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against all odds

Were not taking credit for this one, although it looks good. Thanks BORN2CX for the willingness to carry the cross torch of our lax. Just because we dont speak cross here at this time, doesnt mean were not supporters. Thanks for the update B2CX.
expect another great weekend of crossin.

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Not a good closer to the season. TDL takes one.

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Due to the influx of hate emails, bogus calling out of sceners and downright shit talk TMS will no longer be covering any cross races. We feel it is a disrespect to those that are putting on the races, training, and supporting our scene. There are other avenues and outlets for this .
will continue to support michigan cycling in the future as well as the Alt.
Goodluck to all those heading into this fall Cross season
and thanks for your support.

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Final Cross Preview 2007

Well it looks as though its nearly upon us. Its not the World cup, Superprestige, or even a Crank Bros series, its just a local race. The Alleged outlaws are getting there holsters on and heading into town, The bets are being laid down, the speculation is out there, and from the looks of the comments section, the shit talk has started. No matter which way it ends were sure those that are gonna be at the front of all the fields are not the ones posting the comments. We here at Tms think those guys will speak in other forms.

The Elite race, might be MIKE the WIZ Wissink, if your takin in by all the blog banter and promo from his agents, seems he has the title sewn up before Robert even says bang. THE WIZ(he hasn't paid his dues at the alter of cross national hardship yet to be a reverend of painolgy in our books) comes into cross the with more rest in his legs than the entire field, that can be good and bad. although he has been spotted at more road races than MTB events this year, if you cant beat em join em . Mikes tough and over due for more than 1 win per season NEVER. NEVER count Jeff the LIL Pony Weinert, his form may not be here until later this season, but thats ok..a guy who wins a National Title, places 10 more than once.and has more state titles than anyone not to mention loves cross as much as this guy is not gonna lay down and hand it over without a fight. I think alotta people under estimate the power of big race experience that a few of these guys have and no one other than Jon Card or the former Miscener Jer Walker has more outta town hard cross racing ass kicking in their legs than the Pony. Jon the ACE Card HMM he seems to be the man of all, I guess when your that good there always out to get you in one way shape or form, Form yea he knows how to get it. Ditto, if he shows up he aint racin to place watch for this guy to get stronger as the season get goin. Suffering is his strong point, and style is a close second. OH yea he too has won the state title more than once. How about his teammate Robert Foshag? If he can have cross season like his road season he might surprise a few, check the results, year after year they have been getting better, (some have dis credited his Munson win as a given, well who hasn't ridden off the front last year? Cards been the only one, any other winners were drugged to the line in similar fashion win is a good win He seems to follow the same game as Card get stronger to go longer. The Underdog Sari, new team, new head of steam, will his former Rhinos still cheer him on? They had a huge influence on his great ride at last years state race as he ate through the feeble field like pac man..but we think he needs alittle more time to simmer. he 's getting better but He has been hittin the road scince March and we all know how long a season that can be. Treks Jay Moncel all around good guy and the fastest rep in the state..this is a growing year for him. funny no has mentioned Rich NO LONGER a Master Stark he's good for a podium spot, and if he can keep his physch all season, maybe a shot at a state medal. SPOILERS. SIMONSTER IF he comes out to a Tailwind event HE will win one. WATCH! barring any bike failures he is due! and the wild rumor is Paul Martin is looking for cross title to go with his 2 road titles he snagged this year, after a brief break The Texas Roadhouse strongman is rumored to be possibly making more than one appearance in MI. If this pans out the cross scene could get dose of what the roadscene got over labor day.and than theres those that are wild. Don Cameron, will he? or wont he? race the elite all season.That is the question. time and time again that's been the plan but he has showed that it hasn't been the case. Were not counting it entirely as he is a seasoned guy. Rumors. in the form of many stauch seasoned Road/MTB guys lookin to throw there hat into the ring for the first few events, and what about the KILLER B's coming.. who's comin up? who knows there gonna be motivated, but 1hr isnt 45 minutes. safe Bet would be Andy Brown Eric Meuhl, Joel Budacki, and few other select souls.

Womens Elite MS STEELE will clobber them No offense to Anne LEGGS Shwartz. or any other woman that goes to the line. But MS Steele is hungry and young. she will win uncontested, She has kept quiet all season waiting to come back and claim some wins.

