Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Bike Fest, It can mean alot to many two wheel type freaks, to some its Booze, Bikini's, and Hogs, to The LMB it can be a pot luck dinner in the dead of winter, OH that's Bike feast...But to those around the Miscene it was the State championship road race, and a whole bunch of other good stuff way up in yooper land.
Tms isn't gonna go into full details of what happened, how it played out etc. lets just say in the 1/2 field Bissell didn't make it easy on the rest of the crew. The Masters Bunch was The usual suspects. I guess the reason we cant get too hyped over the whole gig was the lack of trolls that stayed below the bridge, missing a weekend in the jewel of the great lakes is a pity, too bad. Those that go know..ask Timmy finkel the dude rocked the road race, hit the XC and rolled the circuit race, The only thing he didn't do was ride back down state. TMS is in all awe of Timmy F and his sheer drive.
BIG TMS props to ya TIM!!!
Bissell & Priority had there personal war. With pay only to 5 places there wasn't even scraps to pick up. East Michigan local favs Cruise Bogiden, Tom Elias & Alan Antonuk threw down well. Top 10 placings....No payola! Props and great rides to these three.-
on a side note...
To all those Haters...Love us or despise us TMS isnt going anywhere.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

weekend and misc ramblings..

this past weekend events
it happens
a week out..the State road race
June 16, 2009 - The controversial decision to neutralize the Marquette Mtn hill Yes, the first hill will be neutralized. Now let me explain some of the decision making behind this change. We've always had mixed feelings about throwing in that hill at the beginning of the race. If you can't hang on, your race is over in 10 minutes. Granted, that's bike racing. However, when you're hosting the State Championships and asking folks to drive 7-8 hours one way, include two nights lodging, meals, etc. it's a very expensive weekend. Now to have one's race over in the first 10 minutes, that takes a bit of the fun out of it and makes the decision on staying home easier. If the rest of the course were pancake flat, I'd agree that something different would need to be done. However, there are sections of the course that will provide the climbers an advantage, heading out of Palmer and the Goose Lake Hill being two of them. It sounds like you're familiar with the course so I think you'd agree that a strong climber/rider will have ample opportunity to drop the weaker riders throughout the race.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Basher, love him, hate him, chances are if you come here you have a opinion on him. TMS asked basher what he thought of himself. Alittle introspective never hurt anyone. So sit back and and enjoy a man kicking himself in the balls.

OK, Maybe we have all wanted to be me at some point, Right? the guy who speaks his mind no what. makes people chime in, agree and accept, no matter who he pisses off, spits on, singles out or drives away. He/she shoots from the hip... Come on admit it, to come straight face and pull no punches and speak what you feel is truth is sweeter than a white line. Its not easy, but it sure feels good, letting people know there not gonna get lied to. Whats the Hollywood Cliche' YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH. well fuck you! man up and and except what I HAVE TO SAY. If you don't like it well fuck off No one is making you listen to me, or follow me off the face the earth. I like to think i allow others clearly see the big picture of a topic, Mine, and well maybe yours, or some other soul wandering around this planet. I never said i was a expert on any topic, its just at time I have nothing better to do than shoot my mouth off. Come on admit it, behind all the anonymity of this sick blogging world many of you fuckers would love to be me. You know that guy who carries himself with confidence and able speak whatever he dam well pleases at any given time when confronted on a subject he is capable competing at. admit it..Its OK!

Ok Life is full of sayings many you learn when your young by people who are usually teachers, parents or elders. Some of the best refer to this topic tame yourself, others have feelings to. sometimes the truth isn't all that good in some cases, and just because you may feel a certain way others necessarily do not. NEVER ARGUE WITH A IDIOT they will bring you down to there level and beat you with experience. that one is self explanatory Less is more just because you have the ability to speak doesn't mean you have to, any time someone is near you.... keep your fucking mouth shut. The best things are often left unsaid. Most people know that they understand many things unspoken to them, or if they don't its OK, this world is based on lies, come on truth is overrated your kidding yourself, Just because you have free speech and can say what you or I want doesn't always make good sense. if asked that's OK! but have some tact. Like this column, Its a Opinion like a Asshole we all got one. The saying should also be followed by or know one.

Think about it next time you want to open that dangerous hole up below your nose.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seperated at birth

Danny Klein 09, and BITD in his infamous Tron Kit

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


You probably got one, you may like it, may hate it, or hell even gave it to yourself, and if you don't, well your probably just not aware of what it is. Whats the big deal with nick names? Basher takes a look at being legally alas.


alright Nick names..the act of naming someone or something something other than what there joy full parents had well thought out what there little bundle of joy would be referred to as for there entire life. I can see a guy wins a race, scores a certain chick, or is prone to acting a certain way. He/she gets tagged with a fun loving alter name. I'm cool with it. Hell i call alotta friends by there nick name It can even be fun when talking about certain events, races parties, work etc. I can call out a nick name and that poor Bastard could be standing face to face with me and never know I'm referring to his lame ass. Having a nick name is like a crown jewels for some, almost giving them a TOP GUN/Super Hero like feeling. Come on we all like that slick rep some of us nick namers have, and when the shoe fits, its even sweeter. whats wrong with alittle feeling of being one of the crew. Its even more tasty when your whole crew is rolling the names. I often feel it gives one sense of youth, kinda like the Little rascals from BITD, Spanky, buckwheat, alfalfa's, etc..or you could get that Mob like god feeling, Teflon Don, Nicky Eyes, LEFTY, (i always wanted to be called lefty!!) Lil Anthony.

