint that right Glenn
Glen: dam straight and not a day too soon..
T: since i dont have the patience for banter and babble and sure as hell cant sit through another episode of the Munsters marathon on TBS super station fun time.....whats with the power aint fading on me are you?
Glen: Nope and talk about silly ...I mean fuckin come on Silver Spoons...
T: dont fuck with Ricky..
Glen: well anyhow. the power ranks i believe im down to just a few....and i told ya i needed time to compile and compute..and after a Tailwind double...i tell you its gonna be a dam shall i say ala TMS blood bath in the up coming least for the elites...the other groups..i was tad saddened by the turn outs...
T: it gets that way around here you should know that by now...and we still got two open east side weekends between now and the finale...and i say that with a raised eyebrow...
Glen: a couple of dudes look like there on some scary form..and you are right... its still three weeks out anything can happen..anything...
T: amen...more on that later.....but about those numbers...?

you could throw a blanket over the top three numbers in the number game...all except one carries the credibility of a  cross state championship crown..and that speaks volumes of everyone listed below..

Sven..his numbers could possibly be the highest of the trio....last weekends performance in my a mis guidance to his real out least in the weeks to come..throttling back a bit may be the ingredient needed.i still gotta give the 10% to the Das German.

Burke: close..real close..a win On Sunday brought him up a tad on my list here..Tom is smart and probably at least as "official sceners" go the most seasoned and well rounded of the bunch sitting a top of the list.carrying  state crowns in "other" disciplines.. he needs this one.....his numbers are within the Germans time zone..mechanicals and short circuits aside..he is the closest as of today..

ParmaChicken:  gotta say with all do respect he surprised the beeejeezus outta me..A place like Waterford suited his number style..and fuckin A  it did it show..although not so much that it kept me walkin the floors..he has been sittin on the edge all fall...State Champions are not to be counted out..

that brings us to the next duo..

The Wiz: god dam i wanna think he is close to his old numbers but a jacked up kankle has left him missing "cross races"..that being said..i dont think the numbers are down..but the other percent are not solidly there to keep him in line with the upper three..the weeks to come may speak different but sometimes the smallest % are the hardest to obtain...

The lil Pony: numbers haven't change much and how could they..the guy is old enough to know better than most..But the Pony doesn't always need numbers to make the list.. conditions and the art of craft gets the job done while others are flaying around..both physically and mentally and sometimes thats missing they say...the Pony comes good when the Pony comes good..

T: nice.very well said...what about women?...any also rans?

Glen: coming soon...

Friday, November 23, 2012

1.JMAK love ya....but ....
2.“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.
3.Seaman 20 yrs of what?
4. “They say if you become a better person, you’ll have a better live
5.what happened to the "cross guy?"
6. “I used to jog but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass.
7.anyone remember  Matt Walp?
8. “When I die, sprinkle my ashes over the 80’s
9.A-Game.killing in North Country
10.I used to have a drug i got money
11 States still weeks away...ugh
12 it doesn't get any better and i doesn't get any worse....but it sure gets different..
13.nice "break"
14.why are hookers so expensive?
15.Holiday hater thing you know the bunny isnt real..

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanks4giving

 Happy thanks for giving me this place sceneres..sometimes the drift of T isnt easy to flow..sometimes it seems far off from the original conception..sometimes its not about the bike..So on this day that T gives thanks for things in his life.. I thank you all of you..haters, fakers, takers, liars, deceivers, believers and anyone in between for giving T a spot to let his drift and flow go.

 enjoy your day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cyclocross 2012-13 - GP Hasselt

boy this shit looks easy....

