Monday, November 30, 2015

Partial Boner

The things a fool can think about in the 20 short minutes of a Jiffy lube on a 78 Chevette...sittin around with two others we through misc banter back and forth..things like when that sucka trained Balboa to treat me ass...why in the hell didnt he just come at me instead of sending Balboa...and whats with letting Mickey to die on that table..I didnt mop the floor up with that fool so fast medical attention couldn't arrive...
In a short week the state cross predictions are gonna be coming at you sloppier than a over the pants handjob from some drunken cougar

speak at you soon T

Saturday, November 28, 2015

I knew a guy who was dyslexic, but he was also cross-eyed, so everything came out right.

 - Gummo 1997

So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard? (Just another victim) So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard? (Just another victim)

 Growin' up in these streets of Brooklyn I'm out here in the hook when the world is shooken Thug life's a tough one, my life's a rough one Don't make me have to reach out and touch one
 I'll break your frame up, turn the flame up I'll bring your name up 'cuz you're a lame duck The transmission, beat you to submission You're just another victim here to rock the friction I want it all and if it's led through you You better find a place to hide 'cuz I'll tread through you I'm gonna get mine so you know my name Bet your ass 'cuz the mood's about to change So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard? (Just another victim) So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard? (Just another victim) So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard? (Just another victim) So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard? (Just another victim) Lemme tell ya exactly what'll happen When I choke the punks out and people start clappin' Set ya time, men don't faze and feel the rage of a psycho Destroyer that you just can't take Down for the count 'cuz I just won't let it I'm here to break bones, ring the bell and let's get it All for the strong just like Gladiators Rip out your spine like the second Terminator Haters, ain't got no time for your tactics I see it right through you and your child-like tactics No advances, no chances Our persistence, there to beat down (Beat him down, dog) So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard? (Just another victim) So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard? (Just another victim) So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard? (Just another victim) So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard? (Just another victim) Tazz is a miserable, angry thug One word, one word describes the Tazzmission effectively Tazz hates everyone, even himself One word describes, one word describes the Tazzmission effectively Who can stop the path of rage? I got no friends, no allies, hell rises quick No love for none of you 'cuz you despise my trip Keep your distance, I don't need your assistance 'Cuz I'm built to last and made for resistance The pit bull terrier, bone crusha When I lock on ya, you scream like a busta 'Cuz that's the only way we know our kill When you're a thug you're always taught to show no fear I'm going head up, dead up Will anybody in there make sure that None of these son of a bitches get up Gonna get mine, so you know my name Be aware 'cuz the mood's about to change So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard? (Just another victim) So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard? (Just another victim) So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard? (Just another victim) So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard? (Just another victim) There is not a man or a beast on the planet Tazz cannot put out (Just another victim) There it is, he has it in, the Tazzmission He tapped, he tapped, he tapped (Just another victim) Tazz, Tazz says that's all, Tazz says that's all (Just another victim) Who hasn't Tazz choked out? (Just another victim) The most miserable son of a bitch on the planet The human suplex machine Hey, I'm the end of the world on this son of a bitch Tonight, right now, falls count anywhere in the building
Just another victim

Cypress Hill

Friday, November 27, 2015

1. The Wiz like an outlaw
2.It snowed phart bike owners get first lift off
3. USAC..what a great bunch of fun lovin people
4.old phartz
5.without em there wouldn't be much of a scene
6.Overheard..."Im training" guess what no-one cares that new Venge is fucking ugly
8.TMS hits 550+ hits by midweek loving to hate
9.state championship pre-reg skinny like OG Kate
10.attention all you old phart wannabes..Cross worlds is back
13. Excuse me sir did you know you look just like...
14.Fred Savage turned 39
15.Pink Floyd..Set the controls for the heart of the sun

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

a mouth full of--- and a handfull of -----

feel free to build the monster anyway like..its your world sucka

create it, 
pull it
twist it
tugg it 
form it 
pinch poke it
prod it and post it...

Im not as shallow as you think i am...the closest ive gotten to the sweat of million orgys lately is that first sip of Sanka at 5am....i haven't greased a pig in a long time but when the time is right i can Vaseline my feet with the best the scene has to offer...and drugs are not required...numbers 11-20 are little harder to define but still fun to speculate...

11. Matt Acker just missed the top 10 even with a win..seems like 2015 is the year of Gingers killin on cross bikes..

12. Osgood... despite any series of wins this year this guy even with his size throws a formidable shadow..ya know those big ol truck they race in Paris Dakar..thats this guy..

13. Brian Walcharz..disregard he is on that O2 gig.. he is not too shabby wins alot..but lacks a style that would of bumped him up to the 12 spot...

14. B-RAD..LAKO whatver his friends call him when he is out lookin good on the bike...if he looked any better he woulda been number 12 but winning bike races and battling the bulge is a tall task..he must have a good sense of humor or just flat doesn't give two shits about the hate banter...

15. Lil Simon...ill give this guy credit he got gutz..year after year he still is here, along with DC the Lil Pony Mark W and few others he is whats left of the old guard...

