Monday, September 28, 2015

Devils Plaything

Sorry im late mutherfuckers..but it was a long way back from hell...
What makes shit fuckin great...As much as i like to sit in a darkened room of solitude.where that wicked feeling of godless runs through my blackened soul...I still like cool shit..Im feeling like throwing out a little dirty black summer soon..and when i do its gonna be closely related to This whole Midstate cross thing...I dont mind the pain and I don't live in the past either but the scene needs to get on the same page..
I aint saying Im the One...but this whole MBRA series and fall cross is on the five finger crawl from where death had no name...

stick around and when she rides she's gonna bring power rankings with her...

Friday, September 25, 2015 have earned the points have placed in the top three more often than not have more carbon shit than the Pros Closet have raced for more than 3 seasons in the same class have an ego larger than your wattage out put have a coach and he/she tells you its time have decided to make a commitment and get better have become the guy to beat have one season left to compete then you die have watched riders come and go from all the levels have your balls back from your wife's Michael Kors have guts have a decided to go full on Cat 1 gloat on all fronts of the social media network have taken PEDS
15 you have taken down the Armor King and Paul Phoenix

level up, step up or man up..

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

TAO of T

Be somebody's piece but be your own peace

Brent Bookwalter, runner-up at this year’s USA Pro Challenge, has renewed his contract with BMC Racing for 2016. The U.S.-registered team announced Wednesday that the 31-year-old American will continue his eight-year tenure with the red and black outfit.
 “This is where I feel like I am home and where I have been able to grow and develop and find personal success while helping the team achieve many of its goals as well,” Bookwalter said. “I feel like it is a great relationship and partnership, and it is really exciting to be able to continue it for another year.”
 He won a stage of the USA Pro Challenge in August and led the race for two days before finishing second to teammate Rohan Dennis. Bookwalter was also twice runner-up on stages at the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah on his way to third-place overall and the points classification title.
 “Brent has brought years of high performance and unselfish sacrifices to his fellow teammates, yet he continues to find many individual successes himself,” BMC Racing Team president/general manager Jim Ochowicz said. “His presence on the starting line always gives the team a feeling of confidence.”
 After joining the team in 2008, Bookwalter finished runner-up in the stage 1 individual time trial of the 2010 Giro d’Italia. In 2011, he rode the Tour de France in support of that year’s winner, Cadel Evans. In 2013, he won the opening stage of the Tour of Qatar on the way to a runner-up finish overall.
 “The success I have been able to find is a testament to a lot of hard work and commitment from myself, the people who are close to me and from the BMC Racing Team,” Bookwalter continued. “I have been fortunate to have close advisors, family and friends who have helped me develop and continue to progress. It has been fulfilling to step into a leadership role when the opportunity arises, and I am looking forward to more of these opportunities in 2016. Whether it is working for others as a teammate, or continuing my path as a more veteran rider of the team, I feel like I am still improving and have yet to reach my best level.”
 Bookwalter will compete for the final time this season in Sunday’s UCI World Road Championships before organizing the second running of his “Bookwalter Binge Gran Fondo” next month in Black Mountain, N.C.

 There's one thing I didn't understand. Did Lardass have to pay to get in the contest?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Committing to failure and letting the circus burn

Smart people come to you in different ways...just when you didn't think your circle couldnt get any bigger..Bam...someone wonders into it unexpectedly and drops there mind on you...
And you thought this was gonna be a dry fall...a fall left up to only random bits of bullshit posts, some worn out rockers and the same redundant list of this opinionated asshole of what he thinks is bad-ass...yeas fools the grammar hasn't gotten any better...
Lets talk cross real quick ain't gonna take up too much of your time..and to be frank i got shit to do...But when one of the hardest dudes to come outta of the scene in long time..a man who cut his teeth here T..."Michigan-scene in a whole is in a weird state...even the road scene/mtb scene kinda in a funk right now......but for the hell of it cross. in general...There are some good crossers that have come outta this place in the years...and there are some good riders right now right here...without naming names..none of them show up at the same time...instead choosing to go elsewhere for various reasons"  whther it be for grip/chicks..or depth of field...It used to be back in the day guys like the Rhino crew, Sorry and the Wiz, the lillest Pony and the whole Blue Wave thing would travel to the bigger races..with the end all be all of a USGP GP title or nationals as the fixation...Now the scene is just alil more random..Im betting all my 80's pop Rock star trading cards that this is the year of transition...kinda thought last year was..but for the sake of fate..lets hope were heading in the right direction...i hear we are losing that Hofie kid..pity cuz he cross needs guys like him young..does his own thing with no attitude..good kid..I ain't saying the that the podiums are soft..T knows cross is hard anyway you slice it....but man o man we need to revive this shit...I wish i had the answer, and it a ramble or whatever..i just had to get that off my old worn out chest...

Ill leave you with advice T ever got...

stick your head out in the wind..take a pull..commit to it..go to failure...

Monday, September 21, 2015

could take on the whole of England but I couldn't take on one heroin addict.
after a good convo with one of the hardest dudes to come out of the scene in the last 3 got my grey matter ready for a little cross talk 

soon fools


yea..........Ya know who i am..I don't have tell you mutherfuckers...its getting to be that time..

I'm sitting in for that ailing Axl rose bitch...who knows maybe ill just stick around for life ain't all smashing pumpkins, Smarties, potato chip stained comics and cleaning up after multiple tabbies..i do know alittle bit this dark ass place...and off the cuff that jerk Axl is soo dam  far off base on half  his shit..But i will commend for having the OG Axl and not that modern one...god dam hate breeders that fuckin guy is one ugly SOB...
I wake up and put my Gloria Vanderbilt's on just like and T ain't so far off cept for the for the meters i check in my room are far fewer than his..if I wanted a status update ill give a you mutherufckin status update..Its my 8 minutes assholes so here goes probably want bike talk right? cross predictions? wanna hear about the Bunny, and his Henchman, how about that guy with a high opinion of himself....remember when dopage ruled rules the scene? and you couldn't walk into this place without the monkey flinging turds at you? Its quite a bit different place now...I havent attuned an official funeral and years...and I don't need to go to see some worn out group of rockers trying to play the good times..I got the cassettes...I like remembering the evil shit the way used to be....god dam i hope that Axl loser stays sick..cuz i could use to  letting Bobbies pumpkin stay solid..and coming into this dark ass place and venting me crazy, sick twisted and worn out but at least i aint standin still...


Friday, September 18, 2015

remember anger is the path to the dark side....

1. gnarly descents
2.high temps
3.cold temps
4.setting up for a field sprint sprint
5.barriers at speed
6.staggering run ups
7.catching a pedal near 30 mph
8.venomous snakes
9.overlapping wheels
10.clipping bars
11.not getting dropped
12.not doing it
13.getting guttered
14.chasing back on

scary hard