Power Rankings M35

Drfitin Glenn Style:
So the story goes like this...last night...after i cleaned up the evening slop...I talk T into getting out of the house for a few hrs..i get the feeling he doesn't get much outside influence other than what he keeps catchin up on in the pile of misc beta he has neatly packed in a milk crate adjacent to his Zenith. If he doesn't get out soon he is just gonna be another TV casualty..its doesn't take much persuasion   and  he agrees..But only if its in within walking distant to his house. No problem i dont mind staying local we head downtown check the Christmas lights he gets a laugh when i through an elbow into a "Jack O lantern" some simple fuck has displayed next to his horn o plenty. I like Pumpkins and creepy shit but after Nov 1 that shit needs to go away..period..after some laughs we head to the lights of downtown...
since neither of us is all too up to date on local scene of sorts after some window shopping in the Comic releif and looking at pics of everyday folk in the Photo studio..... we stumble into the a place that we pick random.sights of old jocks and jar heads come to mind..the token rock chick is seated at the bar with some dude twice her age vying for a piece with the some fuck with his hat on backwards...i can never figure out how dudes get laid when they cant even wear ball cap American style...fuckin backwards...fuckin hate that shit....
first thing i hear when we come through the door is Rush...Limelight being a Getty lee fan i slide into the first booth and make myself at home..T orders something for both of us..fuckin Zima's..dam.he drinks his wih a straw....and within seconds some chick named Jody hops in with T...she's cute.. spiky blond hair.. fit athletic build.. in a leather jacket and skinny jeans not my style but i dunno what kinda  kinky things T is into but he's seems little put to the edge she's smoking heavily  the fact T is so straight edge.makes me .but he is laughing like a lil child..After groping on him of sorts.....Jody gets up hits the Juke Box up...fuck..Neds Atomic Dustbin...WTF...T is in his seventh dream ..dude doesn't get out very often i feel bad for him..but looks like he  aint hatin dying lousy here...minutes turn to hours...Im now completely on the out and speechless....T grabs my ear and whispers to me don't wait up.."going to close the night ya know..super trendy style" does that mean?.......nothing like getting ditched..
through a twenty to the cute dark hair chick behind the bar and head hungry but home is close so i fight off the urge to hit up the 24hr Coney..but dam those thoughts of gyro's are hard to fend.....make in there in kwick time hop up the steps...I stumble over a pile of keds and fumble for the lights..fuckin home..hit the blue filter..grab the first beta labeled "Flintstones..Dr Sinister Rare episode"..shove it in while im waiting for the tracking to settle down... head to the cupboard and grab a box from way in the back.hold it up to the stove light......and im  blown this...???

often shit just makes you go why....searching for an answer that are not obtainable...sometimes shit is jus so hard....
sometimes T worries the shit outta me....

1. John Osgood TSB: it would be a fuckin crying shame and a outright lie to say his numbers arent up.and skills are equal...JGood seems to have tweaked the plan a tad although he isnt ridin off the front  he gets my nod for the power leader here. he's like good Ol fashion eggs and bacon eat it early enough and theres enough fuckn fuel to grease the entire day. i can only imagine if he dropped 15-20 how much better he would be. But fuck it who cares right?  when pimpin is that easy....but maybe it is..

1.2 .Roger B: Two Wheel Tango..he's close but i dont think he isnt more wattaged up this year than last..and without the eyes and the Jgood heart and all its tough to topple when the  numbers are sooo fuckin close...

2.Andy W two Wheel Tango: dude your time is fuckin running out quit playing games...finish this off find some watage it steal it or inject that look too good to be letin big pimpin ride in for wins...Fruit Loops taste good but last about as long as a pair used Dugast..

4.MONTE-SANO, ALEX: darn this was tough don know much about this guy other than he hails from a place on the east coast close  to my home..He has alotta cross experience but not a whole lotta wins to his cred..that tells me he is just doing it for "fun"..

5. Ron Stack Cycle to Fitness..cycle your ass to the nearest fuckn Dr or Coach and get your shit together...under a proper plan this numbers game could be yours..the skill level is there..pedal effiecncy is to as well...fuck go watch Rocky 3..

6., BRIAN WACHLARZ, Ventus: numbers might be higher than all the above....but the solid dedication isnt soo im just tossin out some love to this guy cuz i like his 80's "Lifes a Beach" style kit....

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Power rankings file under B

T: some days it seems like there aint enough joe to get that thick red goopy stuff in my veins flowing..i just feel like i need that...that extra..I keep searching for a new kinda kick something..i aint had before..I aint going into that five hr energy shit cuz i aint gonna be one of those fools to come back in 15 yrs with a spleen the size of a Nerf  ball. So i guess until then... ill just keep hittin the coffee crystals.

Glenn: your missin it.... Lucky Charms and Skittles..and wash that shit down with a big ol 32 oz glass of strawberry Quick!    try that and even DC wont be able get to the win lever.

T: dam you make me sick..stop boring my people with your silly irrelevant senseless kid talk...they get enough of that from me...

Glenn: ok mutha fucker heres your B power rankings but i didn't go breaking that shit down to satisfy the age cry many dam category's already..your racing B you don't get the age can have that shit when you bump or something....