The B field, if Brian Hancock doesnt take the title. He needs to rethink his place in Michigan cross. with guys coming up or moving out B is open! wild cards, The GIANT KILLER or Rapheal the Mutant, roadie, versus the mountain bike, these two are the future if they can keep rollin. Don't forget you always have some new guys to worry about.

Masters35+ and up! Depends..If Flyin Frierichs stays or goes, if he stays he is gonna tough to beat. SALTY OL SEAMON he's good for the battle, State champion Eric Fernando hides all season but when cross comes around. always shows his teeth. he should he has been on the michigan cross circuit years.MARK WOLIEC the grandad of michigan cross, if he can hold form he is sure bet for good overall. and then theres Dave Mullins, who? yes Dave Mullins if he can leave the camel back at home, he may tear it up, not to mention he's a comedian on wheels!

the Little guys, well there not that little anymore this marks the 4th year of this epic battle,will anyone interrupt the Foretran/ Goocher domination?

The Venues:
UCI Springfield Oaks: all power no tech, if its muddy the hurt locker will be takin alot of riders in, besides its like 2 races in one, the out of towners and the locals, who will be the first Mi finisher?
Stoney Creek : another Power course, if its dry its Fast, if you had to use the whole beach like at the 2005 State Championship running would the big seperation.

Lower Huron: Home of 2003 state championship nice course, pavement, dirt two track, a big run up and some techie corners. maybe the best venue on the calender..maybe..

Veterans park: not a bad venue and not the best, plan on sustained climbs soft ground very little pavement. Its safe bet this double header will break a few or push a few into great fitness. ..grif, cross races dont need climbs that you have to settle in.

Munson Park: site of the 2004 state championship, zero pavement and one big sled hill. although not the toughest course out there but its at a time of the year when we see who is goin to make the long run. grif dont abuse the hill.

Bloomer: good ol Bloomer it takes lickin and keeps on kickin. many complain about it, but its still a sweet venue and it holds a special place in TmS's cold heart, it was the site of the, 2002 UCI race. you always remember your first cross experience.

Waterford: has everything and the fierce wind to boot., plan for a tough day in the saddle here.

the personality's: we got em some race, some don't.Dave "croscrazy" Massey he needs to play this one up, find a crazy ass suit like a Bunny or Tinker Bell and maybe a chin dong and make a RAP about Reverend Run and seriously, will he race or just call em? We miss him on the course, few look as factory as this guy, if doesnt , he sure can call a cross race. Joe L our man in the field! he can do double like No one business.MS Steele she can blog, ride, party and do it all looking hot. The Ace, the beads, those shades. and now controversy. Jeff from Kinetics. he needs to done the Devil custom just once.

There you have no predictions, who can predict the future? just the facts. Keep it clean, no hitting below the belt and keep the nasty comments to yourself. Momma always said if you dont have anything good to say dont say it. That is unless its true.

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All season long in these race summary's riders have been gettin props. but this time were gonna have to throw out the props to the Priority Health crew and all those that made this race happen. This was a first class event and should be on everyone calenders next season, it reminds us of the old Tour de Blue events of the early 90's. funny how Health care providers and crew throw the best races. And without slighting or calling out anyone. hats off to the Miscneres that held there own in the 1/2 field, Anyone who says Michigan isnt producing some strong talented riders should check there own results, cause all the ones who are handing it to those came up solid through the Michigan ranks, either at Gratten, STS, Waterford, racing with the Canucks over the bridge, and any other group ride takin place any night of the week around our state, To top 5 in Mi isnt easy, so if your not doin it dont feel bad, goin to the line with Renkema, Docsavage, Adam's Meurig, Shoberg, Riveria, etc or getting in a break with Clark, Card one of the Howard bros, or Grahm and you get popped its nothing to be ashamed of, and if you are ridin in this group, feel good cause there is usually 60 or so others that want it.

These are great days we live in, We are Jolly Green Giants walking the earth with machine guns.
Stanley Kubricks
Full Metal Jacket.

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Without going into a long drug out race report, Most all are well aware of the awesome weekend of crit racing The Metro area had going this past Labor Day. So in brief The Texas Roadhouse MULTI...national champion roasted the 1/2 field at Erie street and the revolving Debates race. Well fuck it its gonna be drug out so if your short on time, check back as you can see it in brief via a youtube video.

Saturday had alot riders feeling the effects of short course in Windsor, as only about 12 riders made the 1/2 cut. Kelly Benefits Ryan Roth took that one.

