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We all do it, and its been done to us, bashing, picking, poking, bad mouthin, trash talking, shit talk etc, Well welcome to bashers corner , Every Tuesday we will have our guest columnist bash or trash talk something nearest to all of us, you can agree dis agree or trash talk it. everything is fair game in bashers corner.

Point: Hey ASSHOLE! Yeah you, you fuckin prick. What, are too good? Are you somehow better than me? I'm riding along and acknowledge your presence as a fellow human being enjoying a bicycle ride with a simple wave. And you can't even show me the common courtesy of a wave in return? What the fuck? Is my bike not cool enough? I don't have on the right sponsors clothing? Am I wearing the wrong brand of sunglasses? Did I dare not shave my legs today? Are you too busy keeping glued to your PowerTap? What is your problem? Its a simple wave. Don't want to take your hands off the bar? Fine, give me a nod. I'm respecting you as someone that clearly has something in common with me. I'm just looking for mutual respect. Karma baby, karma.

Counterpoint: Oh, I get it. Because I happen to be riding a bike, I have to somehow be involuntarily indoctrinated into your little club? I drive a car too, do I to wave at all other motorists? Wave all you like, but I might not be in the mood. I don't even know who the hell you are! Don't sign me up for something I didn't ask for and don't get all pissy just because I may not be a cheery happy go lucky little pussy who has to have a stupid bond just because we share the same form of transportation. Fuck that shit.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

the more TMS changes the more it stays the same

09 willow update to follow
Heres the also ran version of what happened last few days.
Weekend recap – April 25th / 26th SATURDAY
– April 25th The Michigan Challenge kicked off with the Willow TT and near record racer participation. My vote for #1 Racing Superfans are the combined teams of Hagerty / Bay Tennis & Fitness, who came to the race in a team bus that probably is bigger and better than most Pro-Tour teams!!! Nice to see you guys making the trek downstate!
The weather was PERFECT for the race, with a strong wind making the race harder. I heard of one racer getting blown off the road. It was a difficult day if you were racing with a disc wheel.
Regardless, it was tough for everyone and there were some great performances. Race results are at: http://www.mbra.org/Results/2009/2009WillowTT.pdf
After the race we handed out the #1 Michigan Challenge Series Leader number to the category winners. Each of the Series leaders will wear the #1 Leaders numbers at the next event, Cone-Azalia on Sunday, May 3. After Cone, MBRA webmaster/database administrator, John Laidlaw, will calculate the results again and at the next event, Tour of Kensington Valley, we’ll have the leaders numbers ready for the leaders to wear in the race that day! We'll continue that through the last event of the season, the Cadieux/O2 race in Auburn Hills on Labor Day! NOTE TO SERIES LEADERS: Please place the numbers horizontally, directly on your jersey back pockets. Pre-registration for Cone-Azalia ends April 29th. Save yourself the head-ache of standing in line at the race and pre-register now at: http://www.aavc.org/cone/
SUNDAY – April 26th Today was the final race of the 25th running of the Quick Release/AAVC Spring Training Series at Runway Plaza in Ann Arbor. This was Paul Almans last race as race director and in honor of all he’s done for Michigan racing, the Ann Arbor Velo Club (www.aavc.org) hosted a post race cook-out and mixer. Weather was perfect and the racing was FAST, FAST, FAST!!!!! The A-Race featured many past state champions, as well as the current Michigan State Criterium Champion, Derek Graham (Bissell) and the current Michigan Road Race Champion, James Bruce (Lathrup). In what’s been a great start to the season, Luke Cavender (Wolverine), who already had the Spring Fling Overall series title wrapped up also took the win from a breakaway group of what was pretty much the top 10 racers in Michigan. It looks like all the work at the Bloomer Velodrome is paying off for Luke!
Congrats to everyone who came out to race. Watch for some pictures soon.
The post race mixer was AWESOME, with the AAVC cooking up a ton of food. Thanks to Ben Penner and the AAVC crew!!!!
UPCOMING RACES Next up in Michigan will be the famous Cone-Azalia Classic, Sunday, May 3rd. This race is Michigan’s version of Paris-Roubaix and features 4 miles of harsh gravel for each 10 mile lap. As one racer told me, “I’ve never puncture flatted at Cone, but I have pinch-flatted”. Give careful thought to the tires you’ll use. I’ll be racing on Continental 1000’s, 700x28, inflated to 120psi. Check out http://www.mbra.org/ for all the latest race information!!!! Now……
Heres ours:
Willow like the title says the more things change, the more they stay the same, for 2 yrs in a row the 1/2 TT win came down to mere hairs..burke and card are scary when there on a TT quest UNREAL, the top 10 in that group didnt look much different from last year as well..all the usual suspect were in there Vernier, JIMIM, the GODFATHER, Evil dude, etc.
The 3's almost gotten taken down by still a GIANT KILLER.
The cat 5 the everyday dudes was HUGE lotsa riders in a area were we need it the most.
the women's field got to get re acquainted with Mackenzie Woodring she was back in town and riding like she never left.
the big TMS questions were the MIA's
CYBORG, and the rest of SAT 's
Lathrups Archer? Bruce?etc?
Giants masters squad?
SUNDAY SUNDAY, STS STS STS STS STS STS the end of the line of a long run some, will miss him others will not tms ain't gonna comment on there take
adios Paul.
the king is dead long live the KING!
the racing is and was the same this Sunday as every Sunday in the last few weekends lotsa fury for Little filth. young luke saved some gas from Saturdays 4th to pick a win out of a breakaway and firmly secured his dominance of the the springking 2009.
whats left?
the season..
tighten down the sidis sceners.
its started.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tms is, our scene in general is on the eve of the OFFICIAL kickoff to the 2009 season, yea some say hey WTF? it started over 3 weeks ago?? well that may be true but the Willow TT has predominately been the first official one that counted, not all will agree, but most might. The above video has its own meaning as do the lyrics, if your sly like a fox you just may learn something prior to the opening of TMS gun season.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