1.Tom Payn: this dude gets the job down all bowl of Oatmeal. gets that shit done everywhere.... he carries with him the skills and an aura whether naturally or not to get it done..i figure his est wattage is higher than most of the guys racin the 1 hrs masters out on his smile for his status pics and all... but he's my pick to topple em.but he's got even me curious

2. number  two is so hard the lil guy on my left has me leaning to that LAKO fellow but sheer heart wants to give the nod to the Big MAC..Its like Reeses puffs.. this year there always together..but for Christ sake im going with The Mac disrespect to LAKo cause i think he's got the skills..i just got this feeling the overall wattage is a tad higher patty side..I aint saying Lako aint close..but you know what ronnie say..

T: dam you your right Strawberry Qwick..its like fingering the GO button on the start of your day..

3. Tom Barrett AAVC..not whole lotta style just enough to keep the podium honest..

4.MCG Trails Edge dude Todd Greene..seems the Trails Edge crew has quite a cross love and this guy is on the boxes enough to speculate a wattage and skill level to put him in contention every week. but going up against that Payn dude although he toppled him recently  its often more of a watch for him in the next few weeks.

5.Ryan Katulic:  reminds me of Lako not sure if he is on the same plan as him though... but im speculating his numbers are pretty fuckin close. but his overall skills, consistency and dedication are lacking just a touch to complete the Creamy domination

Monday, November 19, 2012

Power Rankings 45+

T: dammit it all to hell ya 'all Monday came too quick again..I still aint digested last week and im stumbling around this weeks pile of what to do's. but that all being said at least its a short week with thanks for giving and all and some... shall i say epic plans in the docket hell i may  not have to even see that evil bastard much this week. lets hope maybe we can get him to punch out is power rankings and shit and pack hiss pussy's up and move on outtta my crib.

Glen: whats up T why ya talkin behind my wakin back? you know i rise early Monday..gotta catch the Great Space Coaster re-runs on PBS. besides who the heck can sleep sound in the this had Petticoat Junction flashing the blue filter light till midnight.

T; Dont be baggin on the Junction you know its full of curves..

Glenn: I agree its better than the GreenAcres marathon of Saturday night..besides im up now may as well through out the another pile of Power Rankings..

T: lay it on me..and get your cat off my papers..

Glenn: I told ya i was gonna wing this shit throwing all number s to the wind..

T: i gotta ask why? i kinda like the numbers and efficnecy thing you were tossin around last season..made the post alittle alittle more legit.

Glenn: one fuckin reason muther fucker..change..i like to change things up.

T: fair enuff

Glenn: After clearing out your cupboards yesterday I ran across a box of Pac-Man cereal..Instantly i thought of this another group of guys and its gettin ran away with this one dude..hell he is even eatin through the next batch..could only be master 45+

1. Don Cameron: like that stale box of cereal that I chucked yesterday..this dude rides away and though everyone's patch except the guys that are UN-obtainable..I just stand and shake my head..Purgatory  is a tough spot to be in..wattage is in question...kinda like Apple Jacks wtf are they are?

2.Rich Stark: im still not buying his shtick till he changes the toy in the box..but i will give him credit he seems like the leader of normal old guy crowd. power is normalized around 275w

3.Scott Fabijanski::  he trys real hard..every year and seems to get better..solidly id say he is where he is gonna be even after outta state for-rays Like the pic on the box of Raisin Bran he looks good and that helps..

4.Mark W: dam that dude looks  like a 5hr old bowl of Cheerio's..he's aged alot.hope its for the right reasons...but im givin him a top five based solely on his time in the trenches, a recent USGP win doesn't hurt..his wattage estimated around 270 under normal conditions...i like that guy

5. I struggled with this season..favoritism had me grabbing the box of Grape-Nuts and Jack..but i just couldn't keep from reaching for something new..
Micheal Balaneger: results speak louder than wattage and he gets my Co-Co- Puffs award  ..often over looked but always good..the chocolate fix your joensin 4  when that Blue Bag of Chips A-hoy are outta reach...

Friday, November 16, 2012

1.Until the contract is signed nothing is a done deal.
2.Burke Skips USGP for Kisscross
3.Start grip musta been good.
4.Michigan Mafia repin well in 2012
5.Hater hater tires kwickly
6.tip#27 theres nothing wrong with not participating in the no shave November..but the bitch move is quitting half way through
7.Pony comes good when the Pony comes good.
8.Lions are not very good climbers, but they can jump 36 feet
9.did the rabbit die?
11.ICEMANs OVER...get me off the ledge..
12. Anger - use it, but don't lose it!
13.betcha Timmy's happy
14.its still almost two months away..Now is the test of nerves for some..
15. fuck routines, do whatever whenever

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Power rankings SS

I sat gave it some thought..thought about how i was going to wing this shit..and i came to the decision sometimes but not always..actions speak louder than numbers.the singlespeed group is a crazy rejects from hell..I get the simple bikes..a place were simplicity counts.. and to some dudes its there only shtick but for others its the end of the day..a good excuse to get some extra training in, another "filler" update for there social network and with all honesty its im gonna have some fuckin fun with this power ranking shit...