With the small of garlic, Channel #5, or maybe Winsong perfume, stale Cigarette smoke, and sweaty racers in the air, we must be at Erie st. YUP always the best crit of the year, we compare it to the INDY 500, Fast and smooth. Masters 35+ got mixed with the 3's and saw mass CHAOS, as DannyK went solo with 5 to go only to be REELED in on the last 1/2 lap Team Race Dan Leferbe former Jet fueler got the win. 45+ was shear confusion as well getting lumped with the CAT4, James Brooks another Canuck beat out some tough comp.
Pro 1/2 was stacked, with Jet Fuel, Texas Roadies, All the Lathrup boys, The PH posse, and the imfamous DARKO only a few notibles were MIA. When the gun went off it was game on and wasnt long before a few favorites got off in a break of Paul Martin, DARKO, and Sven, or is it Steve Howard, they kept the gap of 15-30 seconds all the way to the line, but only finished seconds ahead of the chasing field. As they toyed with each other and nearly got nabbed. by a hard chargin Ben Renkema, right now this very minute this guy is the king of field sprints in MI..WHEW
Monday, labor Day , a day of cookouts beer and lawn dwrats., yea.. The annual Caduiex cafe crit, well its another year and another venue. This one although it lacked the flavor and spectators of the years past it still was a race for the strong. Merril Collins won the Elite womens field 2 wins within 24 hrs she's HOT.
Masters 35+ got a shake up with alot 1/2 doin the 2 for one, throw in Jon the ACE Card, Paulo Eugine PH's Jeff koch, DANNYK, etc.. The race blew apart half way with Jeff Koch takin a solo win. masters 45+ got treated by Saturn of Toledo Jim Regan, man is he really that old? Cat3 was dominated by canadians as they took the top 8 spots. THE MIGHTY.Bruce Camancho took out Frank the MAN Kistler of saturn of Toledo, the 55+ field.
and what about the 1/2 field if you see half of the 1/2 miscners ask them, as they served a cookout of punishment from some Texas Roadhouse dude again. riders would come off lap after lap and than at the 1 hour or so mark Texas Roadie strongman lapped the field and decimated those that werent breathing with half a lung. a dismal field of about 12 clung to life near the end, and when it was said and done Renkema grabbed another field sprint. Jon Card got 7th DOCSAVAGE railed in for 8th just ahead of the 455 Riveria.
DAM whatta weekend for racing great weather, decent turnouts and and lotsa happy people, hats off to the 02 crew! see next year!

