Tuesday, April 29, 2008

too close for comfort

Yea, another year, another willow, some things never change, like the amount of change people drop on TT rigs, dollar for dollar, the cost for use sceners spend on these bikes is probably more than any other ride in the barn, unless your TT specailist, its alotta show for little go. Hell a disc wheel and tri spoke, throw in some Zipp bars and chrono helmet.. its more than half the cars in the parking lot.. But heck it keeps the schmucks busy at Zipp in Business. One thing we never get used to is when you roll into a TT is how fast everyone looks. you can be postin the elderly could put up, but dam they look good.

Willow temps tolerable, and a wind that made some sckecthey, The fields were a tad thin, not the slimmest but thinner than a few years back when most were 35+.although the the 1/2 field was missing Last years winner and 2005 winner the cyborg, along with many other note a bales, it still was danerously close finish. A few sleepin giants arose from miscene lairs to come out stretch it out. , Tom Burke and The BLACK ACE were too close for comfort. TT specialist Sunlyon Gary Denaglis came in 3rd you may not see him all season but you can bet he comes out for the TT, ( i guess he falls into the dollar for return cat) and the rest of the field? was closley behind. strangley DANNYK was MIA although scene, Toe CUTTER was wrong on that one.

Cat3 was swept by the Sunlyon crew of MORRISEY, Atken and the GIANTKILLER . OH and our favorite "skinhead" shook it up for 4th, good thing as he broke up the Orange suffocation of SL. sharp eyes would see past cat3 dominator jason Brake in action, good to see ya back buddy.

EYE of Gatto rode to a PR..in the 4s

masters 35+ was done in By Saturns TREX, Brian REX that is, he got the best of Michigan state road champ Jon Morgan. Paul riveria was sportin the sweet lookin NEW Essex kit a much inprovement INDEED!!

BIKEBOY would of Pr'd had he not left his golden slippers home, too bad, for youngin ..he's got mad bloggin skills.

womens 1/2 SLIm like the winner Saturns/shells heather mitchel took it over a couple PH chix.
enough is enough. the season looks to be rollin.
that leaves with now with the topic of who will roll to the line on sunday moring for what is expected to be another epic day on the rock strewn roads S/east michigan.
on a side note to that, everyone should keep there valubles in check "IE lost items" on the road, as last year saw numerous swag hounds runnin the cow paths until way late lookin for booty.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

willow, report to follow.

I'm ticked because I forgot to put on booties, which would have gained me 20-ish seconds. I missed my goal-time by about 25 seconds

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jawin with the Toecutter..

For those that dont know, or missed his brief appearence back in December here on Tms the The Toecutter is best known as the the violent gang leader "Toecutter" in the apocalyptic science fiction film Mad Max. This Man has as many films to his credit as warrants for his arrest. Tms sat down with the Pyschotic one over a cup of Joe, and 16oz plastic tumbler of crushed ICE and Southern Comfort at a bar just outside of Jackson, to get his thoughts of the upcoming road season mainly willow and the next few races..

TMS, How have you been

TC. fine just fine. oh but i have this rash from some moisty we picked at the point, i..

TMS, lets get to the point any bets on Willow.

TC, well let me see. always have to put money on the guy they call the Cyborg, you know i used to ride with the a fellow whom happened to be a transvsetite that they called the cyborg. he could do this thing..TMS OKOK!

TMS. Cyborg for the 1/2, not sure if he's on the list yet?

Tc, than Ill go with a suprise. A ESSEX brass guy who can go fast in solo event.

TMS. Ken Vernier?

TC. YES i think?

TMS, How about Danny Klien or Ray Dybowski? they seem to have the steam behind them.

TC HMM maybe so, maybe so. Ray looks fabulous. danny is such intresting man. quiet and sneaky.

TMS how about cat3?

TC. skinhead from the detroit gang.

TMS scott kroske?

TC, dont know his name but love the dome. I have friend who runs a all inclusive club in the outback that has some womens that can...TMS NEXT question.

TMS, we hear the GIANT KILLER TONY W might be a favorite.

TC. (Im out of liquor)

TMS pours the 2nd tumber of Sc for TOECUTTER

TMS, GIANT KILLER heard of him ?

TC. (as he lights up a fag) HM the littlie child who rides well in horrible conditions. NO he wont win.


TMS. the woman 1/2?

TC. the women? YES the hatchet wounds hhhmm how can we forget them, as they are not what they seem.

TMS OK, which one?

TC the shapley one of course.

TMS whos that?

TC. I dont know. but i really would love to see MS STEELE back on 2 wheels. i have visions of flyin through the out back with my boy johnny, and ms steele on the back of my BSA drinkin and shootin all the while being ..TMS ENOUGH.

TMS. were gonna thorugh some words out at you and you can answer the best you can. (toecutter is now stumbling over his words.)

TMS, cat 4/5

TC penal fodder

TMS masters 35

TC DIESEL. or Stonecold.

TMS. 45+

TC, dunno, oh wait some sod from south of the border.

TMS, movin on to Cone.