1. Bob Wydra: First..plain in simple the dudes bike is bad ass..sometime a sense of style makes up for mediocre performance..and this dude wins..besides that this guy turns himself inside and out racing everything but the big dogs.variety but still the Quisp.which is actually the Meier brand SweetnCrunchy..which is basically MrT  crunch...sometimes he is such a bloody pulp he has to walk 60% of the course and to me thats fuckin metal..

2.Mike Seaman: ditto..this bastard looks like Wydra feels..they dont get any crustier than Seaman. he has a sense of style that i wish i could obtain..I can only imagine a lifestyle that would go along with the look..I know Mikes a good dude..but he just has that "i sleep in my truck, eat tree bark and Grape Nuts for breakfast wash it down with a mouth full of jack.. and bust out 4 hrs on some Gnarly north country fire road.."  i like Mike!

3.JB..i gotta give this guy some  lovin..years have gone by he now is a man..and SS maybe his home..and I think it fits him quite nicely singlespeeds are simple just like JB....kinda like frosted flakes everyone likes only gripe is he needs to loosin the sphincter a tad and let love in..stop dissin TMS..they push you more than I push muther fuckers off the stage at Harpo's

4.Rich Stark.Ok he is leading the series he is the real winner but he just doesn't have the a box of Honey Combs..dont lie you see it and think hm Honey Combs HMM but theres others out there that are more appetizing..sure if your stuck on a desert island you grab Honey combs the old mainstay..Rich is kinda like Honey combs he's good for the second choice.. he rides well ..well enough to win..but he needs put more style in the box than orange gloves to get my money bucks..

5. Wayne Cook: only cuz i like Wayne..he rides Ss everywhere and he is quite good at it for a guy his size..too much Super Sugar Crisp will do that to ya. its good like a single speed i could chomp on that shit everyday but the sugar content in those puffs can add up. I can picture him snacking on those lil puffs on thos epic 100 enuff and you can power yourself up any fuckin knee breakin climb..I like you Wayne always have..... always will...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


T: I knew I shouldnt of watched that creepy ass shit..i said it before and ill say it again..that ol fool stuck under the ice always gets me..i knew it..Man my age cant be up walkin the needs his all the fire has burnt through and evil has crept in..
I got this fool Danzig stumbling around my crib for the next unknown days...i should a learned the last time...

Danzig: lightnin up T ....aint all the bad.. im doing you a muther fuckin favor.. besides giving you a break for a few days or till im ready to leave... im gonna help with some house cleaning i see you quite a few boxes of un opened cereal in the cupboard..obviously that shit didn't sell good and it has a shelf life longer  than the black ace himself.....ill make it all go away..

T: Dont be dissin on T crunch..that sweetie goodness is still marketed and being produced in  third world country' you know how many  kids in the Ukraine wake every day with bright eyes to a bowl full of those golden puffs..... and another thing..just stay away from cat..I cant have you doin the same thing you did last time you were here..dont want you leavin no bad impression on my needs company and my cat keeps T sane.. when it all gets too crazy..

Danzig: dont worry i brought my own bowl..

T: enough jibber jabber..hows this power ranking stuff gonna work same as last year?

Danzig: I dont know muther fucker im gonna wing this always...besides..i still gotta do some more research and compile alittle more data..Thats one thing i fuckin cant stand like you... i hate being rushed..cause with the deals ive made.... i got lifetimes to get shit done...

T: dont take too long... you know folks attention spans run  about as long a modern day sitcom..

Danzig:..shut up...and pass me the Waffelo's..

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

East Side power rankings coming sooner than you think muther fuckers..

Monday, November 12, 2012


Mondays come quick when your not expecting it..they come even quicker when you aint been around...and for the nearly 20+ sceners that went south today should be sponsored by some of the five hour energy pussy shit that smug bastard pushes..
Miscenes favorite Pony lead the troops from the north with good legs for two days towards 2013, and that should come to no surprise it is Louisville ya' he ran like the wind  for two this past weekends..other noteables were Mark W he got one..A-Game was scene riding on left over Ice-form..DasGerman and ParmaChicken ran deep into the country best. Cross Bastards and his  disciples look like there for nothing but fun..curiously missing from the contingent were solidness of the The RoadKing and assorted Argyle Army solders.....things that make you go hmmm?
anyway..A friend once said to me "T...Fun ...yea right the funny thing about cross is stand next to course and watch fools go by aint nobody feelin that war"

And now cuz you probably got little to no pocket money after your return..go down and tell that broad at the TnA how you man handled your self for two days and maybe... she will float you some of that 5hr energy shit ..

cuz like my grammy used to never know..