2007 Tour di Via Italia
Erie Street, Windsor, Ontario
September 2, 2007
Presented by

Master 1, Senior 3 Men & Junior Men (36 km avg=45.5 kph)
Posn Name (Club) Time
1 Dan Lefebvre (TEAM R.A.C.E - RMM.1) 47:26
3 Paolo Eugeni (Hooters - RMM.1)
4 Gerard Yeates (PEDAL PERFORMANCE - RME.3)
5 Robert D'Amico (INVITA RACING - RMM.1)
6 Rob Selle (O2/Cadieux Racing - RMM.1)
7 Paul Eddleston (Saturn of Toledo - RMM.1)
8 Matthew Berridge (Hooters - RMM.1)
10 Marc Polsinelli (INVITA RACING - RMM.1)
11 Craig Burge (OTTAWA WHEELMAN - RMM.1)
12 Michael Aston (Maple Leaf Cycling - RME.3)
13 Fred Perez (Open Access - RMM.1)
14 Garnett abbey (D'Ornellas - RMM.1)
15 Ed Campbell (D'Ornellas - RMM.1)
17 Anthony Brule (Wolverine - RMM.1)
18 James Brooks (INDEPENDENT - RMM.1)
19 Ryan Crawford (La Bicicletta - RMJ)
20 Marco Cote (Aquila Racing - RMJ)
21 Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta - RMM.1)
22 Keith Thorarinson ( - RME.3)
23 Jonathan Wood ( - RMM.1)
24 Michael Bennett (Euro Sports Racing - RME.3)
25 Tom Villano (Team Trek Store - RMM.1)
26 Enrico Traini (Cycle Solutions - RME.3)
27 Mike Renneboog (Silver Spokes - RMM.1)
29 Matthew Stein (Maple Leaf Cycling - RMJ)
30 Mike Viel (INVITA RACING - RMM.1)
31 Cory Dubrish (Wolverine - RME.3)
33 Bruno Grossi (INVITA RACING - RMM.1)
34 Jason Melcher (Jack's Bike Shop - RME.3)
35 Mitch Gabel (Pista Elite - RMJ)
36 Jeff Chow (Hooters - RMM.1)
37 Roberto Vani (JAMIS RACING - RMM.1)
38 Mark Teves (Abikes - RMM.1)
39 Vincent Francescotti (MAPLE LEAF CYCLING CLUB - RME.3)
2007 Tour di Via Italia Results.xls 5/5 9/4/2007
41 Matt Gervais (The Running Factory - RME.3)
42 John Lucente (OTTAWA WHEELMAN - RMJ)
43 Michael Loiselle (Dave's Bike Shop - RME.3)
46 Scott Claes (Flying Rhyno Cycle Club - RMM.1)
48 Bernie Clincre (Cadieux Bicycle Club - RMM.1)
49 Bruce Krip (WHEELS OF BLOOR CT - RMM.1)
50 Michael Forsdike (LONDON HONDA WESTHAVEN HOMES - RMM.1) all s.t.
51 Tony Smith (Pista Elite - RMM.1)
52 Tony Wieczorek (South Lyon Cycle - RMJ)
53 Erik Box (The Hub Cycle Club - RME.3)
54 Mark Hearn (D'Ornellas - RMM.1)
55 John Markstein (Anthem - RME.3)
56 Wayne Tomkins (Maple Leaf Cycling - RMM.1)
DNF John McCormick (The Hub Cycle Club - RMM.1)
DNF Stephen Christy (South Lyon - RME.3)
DNF Michael Zaghi (Barrie Cycling - RMJ)
DNF Chris Paton (CYCLE 4 MS - RMM.1)
DNF Daniel Van Schalkwyk (INDEPENDENT - RME.3)
DNF Eduardo Maset (INVITA RACING - RMM.1)
DNF Paul Hornak (CYCLE 4 MS - RMM.1)
DNF Julio Goncalves (Westhaven - RMM.1)
DNF Joseph Lekovish (Southline Cycle - RMM.1)

Master 2/3 & Senior 4/5 Men (36 km avg=43.4 kph)
Posn Name (Club) Time
1 James Brooks (OTTAWA WHEELMAN - MB) 49:50
2 Douglas Hedges (WOLVERINE SPORTS CLUB - M3-4)
3 Craig Burge (OTTAWA WHEELMAN - M2)
4 Jim Regan (Saturn of Toledo - MB-C)
5 Patrick Robb (South Lyon Cycle - MB)
8 Johnnie Edghill (D/ORNELLAS - M2)
9 Carlo Capaldi (INDEPENDENT - M2)
10 Ray Dybowski (WOLVERINE SPORTS CLUB - M3-4)
11 Rob Good (INDEPENDENT - M3-4)
12 Ric Hummel (Hummel Auto Service - M4)
13 Chris Vlemmix (FOREST CITY VELODROME - M3)
14 John Sammut (WOLVERINE SPORTS CLUB - M3-4)
15 Geoff Kuyper (Kentwood Cycling - S4-5)
16 Charles Dumas (London Centennial - S4)
18 Clyde Gilb (Rogues Racing - MB)
2007 Tour di Via Italia Results.xls 5/5 9/4/2007
21 Joel Rose (The Hub Bike Club - M3)
22 Dave Komives (Maumee Valley Wheelmen - M3-4)
24 Joe Lekovish (South Lyon Cycle - MB)
25 Brian Jankowski ( - RME. 5)
26 Brian Neilson (D'ORNELLAS / DELTA GRAPHICS RT - M3)
27 Richard Toler (Team Columbus/Granville Cycling - M3)
28 Rodney Godard (Caboto Velo - M3-4)
29 Andy D'Amico (Cyclissimo - M3)
30 Chris Dial (MidSouth Velo - M3-4)
31 David D'Hondt (INDEPENDENT - MB-C)
32 Matthew Rose (WOLVERINE SPORTS CLUB - RME. 4)
34 Steve Bills (Kentwood Cycling - S4-5)
35 Dennis Kershuer (Rapid Wheelmen - M3-4)
36 James Gouin (INDEPENDENT - S4-5)
37 Brian Sedik (Team O2/Cadieux Bicycle Club - M2/3)
38 Matthew Younkins (INDEPENDENT - S5)
40 David Howson (AMBASSADOR BICYCLES - RME. 4)
41 Christopher Bogedin (WOLVERINE SPORTS CLUB - S-4)
42 Loren Simons (CISCO Cycling - M3-4)
43 Robert Bangert (INDEPENDENT - M3-4)
44 Peter Morris (INDEPENDENT - M3)
45 Pak Ho (ABIKES - M2)
46 Julio Pascoa (London Honda/Westhaven Homes - M2) all s.t.
47 Dan Klein (WSC Sports - M3-4)
48 Nathan Patry ( - RME. 5)
DNF Brian Holland ( - RME. 5)
DNF Collin Snyder (COLLIN SNYDER - RME. 5)
DNF Andrew Paradowski (INDEPENDENT - S4)
DNF Brent Del Rosaris (WSC Sports - S4-5)
DNF Adriaan Verhulst (INDEPENDENT - M3-4)
DNF Johnathan Freter (Kreitler BD/Tech - CAD)