A few weeks back on the MCG bulletin board a post was made about 09 being the year of the so-called young guns, not in those terms but basically that what it was meant, the year will be ruled by the younger sect of miscene. with all do respect to those that fall into that category, TMS went to bat for what can be refer ed to as the old guard, guys like Dybo, Klien, Steve Clark, Jim bruce, The Ace, Weinert, Adams, Foshag, Koch the list can go on..looking over that group we can see multiple state champions and down right strong guys pushin to or into the 40's, whats that say about miscene in general ? you tell us..One guy who stands out in our list of the older sect is a guy TMS refered to as 455 buick riviera cuz he puts out the tourque and Hp like the late 60's luxary muscle car Bruce Riveria, this guy time and time again is in the top 5 of nearly every field sprint within our scene, he's guy that can never be counted out in any crit, and a guy that is worthy of roll model status, hell he may be even too much of a swell guy to even be here on TMS, We hope it doesn't hurt his rep! Miscne Bruce Riveria. take notes you may learn something..

1. what year did you start racing?Officially,

I think I did my 1st citizens race summer of 1989. It was the Ann Arbor crit.

2.crits, TT road races which do you prefer?

I am totally in love with crit racing. The fast pace, the corners and the sprint. Never did enjoy road racing all that much, to busy enjoying the scenery maybe. I have the utmost respect for those that can crush a TT. I cant. I try year after year... but that's it.

3.most underated miscne sprinter?

There are so many great sprinters in the Michigan Scene. Until Terry Palmer came aboard Essex Brass, he was definitely one I would worry about, now I get to work for him, which is nice. The guy has got lots of power. Recently, there have been some younger riders, obviously Rekenma, Cavender, Cruise. I hate to pick one becuase the moment I do someone else beats me. Y
I have been blessed to have the perfect job for a cyclist. I've been teaching High School Biology at Livonia Churchill High School.

5.wife kids?

My wife Jennifer and I have been married since 1995. We have 2 great kids, one boy age 4, and a daughter who's only 1 1/2 but going on 13.

6.if so how do you juggle training etc, avg training hours

Juggle??? Try struggle. It's hard. My wife knows Im a totall a-hole if I dont ride, so shes great about that. I try to ride at least 6 days a week. 2-3 hours tops. Ive never been big for monster miles, just quality miles.

