Friday, July 28, 2017

1.your avg wattage
2.your TSS
3.your lunch
4.your birthday
5,your rotten kids birthday
6,your significant others birthday
7.your vacation
8.your awesome new whatfuckinever
9.your strava ride
10.your new profile pic
11.your opinions on sex, politics and gun control and the size of your dick
12.your status
13.your new teeth
14.your new career
15.your check in

keep me guessing and un-friend me

Thursday, July 27, 2017

State Of The State

Sometime no matter how hard you try to get your groove on it just doesnt feel every thing is all messy and goopy...summer time in Michigan has been kinda like that..unless your rollin fat happy with the special med card like my buddie Kris..that fool has some special in with his doc cuz he aint havin no issues i can tell workin, boatin, bikin with the luxury of a cool legal buz...ltta folks are doin it wrong..

  • Michigan road racing went on a hunger strike for the month of July
  • a few traveled out side the state to get the fix
  • even without the local stuff guys look tired
  • Waterford and  Gratten keep em happy
  • The Grayling Giant silences them with one cog
  • Scotty A goes to MTB Nationals and uses his pro status
  • Johnny U does the same
  • Pro MTB racing aint too big anymore but it looks hard as fuck
  • I think Kevin C got the mandatory upgrade
  • DannyY is pullin a DannyK
  • Big Money Detroit crit added to the schedule..big props
  • cross schedule looks to be stacked
  • pity there all on Saturday
  • Derby crashes
  • weird summer without the BIGray roll away
  • The Tree farm relay looked l,ike the under-ground-fun thing to do
  • Is Fun promotions still in business
  • The Lion of Leroy plays with toys
  • Roddage was scene
  • Kroske has had the summer of his life since he cut out sugar and women
  • Wanley is done for awhile..bumps in the road are sometimes harder than VO2 intervals
  • Te 3t KOM crew is out there winnin races few even knew existed
  • Gaslight is back on the schedule
  • the Nacho ride in Ann Arbor now boasts nearly 70+ riders
  • The Cherry Roubaix its a Fondo..
  • no a Tour..
  • No race..
  • god dam braggin rights for those weekend warriors
  • The Novi Tree Farm looks to be where its at..especially for creepy dudes in drag
theres a whole lotta summer left enjoy it or dont..

Keep Keeping On
There's a lover in the story
But the story's still the same

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lemmy share my fucked up opinions

Normally i dont give Giant much credit on the styling of there bikes but this one is pretty darn sick..
the clean lines of the TCR are some of the best...If I were into plastic soulless bikes i might pony up for one of these..
That slammed stem FUCK
Not 100% this gal is really seeing the land of the beautiful people wearing those tight ass britches,,but if she is im on board for the full tour of duty..
that flannel and neckerchief...
I think this is a staged photo..the grease looks to gawd dam strategically placed on that tan thigh 
Chix are not on the top 10 of Lemmys list..
I understand..the whole thing..but i thought there time has passed sometimes your friends just dont capture that look your after...
The eyeliner..not a fan..but
Ill give her my extra cool points for the lace gloves and bra...
remember what i said about better be able to back em up...
there were some cool rigs back in the day..made from real materials..
id exploro this rig..just cuz resembles the old 90s Ritchey rigs
but really who needs tires that big..thats the question thats been killin me for awhile

long sleeve skinsuits and patterns that blend right into the shorts look kickfuckinkickass..
when the shorts dont match up to the top half you fail fuckin miserably 
are her hips photo shopped or is she really that curvy?
i do like the colors she has chosen for the day ...

that jersey looks good..
bra looks kinda tight,,,

your fuckers....

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fonzies Corner

Hey nerds 
i dont got all nite..lets hope your life this weekend consisted of more than just riding bikes and deciding what micro brew you should be sampling at the trendy bar down the block...

Ya know the Fonz loves, motorbikes, burgers and fries and of course beautiful love to em all but sometimes its best just view some from a far some through a malt shop window and other behind a armored plated truck...
is little young for the Fonzes taste..
so im just gonna view her with youthful teen eyes..
I hope to all the goodness of a home made american apple pie she dont go completely south on us...
Scary and Crazy are two words that will keep the Fonz on the edge...
Kate Beckinsale...
she may just be one of gods most beautiful creatures..
but i bet she wouldnt like a ride on my bike so ill just enjoy her from Arnold's window.
.I do love me her hair style on this day 
hangin out at Drag races...
she is movin too fast though for prime time...
AYYY  only nerds watch regular TV..
yea..ill let the Malachi bros take her on 
cuz the Fonz likes to keep his bill health clean and un-
My Gal Raquel could bust moves 

Holy Cow Nerds are Gwens legs really that long? 
and her hips that curvy and fruity?
somthin about a gal on the back of a bobber with long legs sends the Fonz straight to my office...
The Fonz will be the first one to tel, ya it aint all about the bike...
Its never to late to make the gals in your life feel like there the only one...

Chris Amon ~ 
Matra MS120B ~ 1971 Monaco GP, Monte Carlo
Jo Siffert, March-Ford 701, 1970 French GP, Clermont-Ferrand