16. Colin Snyder..the guy that is trying to make statement over riding with flat bars falls into the number 15 slot..but if i had a cross bike i still wouldnt run flat bars

17. Todd Greene not to be confused with the other Green guy..

18. Gary Mudd...this dude is on the list just cuz of his fucking name...MUDD....

19.Dalton..and not that dude from Roadhouse..but if that dude from Roadhouse raced cross he woulda of taken the Bunnys spot...cuz that dude is plain and simple.... fuckin Badass...

20 Pete Thompson...gotta give ol Pete the nod..just for the travel miles...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Numbers, letters, learn to spell

Sometimes trying just aint good enough your best effort often falls short and when reachin for the next edge it still aint enough..but ya gotta do it with what ya got....lets face it i cant lie to not diggin too highly on that amber Rose Chick, havent fully bought into the Yankum crusade...dont really know this Johnny Utah guy...havent lost a spot in my heart for the Bunny..keep believing that the Roadking is gonna make it this year...I gotta wonder whats up with the WIZ...cant figure how the lil Pony keeps it going..dont really like the LAKO hate....havent figure out why Redline pulled the plug on its line..other than a money thing and well thats what makes people do the things they do...really hard to live comfortable off living your dreams...the AAVC yea whats up with that place...Timex makes really affordable time pieces....numbers...numbers like so many things numbers often lie...but if any of you have been around long enough sometimes having big numbers dont often equate to a winner...been many a fool in the past obtain there goals with lowly numbers....

enough T banter lets get this greasy turd scraped off your shoe now..

1-10 325 and above

1.The Bunny..seriously skipping the big ones didnt go over too heavly on Ts charts but you cant dispute his wins before when bunny needs a break only bunny knows..

2.The Roadking..missing 10 minutes total for a training week is probably considered a failed week for Tom..but his consistency year after year keeps him where he is at..Never out of the top 5

3.Yankum.. In what he called a transition year..Yankum has done pretty well..a wins a win.. basically the man when Bunny and Burke are matter his numbers are good if he can connect his head to those numbers...... they might be better..or not

4.Johnny Utah..dont know a whole heck of alot about this guy rumor has it..he has a pretty high opinion of himself..just stick around at the finish or when he is often heard belly-aching over call ups..but with an out of state attitude aside..but in the short time he has been here he has proved he is a good all around bike racer..and fits into the 4th spot..

5.DC...fuck DC is always DC never faster never slower...

6.BIGMAC i gotta through BIGMAC in here outta the shear respect of him traveling outta state....year after year he keeps killing ts three year rule...for a guy that could pass as Paul Bunyan's doppelganger the dude moves pretty well..and if this list went by style he would of bumped up to the number one spot..

7. The Lil Pony..I know some may think WTF the lil Pony number seven..He has been alittle off this year may be a combo of things but soo far he seems to have slipped alittle...his skill makes up for the slagging numbers..but at some point he may need to find a way beyond that to keep consistent...

8. Ron Catlin..he is only here cuz  he sits number 20 on another list....If he focused alittle more on cross this guy would move way up but i think thats the beauty..he seems to not really care..and when a guy rides well not caring..well.....he aint too shabby on a roadbike when wants to be as well...dude is tough..

9.Danny Soltan..i thought he would of made the leap this year..but..has been near hit or miss all year a good ride in Ohio brought him up on the list...

10. The Grayling Giant...not a regular..but if he was he probably would move up 10 spots..

Monday, November 23, 2015

Show some imagination and wear some pearls

Sometimes i say to myself dam T you gotten way to cynical for your own well it your grey need to lighten up a bit stop closing doors and sealing Bob said a million years ago times they are changin and if you T dont change with them your gonna just be that fool that keeps trying the same ol stuff....

The roll away used to work........not me...
The ride every mofo off your wheel.......nope..
The same loop.......uh uh..
The same rig........ notta...
The number three at the clowns mouth....... can not...

the older ya get your flow don't go like it once was..and aint no lil pill gonna keep it...gotta go beyond that...

Passionately yours

treat it like crap 
somethin to consider

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

1.what time was this supposed to start anyway?
2.un-written rule# 14 when performing a comeback of sorts a person should at least buy some new shit....Sorry just sayin
3. cool video offense but after 3:45 i got woozy and barfed...
4.still not diggin all the turns...its ok to go fast in a straight a few times
5. York sportin the state champion jersey..lettin BMATTER know  where the bear eeerrr the bunny shits in the woods..
6.Wolowiecs cross probably not good..
7."Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, sir. And I NEVER slice..." -Judge Smails
8.i could go 100 years without seeing someone throwing the horns again...fuck
9.adding insult to injury..fatbikes and singlespeeds in geared classes...
10.The Black Ace quietly adds another elite state title to his collection
11. race tires and carbon wheels in the off season.....questionable..
12.Burke proving babies don't slow you down..
13.breaking barriers..Staring Johnny Utah
14.fuckin Kroger bought time....stocking up on Lean Cusines is getting  costly... 15.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015