Senior, Master & Junior Women (30 km avg= 40.5kph)
Posn Name (Club) Time
1 Merrill Collins (LA BICICLETTA - RWE) 44:29
3 Brooke Crum (COLUMBUS - RWJ)
4 Liza Miranda (Midweek - RWM)
5 Ireen Wieditz (Terry Precision - RWE)
6 Laura Igoe (Tom's Pro Bike - RWM)
8 Renee Schroeder (WOLVERINE - RWM)
9 Chantal Thompson (Madonna - RWE)
10 Laura Bietola (3 ROX RACING - RWJ)
11 Heather Mitchell (SATURN OF TOLEDO/SHELL CT - RWE)
12 Laura Melendez (INDEPENDENT - RWE)
13 Lori Caruso (INDEPENDENT - RWE)
2007 Tour di Via Italia Results.xls 5/5 9/4/2007
14 Jenny Mitchell (Saturn - RWM) all s.t.
15 Mary Dekker (INDEPENDENT - RWE) at :20
16 Karuna Govind (INVITA RACING - RWM) :50
17 Whitney Kroll (Saturn - RWJ) :58
DNF Luanne Murray (Kreitler Racing - RWM)

Senior 1&2 Men (100 km avg= 46.9kph)
Posn Name (Club) Time
1 Paul Martin (Kentucky Flyers - RME) 2:06:37
2 Darko Ficko (LA BICICLETTA - RME.1) s.t.
3 Steven Howard (Priority Health - RME) at :02
4 Ben Renkema (West Michigan Coast R. - RME) :04
5 Tim Lefebvre (Team R.A.C.E. - RME.1)
6 Kirk Albers (Texas Roadhouse - RME)
7 Marco Aledia (Abercrombie & Fitch Cycling - RMM.1)
8 Daniele Defranceschi (Jef Fuel - RME)
9 Derek Witte (Priority Health - RME)
11 Jonathan Card (Saturn of Toledo - RME)
12 Robert Foshag (Maumee Valley Wheelman - RME.2)
13 Gerard Yeates (Pedal Performance - RME)
14 John Doyle (Priority Health - RME)
15 Daniel Lefebvre (Team R.A.C.E. - RME.1)
16 Terry Palmer (Essex Brass Cycling Team - RME)
17 John Coyle (Wolverine - RME.1)
18 Peter Morse (JET FUEL COFFEE - RME.1)
19 Paolo Eugenie (Hooters - RME.1)
20 James Meurig (Lathrup - RME.1)
22 Andrew Clarke (RGF Solutions - RME.1)
23 Jonathan Wood (GRTC/Redbike - RME.2)
24 Andrew Weir (Ann Arbor Velo Club - RME)
25 Jeff Schiller (The Cyclepath, Thunder Bay - RME)
26 Joshua Hall (Jef Fuel - RME)
27 Roberto Vani (Jamis Racing - RME)
29 Vince Roberge (South Lyon - RME)
30 Zack Morris (Jef Fuel - RME.1)
31 Eric Forrester (Priority Health - RME)
32 Peter Sandwar (Sudbury Cycling Club - RME)
34 Chris Atkins (LA BICICLETTA - RME.1)
35 Michael Busa (Texas Roadhouse - RME.1)
36 Brandon Throop (COACH CHRIS.CA / TED VELIKONJA - RME.2)
37 James Bruce (Lathrup - RME.1)
38 Jeremy Grimm (Team Godspeed - RME)
39 Greg Christian (WMCR - RME)
40 Christopher Paton (CYCLE 4 MS - RMM.1)
41 Robert Daksiewicz (Midwest Cycling Group - RME)
42 Robert Dobbie (Wolverine - RME.1)
2007 Tour di Via Italia Results.xls 5/5 9/4/2007
43 Thomas Markley (WSC - RMM.1)
45 Anthony Rienzi (RGF Solutions - RME)