TC, like prison sex

TMS. youngins.

TC not hungry enough

TMS Tokv

Tc, first off let me address the comments made about thou having a hatchet wound. I would gladly

sit IN on that one, but my meth clouded mind doesnt allow me to compute the number of laps it

takes to finish. so ill stay home and take care of the anons moisty's. if you know what i mean you miserable fucks.


TC, trial by fire we had this initation into the riders of night were a lad would be tied to the back of torino and made to walk with the speed increasing every mile or so until he was in a all out sprint. reminds me of tdl...

TMS Dave Mullins

TC like prison sex

TMS John Card

TC the Horror

TMS The Howard Bros

TC, id like some eggs some toast some..

at this point toe cutter is begining to fade on us. we'll leave you with this
you havent partied until you did it with TC.

Please note: thoughts and views of those interviewed are not directly views of TMS.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Special Guest

C Check back for a in depth interview with the Toe Cutter,
get his predictions and insights on the the kick off of the 2008 season

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Thats it, its over baby, for some its the end and for others just the begining, If mother nature kissed us last week she bitch slapped us this week. Flingers got a taste of what the crossers got at the end of last season. FRCC saw nearly the same weather that ended it for the mudders in DEC, small turnout but the weather made up for the dismal field, No surprise BIGRAY and DK took it, THE GIANT KILLER put his cold weather toughness to good use, and rode well. The B race saw Alan (my name always gets spelled wrong) Antosikc, he got the best of his rivals, Hank hill was getting a taste of the cold weather he likes soo much as well.
In other parts of the area, Sunday saw the start of our OTHERSCENE the MTB'ers got it on as sunday kicked off with the Tailwinds TT at Pontiac Lake in conditions reminiscent of the last year’s end of season cross race….cold, wind, snow, rain and MUD! In excellent Michigan form, top (and not so top) MTB racers were greeted with leg burning, power sucking, slippery-slimy, muddy trails, which were evident in laps times 4-5 mins slower than past years (or the long cold winter has kept too many off their bike, TMS thinks the later…). For those who decided to brave the wrath of Michigan Spring racing, Joey B posted the best time in the Elites followed by the “CLIKEMAN” and rounding out the podium with Dylan L – Mr A-Bike! There is no telling what these results mean for season predictions, as the conditions frightened off many that we re a NO SHOW for their preregistration call up .along with several new faces electing to join the PAIN GANG, and less notables deciding the PAIN was toooo much last year and moved down to beat up on the Expert riders for some personal gratification .Maybe Bloomer will paint a better picture, but the game is wide open with powerhouse SIMONSON racing in the SHOW and local favorites keeping hibernated for more hospital conditions….
Back on the skinny..Over on the A2 side...AAVC conditions were just as lousy The A race had The usuals in the MIX ROCKSTAR, BIGR and Dk look to be ready lay waste of all that try to take what they think should be there as they took everything the comp threw at em! VERY NICE!!
There you have it, with just one week left for spring supremacy, everyone is nice and warmed up.
If your not ready yet better sit back and get ready for the show.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Seperated at birth

Some images from the 2008 WRCS Awards Party!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

we interupt this moment of tms to bring you this...

If Satan were a Douchebag, He'd be this guy.Thank you. That's the clever headlines you get when The DB1 is cracked up on Nyquil and Advil. In case that coffee wasn't workin' for ya on this day, I thought I'd fire up all our collective consciousness with a jolt of satanic Hard Rock Rehab ubersquatt. And tasty Spanish Cinnebons. Mmm... cinnebons.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


The Sleeping giant has come to wake, no... not any scener in particular, but the season that is Spring temps above 37 degrees, yes we were greeted with the sun and tolerable weather for a change on what most of us call our days off. DAM. whatttta nice weeekend.

As far as flingin goes not much changed this weekend or for the last 5 springs for that matter. Same old same old, some guys flyin like its mid july. Standouts on Miscene's radar were the following..Julie Bellrose, dang she's our new STEEL, we love her kit and her acsent.. she's was rollin well at runway, DANNYK what can ya say HOLD it D for awhile and make us proud. Tim ROCKSTAR Finkel was he flowin the carbones this weekend? it was odd to see sprint KING RENKEMA on a Cervelo. Former FLINGKING Blair Dudley was out of his winters slumber. lathrup had The Eagle, Nordell, and Former Jeep/eagle rider Jim Bruce ruffin em up.

the racing yea, AS far as the A's go FRCC's saw the field stay together for a change, many riders were were disillusioned as far as the fields avg speed goes, the EAGLE put it best..Silly rabbit. Be careful that you are comparing apples to apples. And as always, we welcome more "A" racers mixing it up all season long..the B race had the powerfull Alan Antosick shut down today by Ryan Decook..FRCC saw Dylan Lansperry taken it beating out some tough sprinters. Runway plaza results were in the most part confused or MIA at press time.

With one weekend left in the Miscene Spring classic books we can only wonder who will go into WILLOW with the unfair advantage? or who will wake in time for suffocation.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

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