Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I gotta speak briefly and thank the ANON'er who came to prop me and the scene, thanks. but when its all said and done, its OK IF aint no one speakin up or droppin there 2 cents in here. Its all good. Maybe everyone is too busy churning it out, spendin time with the Kenmore and the water heater, or maybe there some place warm puttin the miles in. Its cool, the Flat screen needs yo love too, Atlanta's Football Holly and her weekends big game is on the horizon if that yo gig. Facebookin whatevr...Its all good.
I know the writing here at TMS is anything less than grade scale level, I aint foolin myself..and the topics are vague, and some times people miss what im trying to lay down, and ya all think IM STIRRING the pot, Images not on everyone's radar, or value level. But the bottom line is I dont get paid to do this shit, I do it because i want to, TMS aint fillin my barbers bank roll, I aint buyin Zipp wheels, and the pimp new power gadget or taking my friends out with the fast cash.i do it on my own time. You can be haters all you want, Its alot easier to hate someone than respect them. T knows at the end of everyone's day we are who we are, nothing more nothing less. I aint kidding myself either, and I hope to god you all aint either, its simply riding a bike for fun and enjoyment. entertainment per say, soul searching for some. Its who you are, dont take that shit too serious, you can live it, but you cant LIVE it, you can think about it all day, but you CANT think about it all day, and lord knows you cant take it with you when the grizzly end comes. Its all good to get a little angst, fired up.. it keeps the system rolling strong and smooth but Be cool to people, Love it or hate it embrace it, or push it away. look back through the years of TMS, your all part of it. believe it... many of you have come and gone, some are old and some are new, you cant stop time, all you can do is be the best part of it.. keep that stuff in mind as you take things for granted ( its OK we all do its human nature)

you never know what you had until its gone.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dig It

I know its early in the 2011 year to see my face, but as the old cliche' saying goes it is what is. Some of you may be fully dugin or just plain set for the winter So thought it would be a good time to drop some science on what some dirt clod called this blog OPINIONATED.... i didnt stop in to talk LA, I stated my opinion, I didnt open shop to speak cross, or where the Pony is, or what about Wiz, and whats PARMACHICKEN doin.dont give a whole bunch for facebookin and what some are doing every other second of there life.. nope. Not gonna think about The big miles of the Hermitman and Finkel show. who's dopin NO WAY..KARMA KARMA BABY ..Or all the sponsor jibber jabber, who, what... why cant i have it ? or who Bissell is pickin up and How fast DLAM is no way, who got new shoes. dont care..UH ah. and where the Hell is Henry, I get to come back in this bitch and he goe's MIA, fool..anyway, theres way to much rollin around our little scene for 2011.
Theres so much bustin at the seams it makes T weak with excitement. but ill contain myself, and try to be brief. We all have good things on the docket and in mind, Heres T's whats on your's?
Banking it
Just get my Butt through January
I can man check February
March Breezes
My new rigs
Spring trips to Atalanta
Barry Ruby
cry babies.
Fisk Knobbin
Cold Spring mornings at Waterford
see in Friends
Willow Toes
pasty flesh
Hard Workouts
DEMO at island LK
Cougars on the path
worlds at Waterford move 2 wednesday WWW. im likin it
packin away my cold gear
Getin back on my MTB MMm T does HOT laps Too!!
TT in GR..hope to see some cougars
new RR in A2?
watchin Hemitman click of Hundo's
losin weight
Grudin at Grattan
the banter
BIG group rides
The Cold Stone Cougars
Tailwinds new series
Frankenmuth sausage
seein friends at the trail head, and rollin/laughin laps with em.
3 Miscene double race weekends in June! Westbranch, le Tour.BIKE FEST..!!!
Lumber jack 100
Cashin in.
Hangin out at TMS
MT Mayhem
tanned butts
State TT, on the Move to the west side.
80+ degrees
Hot nights at Bloomer
Tired Legs
West Michigan Stage Race
Murder city Crit
Mullet john
Milford State Champions!
Black bear
losin weight
barbecuing mM M MM MMmmm
Flint Crittin
Cross talk?
warm summer nights sittin watchin pickers
Hanging with my Atlanta friends
3 pieces of Cherry Ruby..State Road Race usin my lost weight!
GR Elite USCF Crit Nats
Volta A Birmingham?
Murder City Mayhem
cougars on Erie st
....2 be continued...?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


All this silly nonsense set aside for a moment, Its time all of you get a grip on what needs to be done. Take a look around you fools aint non of us got more time on our hands, nor are we showering in the fountain of youth. Get your plan in line and your discipline down. We only got 6 weeks of this old cold bitch to deal with it. Embrace it, love it, and treat um. talk to you soon fools.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Saturday, January 01, 2011