Thursday, November 08, 2012

1,ICEMAN..12K... dont get much better
2.A-GAME up holds Bissell honor
3.NO ONE BEATS DC                      NO ONE
3.TMS predictions.....way OFF
4. pretty drunk
5.WIZ skips Cincy 3 day to pull the win lever in T-town...
5.still cant figure that guy out..
6. Hey Jgood can i borrow a few bucks till pay day?
7.Bunny stops by for laughs... does the Ace keep his shoes so clean?
8. Pete beats Wayne.
9. Pony, MattyB, DasGerman and Bogie  lead the the troops down south
10.said it before and ill say it again TMS needs more elite women
11.Timmy puts down his guns for a day to cap off a win.
12.Chris Fisher can ride a MTB too!
13. Now what...

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

3.a.m. Randoms

Maybe its just me..but do you ever get that inkling..that twinkling..of a thought, a dream..could be for just a tiny split second of a days brain..could wake you at 3 am. like a bad debt you cant repay, and before you know it has you kicking dogs and checkin meters way before its time.....sometimes it stays with you constantly churning around inside your keep working and thinking how to make reality or how to write it off..might be so far off the chart there's no possible way..and other times it may just perfectly simple and easy to execute. Then there's always those that are brilliantly dazzling to your inner gutty works..but to others there just another crazy T thought....simply meaningless to 99.3%..So sometimes you don't act on it with fear of looking like the goon thats at the T/A.....i get those often..some i know would be just so polished id be silly not to bust em out...and there are those that are..well..........heavy sigh.......
Were is this random useless babble..babbling to? I got to tell my west side allies s  have totaled up there over all for this years as They coined it TOP- BANANA..and ill tell you although it could use some fine more just green i didn't take initiative...but im also tickled ignorant that its in place...check it out..
its got T wishing his butt wasn't so big and his pockets were a tad deeper to give a run for it...

I guess the plan is working...
Thanks KOLO..

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

 this was just too good to ignore.. 
thanks go out to our favorite bastards.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Iceman hangover


Just when i was looking for that loop hole, the conversation to take hold that i wasn't going to be part of... you know when your in a place.... or around people you really don't want to be around at that time...the way to slip away and get out UN-noticed way.., i overheard something that put my brain into "OT time"
I couldn't help but pinning my ear to it and keeping an open my went something like this.".TMS isn't really what it originally was..racers don't read it....It lost its focus.." at first i wanted to jump in and defend it, and raise a heavy fist and open the box of aggro i carry with me just for time s like this..But I composed myself in a way momma taught me and listened..Basically  its evolved into something that now is just that place..maybe a dumping ground for senseless babble..a place where T can get release..and people can toss UN-wanted comments around without being socially accountable..there was more but...that's the general drift..that i took..
So i walked away.. slapped a few butts..shook some hands..set my drink down and moved on..all the while the angel is saying there right, its and such is secondary..but the devil is saying the opposite. Not wanting to lose sleep and by no means do i want to be somewhere where im not wanted.. i started digging into the archive of both T and find the answer. It didn't take long after two hot pocket sandwich from the Speedway and a couple of cups of Joe from the Tits and Ass Travel center in the we hours. I came to a conclusion..and found the word that pulls it together the word i fought not to hear...evolve..if you all don't know the meaning look it up..cuz i had to..
And that's when i got happy..didn't hurt that the skinny broad was now filling my cup no charge and slipped me a few free of those Mexican egg roll thingies i like so much..So i sat and gazed into the darkness of the lot..wondering now what?. minutes to hours...then...i got happy... again.... cuz ya know T.. i said it aint too far off  from what it original was meant to be....yea sure it aint always about the bike, but truth is...but not all are gonna get the drifting way....very few in life ever do... you can force it on folks all you want...but if they don't get it..that's life....whether be yours, mine, ours or the goon diggin through the garbage can not five feet from me..
But for this moment  the angel and devil both met at common ground for a split second and they both agreed..if you can relate with one person once in a blue moon and you ..yourself obtain knowledge from it....its ok..cuz knowledge is an act of evolving..

I So now i go away happy...happy with solidness of knowing its still going where it was supposed to..if im part of it for at least one more day...its all i can i ask for..and i dont ask for much..
and  you should to...cuz you know more now than you did yesterday...

enjoy this day..... you earned it..