7. any regrets in the past as far as racing goes?

I wish I would have done some of the bigger races when I was younger. That kind of experience can really do wonders for you physically, but more so mentally. If you think you can hang with the big boys, generally you can.

8. MTB or Cyclocross, racing if you hadf TO DO a full tour of either?

Cyclocross to me is a love-hate relationship. I have a great time doing it, but I hate that Im not competitive. Guys like Saari, Card, and Weinert... I have no idea how they do it. As far as MTB, what's that?

9.favorite bike all time

Depends... lets face it. My 1st coolest bike ever would be an Eddy Mercx MX Leader (frame and fork weigh about 4 lbs easy!). It was the 1st bike I got where the just the frame and fork cost more than any bike Ive ever owned. On the other end of the spectrum, would without a doubt be my current Scott Addict R1. Sub 16 with my "training" 404 wheels on. I can't really comment on race weight!!!
10 favorite movie ever!
i have to give credit to some great road trips with Jeff Gray and Dave Mullins... Favorite Movie is none other than the BIG LEBOWSKI!

11. how many races do you do a year?

I try to do at least 20 races, that includes those great Thursday night Worlds!
12. if you could be as good as you are at any other cycling discipline which one?

They always say train your weaknesses, it's no secret, Time Trialing is mine. To much pain involved I think.

13. favorite race of all time?

Lately, my favorite race is Gaslight. The weather has always been stellar, sweet town, the fountain after the race, the awesome Gaslight beer glass, and fast as hell.

14. if had to design a headbadge for a bike what would it be?

joe Skrocki inspired, he stickered all of our bikes, but on his he had a Superman logo smack in the middle of the steer tube.

15. any major injury's?

Skin grows back, cracked a veterbrae once in Lansing, way back when during Tour de Michigan. Other than that does vertigo count???

16. favorite peanuts character?

Snoopy. My son and I crack up at all his silly tactics.

17, rocky or Mrt, or drago? who do you like the best

Drago all the way. I fight for me! But I do find myself cheering for Rocky in the end. Rocky 4 is a great movie.

18. weekends in the Bruce home?
what they like?In the summertime, usually racing with the Essex boys somewhere. When there isn't a race, a good early morning training ride out by Orchard Lake. I absolutely love doing these because Im back home by noon. Then its all play with my son and daughter. Parks, maybe a boat trip somewhere, big ole water slide in the backyard. A lot of beer, a lot of girls and a whole lot of cursin....

19. favorite snack?

Healthy- bananas
. Not so healthy- chocolate chip cookies and milk.

20. do you follow strict diet?

Over the years I swear I've tried, I really have. But I always revert back to just being sensible. Everything in moderation. If I want it I generally dont say no. I admire those guys that can, I do think it helps to watch what you eat.

21. beer wine/ or none at all

Bell's Oberon!!! Enough said.

22. favorite cd of all time?

Dead Can Dance/ Toward the Within. Really takes me back to good times. HE WINS SERIOUS points with TMS on this one !!!!

23. in the 80's were you, punk prep? jock, geek, burn out?
I guess one could say I was a preppy jock. I participated in sports year round, but I wasn't a muscle head or anything.

24. favorite toy as a kid?
Anybody else remember the Green Machine???

25. thanks for your time!!

I love the site.

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Monday, April 06, 2009

The Fine Art of Stalking

Dan frayer. who to some? and U-NO to others, tms has been stalking dan for some time now, for many reasons, the love of the two wheel human powered unit, the ability to update his gig often...all of which appeal to tms, but what drew us to him more so than the fact he has a good sense of humor is his Tms esq like blog, if you haven't been there your missing the whole big picture of self expression , but then again some may not even GET IT! But to those that will, enjoy expanding your horizons, dan is probably unlike many Tms visitors in many ways. read on and maybe it will shed some light on what tms is, other than hated and misunderstood.

1.what year did you start racing?

Back in 2008 a signed up for the Ionia Rec Area Time Trial put on by Brent Walk. I wore a cotton t-shirt, bleed, cried, nearly puked and have been chasing podium dreams ever since.
2.MTB, TT road races which do you prefer?