46 Marco Cote ( - RMJ)
47 Derek Graham (Priority Health - RME)
48 John Rigdon (South Lyon - RME)
49 Alvin Nardell (Lathrup - RME.1)
50 Wayne Tomkins (Hooters - RMM.1)
51 Andre Sottile (Wolverine - RME)
52 Jeffrey Chow (Hooters - RME)
53 Jim Gilmore (Rainbow Inks - RME.2)
54 Bruce Krip (Wheels of Bloor - RMM.1)
55 Andre Champbux (South Lyon - RME.2)
57 Robert Martin (RFG Solutions - RME)
58 Buck Miller (Team R.A.C.E. - RME.1)
59 Marian Arnold (HRU Hamburg - RME) all s.t.
60 Brian Adams (Midwest cycling Corp - RME)
61 Andy Moskal (Texas Roadhouse - RME)
62 Jeff Braumberger (Kentucky Flyers - RME)
63 Maurice Ruelland (MAPLE LEAF CYCLING CLUB - RME)
64 Cameron Jackson (RGF Solutions - RME)
65 Mark Teves (ABIKES - RME)
66 Ben Whitehead (Priority Health - RME.1)
67 Jeffrey Koch (Priority Health - RME)
68 Polo Fernandez (RGF Solutions - RME.1)
DNF James Macdonald (CYCLISSIMO - RME.1)
DNF Alex Keomany (South Lyon - RME)
DNF Mark Caswell (South Lyon - RMM.2)
DNF Jonathan Wood (ERTC/REDBIKE - RME.2)
DNF Peter Schilling (MAKE-A-WISH - RME)
DNF Tim Swain (Inferno Racing LLC - RME)
DNF Sven Christiansen (RSC Oeversee - RME)
DNF Matthew Knight (Cycle Solutions - RME)
DNF Joshua Tarrant (Lathrup - RME.1)
DNF Kenneth Vernier (Essex Brass Cycling Team - RME.1)
DNF Michael House (Texas Roadhouse - RME.1)
DNF Karl Bordine (5 Star Fish - RME.1)
DNF Thomas Kachelmeyer (Team Giant Michigan - RME)
DNF Dave Chernosky (RGF Solutions - RME)
DNF Christopher Dial (Midsouth Velo - RME)
DNF Eric Robertson (Team P.A.C.E. - RME)
DNF Adam Thuss (Team R.A.C.E. - RME.2)
DNF Christopher Haehn (Team Columbus - RME)
DNF Ray Dybowski (Wolverine - RME)

43rd Debaets Devos Criterium
September 3, 2007
Men Pro 1-2
Place Last Name First Name Team
1 Martin Paul Texas Roadhouse
2 Howard Steven Priority Health
3 Renkema Ben W. Mich Coast Rider
4 Albers Kirk Texas Roadhouse
5 Morse Peter Jet Fuel Coffee
6 Aledia Marco A&F Cycling
7 Card Jonathan Saturn of Toledo
8 Daksienicz Rob Lathrup Industries
9 Rivera Bruce Essex Brass
10 Christian Greg W. Mich Coast Rider
11 Wood Jonathan ERTC / Redbike
12 Adams Brian Giant / Lathrup Village
13 Schilling Peter
14 Regan Jim Saturn of Toledo
15 Dobbie Robert Wolverines
16 Roberge Vince South Lyon Cycle
17 Meurig James Lathrup Industries
18 Arnold Marian HRU Hamburg
19 Ficko Darko La Bicicletta
20 Saai Timothy Essex Brass
21 Forrester Erick Priority Health
22 Wall Lucas ABD Cycling Team
23 Vernier Ken Essex Brass
24 Nordell Alvin Lathrup Industries
25 Fracesutti Vincent Alta Alpina