Sunday, November 04, 2012

status update

Hangover and an afterglow...
dont effect T none...

woo wooo!

Saturday, November 03, 2012


                       2012 ICEMAN COMETH CHALLENGE
                        SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2012

                         CLASS:  PRO & CAT 1 Women
Place Name                   Town           Sta Teamname             Time    
===== ====================== ============== === ==================== ======= 
    1 Georgia Gould          Ft. Collins     CO LUNA PRO TEAM        1:53:12 
    2 Emily Batty            Brooklin        ON SUBARU - TREK        1:55:03 
    3 Heather Irmiger        Boulder         CO SUBARU - TREK        1:55:09 
    4 Mackenzie Woodring     Belmont         MI U.S. NATIONAL PARALY 1:55:09 
    5 Chloe Woodruff         Tucson          AZ CRANKBROTHER RACE CL 1:58:15 
    6 Erica Tingey           Salt Lake City  UT ROCKY MOUNTAIN/ KUHL 1:58:18 
    7 Cooper Dendel          Marquette       MI                      2:02:41 
    8 Abby Strigel           Madison         WI SUBARU TREK TEAM     2:03:14 
    9 Kathryn Krikke         Rockford        MI                      2:04:39 
   10 Johanna Schmidt        Traverse City   MI EINSTEIN             2:07:53 
   11 Lauri Brockmiller      Traverse City   MI                      2:08:13 
   12 Christy Keely          Greenville      SC TEAM KENDA           2:08:26 
   13 Amy Campbell           Portland        OR                      2:08:32 
   14 Amy Stauffer           Lowell          MI PH                   2:08:48 
   15 Amanda Ryan            Farmington Hil  MI EINSTEIN RACING      2:08:54 
   16 Susan Vigland          Traverse City   MI                      2:10:15 
   17 Erin Vicary            Walled Lake     MI QUIRING CYCLES       2:11:04 
   18 Emily Ponti            Mentor          OH THE BICYCLE HUB      2:11:25 
   19 Janelle Renschier      Indianapolis    IN BICYCLE OUTFITTERS I 2:13:12 
   20 Bonnie Van Volkinburg  Ada             MI FARM TEAM RACING/ 61 2:14:09 
   21 Kiersta Tucker         Louisville      KY TEAM WOOD N WAVE     2:15:39 
   22 Amanda Schaap          Jenison         MI TEAM KENDA PLB GEANG 2:17:32 
   23 Laura Van Gilder       Cresco          PA                      2:18:05 
   24 Denise Coppock         Green Bay       WI TITLETOWN FLYERS     2:18:20 
   25 Leia Schneeburger      Middleton       WI ALL SPARKED UP       2:20:30 
   26 Jamie Galambos         Sylvania        OH                      2:24:16 
   27 Judy Freeman           Boulder         CO CRANKBROTHERS RACE C 2:25:00 
                       2012 ICEMAN COMETH CHALLENGE
                        SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2012