If I has my choice it would be knobby tires 4 life. The 2nd half of last year and plans for 09/10 will be a mix of multi sport and xc races. Something about flying by trees at warp speed makes me smile.
3.most underated miscne'r

Mark Hendershot. You know he is going to ride you into the ground and make you feel like a million bucks afterwards. If I were to pick a young gun it would be John Doyle, both of these guys are humble and wicked fast.

I teach 8th grade at Comstock North East Middle School.
5.wife kids?

I have been married to my wife Holly for 3 years and we have four furry kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats.
6.if so how do you juggle training etc, avg training hours

The last three seasons have been very structured with limited results. Now I ride when I want, where I want and how I want. I usually log about 8 hours in the saddle and 4 on foot and in the water. I try to balance my priorities and it always works out thanks to the support of my wife and friends.
7. any regrets in the past as far as racing goes?

I have some DNFs that haunt me in my sleep. 04 24 hours of snowshoe, 06 12 Hour Cowbell Challenge, 08 Lumberjack 100. Those are races I can never get back and it makes me sick thinking about the shame of quitting.
8. road or Cyclocross, racing if you hadf TO DO a full tour of either?

Road would be more fiscally responsible but cross has cold beer and shenanigans. I would have to pick the barriers and mud pits. Sorry Road Fans
9.favorite bike all time

2003 Schwinn Homegrown Comp. I switched it back and forth from geared to single and loved it. It was mustard yellow and my first real mountain bike. My close second would be my current 29er Salsa Mamasita.
10 favorite movie ever!

The adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel “Fight Club”
11. how many races do you do a year?

30 plus in a good season, 8-9 if they are enduro style. This season I hope to achieve good life balance and still race 20 weekends.
12. if you could be as good as you are at any other cycling discipline which one?

I hope to transfer my enduro results into some short course XC and Xterra events. I am consistent for the long haul but once I get into some intensity my results are sporadic.

13. favorite race of all time?

This is a tough question. There are many things to consider when judging a race. Spectators, after party, promoter and course. I would rank my favorites as Ice Man, 12 Hours of Pando and The 24 Hours of Nine Mile. I have had fun, success and support at all three.
14. if had to design a headbadge for a bike what would it be?

A single speed Cog inside a heart. It would represent an appreciation for all the simplicity and machinery that makes cycling fun.
15. any major injury's?

Just a bruised ego and minor cosmetic blemishes
16. favorite peanuts character?

Pig Pen. He has a dirty and rough life but rises above it.
17, rocky or Mrt, or drago? who do like the best?

Drago was a doper, I like Rambo more than rocky, so Mr T. gets my vote for style, confidence and decision making ability.
18. weekends in the frayer home? what are they like?

Saturday morning I race to the YMCA to snag a lane, nap, read, ride, run, walk the dogs, and do the yuppie loop from Barnes and Noble, Bed Bath and Beyond then Target. Sundays are reserved for long rides and rest. Mix in a couple micro brews and you have a weekend at the Frayer home.
19. favorite snack?

Ice Cream
20. do you follow strict diet?

I have not eaten meat since 02, and I try to eat good pizza at least once a week.
21. beer wine or none at al

l Both. We are spoiled living in Kalamazoo with Founders, Arcadia, Bells and New Holland distributed locally. One of my best kept secrets is a cheap merlot as my recovery drink of choice. It works.
22. favorite cd of all time?

The Grateful Dead’s American Beauty
23. in the 80's were you, punk prep? jock, geek, burn out?

I followed the fads. I wore my pants on backwards in middle school, loved flannel and had an undercut when Grunged ruled the streets. I even wore a bandana backwards when Tu pac died.
24. favorite toy as a kid?

Star Wars action figurines. I still have them in a closet and my wife thinks it is dorky. I think it is staying true to my roots.
25. thanks for your time!!

Thanks to the Michigan Scene for giving me blog posts worth looking at. Keep it up.

thank you Dan for the TMS visuals!

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If you ever plan to pick a fight with a guy at a bike race in our scene, you better think twice before you mess with this dude Joe Skrocki, word has it, his other gig besides runnin a bike shop is saving the universe as mr incredible. This guys arms are as big as many sceners waists.