Men Cat 3
Number Last Name First Team
1 Yeates Gerald Pedal Perf
2 Polsinelli Mark Invita
3 LeFebvre Dan Team Race
4 Brooks James Ottawa Wheelmen
5 Lefebver Tim Team Race
6 Maset Eduardo Invita
7 Forsdike Michael London Honda
8 Allen Greg Maple Leaf
9 Sisson Robert FRCC
10 Robb Patrick South Lyon
11 Beels Peter ECFA/Honeywell
12 Buge Craig Ottawa Wheelmen
13 Kroske Scott Wolverine
14 Dubrish Cory Wolverines
15 Parker Jamie Specialized
16 Squires Charlie London Honda
17 Lietaert Jacob GVSU
18 Elmer Nathanael Ciao Baby
19 DeJong David
20 Kimber Eric River City Velo

September 3, 2007
Cat 4
Number Last Name First Name Team
1 Kuyper Geoff Kentwood
2 Bangma Brian Grand Rapids
3 Gorkowski Michael River City
4 Elias Thomas Team O2
5 Penner Ben AAVC
6 DelRosaria Brent Wolverines
7 Gifford Scott AAVC
8 Bogedin Christopher Wolverines
9 LeVasseur Matt ICC
10 Hummel Richard Hummel Auto
11 Schultz David River City
12 Russel Patrick
13 Boyer Byron Venom
14 Brinkman Johnathan
15 Williams Michael Venom
16 Warner Jeff Saturn of Toledo
17 Fabijanski Scott WSC
18 Gatto Douglas South Lyon
19 Carley Dale River City
20 Bills Steven GVSU
Women 1-2-3
Number Last Name First Name Team
1 Collins Merrill La Bicicletta
2 Igoe Laura Tom's Pro Bike / Plan 2 Peaks
3 Mitchell Jennifer Saturn of Toledo
4 Allen Aimee Maple Leaf
5 Govind Karuna Invita Racing
6 Dekker Mary UA
7 Kroll Whitney Cane Creek

Women Cat 4
Number Last Name First Name Team
1 Melendez Laura Team Laura
2 Mitchell Heather Saturn of Toledo
3 Spencer Sharon Team Aberdeen

Master 35+
Number Last Name First Name Team
1 Koch Jeff Priority Health
2 Eugeni Paolo Hooters Racing
3 Foshag Robert Saturn of Toledo
4 Iser Rob South Lyon
5 Polsinelli Mark Team Invita
6 Palmer Terry Essex Brass
7 Card Jonathan Saturn of Toledo
8 Lefebver Tim Team Race
9 Lefebver Dan Team Race
10 Chernosky Dave RGF Solutions
11 Heitikko Dave W. MI Coast Rider
12 Renneboog Mike Silver Spokes
13 Bruely Anthony Team O2
14 Morgan Jonathan Team Giant
15 Masset Eduardo Invita
16 Klein Daniel WSC
17 Sammut John Wolverines
18 Forsdike Michael London Honda
19 Brooks James Ottawa Wheels
20 Abbey Gernett

Masters 45+
Number Last Name First Name Team
1 Regan Jim Saturn of Toledo
2 Polsinelli Mark Invita
3 Bruce James Lathrup Industries
4 Anderson Frederick W. Mi Coast
5 Dybrowski Raymond Wolverine
6 Grossi Bruno Invita
7 Abbey Garnett D'Omellas
8 Burge Craig Ottawa Whemen
9 Claes Scott Flying Rhinos
10 Cahn Mark Team O2
11 Renneboog Michael Solverspokes
12 Bandstra Terry W. MI Coast Rider
13 Brinkman Johnathan
14 Barbehehnn Raymond AAVC
15 Hicken David Wolverine
16 Gilboe Bill Prestige
17 Gilbey Clyde Rogues Racing
18 Kockin Robert Team Giant
19 Deering Ken D'Omellas
20 Neilson Brian D'Omellas

Master 55+
Number Last Name First Name Team
1 Camacho Bruce D'Omellas
2 Kistler Frank Saturn of Toledo
3 Reid Ed Cycle Fit
4 Akers Robert WSC
5 Neilson Brian D'Omellas
6 Portera Joe Wolverine
7 D'Omellas Johnie D'Omellas

September 3, 2007
Jr Men 15-19
Number Last Name First Name Team Age
1 Brinkman Chris 17
2 McBride Zach Priotirty Health 18
3 Wieczorek Tony South Lyon Cycle 14
4 Veltkamp Noah Saturn of Toledo 15
5 Ludlow Jordan Saturn of Toledo 17
6 Rutkowski Dan Ford 13

Monday, September 03, 2007

The MurderCity Madhouse Weekend

Paul Martin and crew kill over a Hundred, then leaves town with foreign and domestic money, full report to follow