                                PRO & CAT 1
Place Name                   No.   Town           Sta Teamname             Time    
===== ====================== ===== ============== === ==================== ======= 
    1 Sam Schultz              316 Missoula        MT Subaru - Trek        1:37:43 
    2 Geoff Kabush             347 Courtenay       BC Scott 3 Rox Racing   1:37:44 
    3 Brian Matter             299 Sheboygan       WI Gear Grinder         1:37:45 
    4 Michael Anderson         242 Alpena          MI                      1:37:48 
    5 Ben Sonntag              319 Durango         CO                      1:37:50 
    6 Derek Zandstra           346 Trenton        ONT Scott 3 Rox Racing   1:37:56 
    7 Jorden Wakeley           334 Grayling        MI Einstein Racing      1:38:03 
    8 Cole House               345 Oneida          WI 616 Fabrication      1:38:24 
    9 Troy Wells               336 Durango         CO Team Clif Bar        1:38:52 
   10 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski   282 Boulder         CO Subaru - Trek        1:40:01 
   11 Adam Morka               303 Brooklin        ON Trek Canada          1:40:21 
   12 Tristan Schouten         315 Plymouth        WI                      1:40:33 
   13 Colin Cares              256 Boulder         CO Kenda - Felt         1:40:40 
   14 Isaac Neff               305 Madison         WI                      1:40:44 
   15 Mike Phillips            307 Chicago         IL Adventure 22/special 1:40:46 
   16 Mark Lalonde             294 Madison         WI Twin Six             1:40:47 
   17 Mike Simonson            318 Oxfold          MI Rbs/trek/notubes     1:40:51 
   18 Travis Woodruff          342 Tucson          AZ Momentum Endurance   1:40:53 
   19 Tyler Gauthier           273 Ishpeming       MI Culvers Racing P/b M 1:41:03 
   20 Brad Cole                350 Lansing         MI Niner                1:41:11 
   21 Cameron Jette            348 Toronto        ONT Scott 3 Rox Racing   1:42:09 
   22 Russell Finsterwald      268 Colorado Sprin  CO Subaru - Trek        1:42:16 
   23 Alex Vanias              331 Leroy           MI Bissell Pro Cycling  1:43:06 
   24 Christian Tanguy         326 Rochester       MI Team Cf              1:43:27 
   25 Matt Shriver             238 Madison         WI Subaru Trek Team     1:43:52 
   26 Scott Hoffner            280 Milford         MI Hometown Racing      1:43:58 
   27 Chris Fisher             269 Maple City      MI Einstein Racing      1:44:06 
   28 Ben Renkema              312 Greenville      SC Team Athletix Benefi 1:44:16 
   29 Drew Edsall              265 Ft Myers        FL Kenda - Felt         1:44:21 
   30 John Cowan               260 Petoskey        MI                      1:44:26 
   31 Ray Nelson               356 Woodstock       IL Tread Head Cycling   1:44:38 
   32 Nathan Guerra            240 Oconoinowoc     WI Vision/ Wheel And Sp 1:45:05 
   33 Nathaniel Williams       338 East Grand Rap  MI                      1:45:08 
   34 Justin Piontek           308 Wabeno          WI                      1:45:15 
   35 Matt Craig               261 Pinckney        MI                      1:45:16 
   36 Dan Korienek             290 Grandville      MI Leadout Racing       1:45:25 
   37 Steve Twining            328 N. Lawrence     OH                      1:45:53 
   38 John Risk                314 Birmingham      MI Wolverine Sports Clu 1:46:05 
   39 Derek Graham             275 Cedar           MI Bissell-Abg-Nuvo/ind 1:46:28 
   40 Ronald Catlin            257 Ray Township    MI Rbs Cycling          1:46:52 
   41 Mac Brennan              253 East Jordan     MI Bissell Pro Cycling  1:47:05 
   42 Shawn Davison            263 Grand Rapids    MI Farm Team Racing     1:47:14 
   43 Donald Cumming           262 Waterford       MI Wolverine Sports Clu 1:47:27 
   44 Greg Kuhn                293 Sterling Heigh  MI Rbs Cycling          1:47:46 
   45 Brady Kappius            286 Boulder         CO Team Clif Bar        1:47:59 
   46 Jonathon Atwell          247 Bloomington     IN United Healthcare Of 1:48:32 
   47 Daniel Klein             354 Berkley         MI Lathrup Industries/g 1:48:34 
   48 Ryan Kennedy             289 Traverse City   MI                      1:48:38 
   49 Jason Buccellato         254 Lake Orion      MI Klm/coldstone        1:49:54 
   50 Aaron McCready           300 Novi            MI Cycle To Fitness Rac 1:50:00 
   51 Gregory Springborn       323 Pekin           IL Peoria Bicycle Club  1:50:00 
   52 Gabriel Ion              241 Spring Grove    IL                      1:50:48 
   53 Robert Herriman          277 Royal Oak       MI Wolverine/acfstores. 1:51:24 
   54 Richard Mezo             302 Crown Point     IN Rbikes.Com / Fleettr 1:51:51 
   55 Joseph Brzuchanski       383 Highland        MI                      1:52:05 
   56 Alan Antonuk             246 Ann Arbor       MI Priority Health      1:52:11 
   57 Michael Wenzel           337 Edgar           WI Ks Energy Services / 1:52:22 
   58 Bryan Underwood          329 Davisburg       MI Wolverine Sports Clu 1:52:31 
   59 Tyler Jenema             283 Marquette       MI                      1:52:50 
   60 Ed Serrat                317 South Bend      IN Spin Zone Racing P/b 1:53:14 
   61 William Street           325 Sheboygan       WI Kuhl                 1:53:49 
   62 Geoff Kuyper             236 Grand Rapids    MI                      1:54:30 
   63 Ryan Baumann             249 Peoria          IL Team 312 Racing/litt 1:54:33 
   64 Michael Bliss            251 Royal Oak       MI Wolverine Sports Clu 1:54:58 
   65 Jimmie Colflesh          259 Garden City     MI                      1:55:14 
   66 Todd Freidinger          271 Saint Clair Sh  MI                      1:55:18 
   67 Jeff Craven              349 Traverse City   MI City Bike Shop       1:55:47 
   68 Daniel Campbell          255 Dayton          OH                      1:55:50 
   69 Dallas Fowler            270 Green Bay       WI Kuhl                 1:55:53 
   70 Jason Lowetz             298 Traverse City   MI Paa/remax            1:55:56 
   71 Jason Grobbel            276 Burlington      CT                      1:55:57 
   72 Jason Mulawa             304 Royal Oak       MI Unattached           1:56:07 
   73 Clint Verran             333 Lake Orion      MI                      1:56:22 
   74 Daniel Krajcovic         292 Rochester       MI Cycletherapy- Mi     1:56:44 
   75 Ryan Katulic             287 Rochester       MI Klm / Cold Stone     1:58:13 
   76 Tim Racette              311 Madison         WI Ks Energy Services / 1:58:32 
   77 Paul Riggs               313 Farmington      MI Cycle To Fitness Rac 1:58:40 
   78 Mitchell Deyoung         264 Saint Johns     MI                      1:59:05 
   79 John Gabriel             272 West Bloomfiel  MI Sho Air              1:59:11 
   80 David Williams           239 Grand Rapids    MI Competitive Cyclist  2:00:04 
   81 Daniel Kotwicki          291 Ann Arbor       MI Michiganyoutycycling 2:00:20 
   82 Jon Wlodarczak           341 Dimondale       MI Einstein Racing      2:00:40 
   83 Sascha Leuthold          295 Rochester Hill  MI                      2:02:04 
   84 Daniel Eiten             266 Peru            IL Bikeworks / Bikeiv.O 2:02:23 
   85 Wes Sovis                321 Interlochen     MI                      2:02:32 
   86 Alex Gonzalez            274 Ortonville      MI Team Sandbag         2:02:36 
   87 Nikolai Anikin           245 Duluth          MN Conti                2:03:43 
   88 Todd Powers              310 Marysville      MI Team Sandbag         2:07:33 
   89 Phil Vanderlugt          330 Ada             MI                      2:07:39 
   90 Joshua McCreedy          402 Holly           MI                      2:09:42 
   91 Cody Sovis               322 Interlochen     MI Hagerty Racing       2:09:48 



1.tristan schouten
4.Jorden Wakeley

1.some pro lunachick
2.some other pro chick
3.Eightys hair

Thursday, November 01, 2012

1.overheard: i was putting out over 600 watts that half of lap
2.for instannt release: Burke is now Fuji Mounted and Verge equipped
3.ICEMAN atfer-party: were temples are turned into garbage cans
4. Cross top five..looks tough
5.Sven: Baukasten2
6."too cool for school" ok it is kinda silly..but for some reason it does feel good saying it
7.How about those tigers?
8.overheard: im just going up to hang out and party with all the guys
9, WIZ..questions..but no concerns
10. Crossin at the School...."like"
11. overheard: Cincy 3day or ICEMAN?  three days of getting gutted cross style is hella of alot easier than driven home with a hangover...
12.DC wraps the masters title up tighter than a Tics ass.
13. Closer to calling it game than ever before..
14.Lists its all were good at and we even suck at that..
15.Cypress Hill November 5th be there
16. ICEMAN after-party: were a select few will awake with an afterglow greater than the hangover
17."Not my Monkeys, Not my circus"
18.Fall back
19. JGOOD...nuff said
20.whats up with the cross guy?
21. KOLO-TC ICEMAN updates in and around the hour..
22.mmmMarne stops by to keep the Queen Honest
23. I swear a kid in my neighbor was wearing a SIMONSTER costume..
24. Termites...yes we got them, prognosis unknown, life to day..
25.overheard: i just dont have an hour in me.
26."Tigers don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep"
27. overheard: "i had to ride  my spare bike"
28. PARMA-CHICKEN lookin better every weekend
29.Check your swag bag for the limited edition Beer Goggles with the Bells logo
30. ICEMAN sceners to watch...

       Wakely on form
       TanGuy  the freakshow
       The Lion Of  Leroy..maybe late in the race
       Shrek could be the Monkey wrench 
       DG. maybe
       RONC the Darkhorse
       SIMONSTER: only if his mechanic is on the ball
       Chris Fisher..Fast but..

women: BIGRING tough...but..
            can she Take down the Q-Duo
            Remkema's wife..the DarkHorse.

* your theme song for when you take to the line this weekend: track 4 of AC-DC 1975 release of the album T.N.T