Chicks are not immune to them either...Although not as flattering they get em too..Legs, young gash, Hot stuff. problem is with the female species, they often get hung with shit that would make them slit there wrists if they what the last lay had laid on them, stuff like the above , SHIT the list goes on...mattress back, the Line whore, sperm bank, cum dumpster. real nice stuff.

Nick names just whole Lotta fun loving in a simple thing, makes you feel young, brings you back in time when slapping ass's in the locker room was a daily occurrence. Its OK its all about feeling like one of the crew.

counter point :

WTF? give me a God dam break, Grow the fuck up...your fucking parents gave you name, probably a dam good family name or solid religious name and now your going by some wanna Animal House Frat boy shit!! FUCK THAT Stand up for your parents and stomp anyone who calls you anything other than whats scribbled on that birth certificate. Its to the point where NO ONE should ever even get titled any type of name at birth, and just let society, or your friends tag you with your chosen name.. But you say... I like it, Its OK, It fits, its cute, its funny....FUCK YOU, how old are you any way? grow up and go find your balls. If your married there probably encased in a coach or a DG, if your single, or gay there looking for the next fucking warm spot to call home.

Tms isn't without fault here as they have dropped names faster than many can jump fads. word to your mother TMS just stop..But what about those fuckers who give one to them selves? Self proclaim nick namers! You know who you are, don't try to hide it or slip it under the rug. That's just fucking gay, If society cant give you one, it usually means know one gives crap or they just don't like you! So you have to form your own so you can feel like part of the club, just fuckin sick. respect the fact your too cool to be part of such a gay club

Anyway you slice it in the real world nick names are primo and just god dam fun loving. or just fucking immature.

Monday, June 08, 2009


courtesy of Cristin Robb, VIA CRUZ

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


TMS the quote. MICHIGANSCENE, just that title can mean lots of things to few or many. The mention of the name provokes emotions such as hatred, disgust, joy, anger, jealousy and pride. Bashers thought this one out in the 11Th hr of the 1st day of June 2009. he takes a look at the word MICHIGANSCENE .


OK i get it the michiganscene! a blog dedicated to the realm of Michigan competitive cycling and a culture that influences those behind blog. Right? or The michigan Scene itself? The state of the state? We got alot going on here in our state, its almost as if were left to our own little world cups every weekend from late march through the 2Nd week of December. You want to race a crit no problem, how about a MTB event sure, club ride any night of the week yep. fix gear urban ride OK! go solo..? do that too. where else can you pick virtually whatever discipline in the cycling world has to offer. Lets face it we have some great things going on in our scene, more road racing than ever before, endurance events, etc two cyclocross series. want to ride a challenging mtb trail? hit the poto or Pontiac lake trails up. Go for a ride with the girlfriend or introduce a newbie to the love of cycling try Island lake, or stony creek metro park.
How about the talented riders emerging from our state? without naming all the names every season we seem to put alotta riders out on the national scene, ok its not the world cup! but do you think they really care? and how about the over 40 something crowd? example: Mike Wissink winning the USGP masters title isn't easy.
The TMS blog oh yea. the blog well, its NOT Velonews, or PEZcycling but it sure as hell beats the shit out of all those self gloating myspace, facebook and twitter tweakers. Honsetly to all you twitter tweakers..Do I really fucking care about what your doing every second of the day? Hell no! i cant even keep track of what the fuck I'm doing from day to day to keep tabs with what your doing. Facebook? i don't get it. its like high school revisited on a daily basis, if your over 40 and hit tin the facebooks up, you need to seek some other activity's, spend sometime with the wife ,kids, family, ride more, or at best just Be productive while doing it. eat a large bag of lead filled paint chips. Enough of that! ill meet that subject later.

In my eyes the blog touches on as much as it can, fills it with a style unlike any other cycling website/blog around, sure the writing and grammar is worse than mine, Its packed with whole bunch of anon posters hiding behind there fears of being linked to such a edgy site...You get alittle race action, alittle in depth interviews of your friends, some humor, art, sex, drugs, rock and roll, . what the fuck more could you ask for? Isn't this America? what were made of? variety is the spice of life? problem is allot of you fuckers like the same shit fed to you year after year, and hate change. don't be so goddamn close minded pull it out and play with it once and awhile.

Our scene the Michiganscene, the state of the state? What the fuck? OK we got racing, group rides ,trails, and culture all around us. but just because we have done it every year doesnt mean we gotta keep doing it, I mean god dam how many times can we do the same shit year in year out? How many of you cant wait for another Kensington? or another edition of the Allen park crit? Gets my dick hard just thinking of 90 minutes of the 1/2 field circling that pot hole infested office park . Best thing to happen to that race is it went 90 minutes and thinned the fat asses out . Why the hell cant we get a MBRA edition of the TDL course? make that the state road race! No!!! now we all have to drive 12 hrs to the UP to race our state race were there is probably less than 10% of our races there already.
How about another edition of our cyclocross series, same races, same order, same faces, same outcome. really exciting. Dont change venues as we all have short term memory loss and have forgot how dam boring Bloomer park is, or how redundant the Hill is at the Munson park course. Meet you for the weeknight night pain train at any of the local group rides? hey! there goes so and so again ridin dudes of his wheel..man he was killin it, yea too bad the moron is waist in his shit for bragging rights over a brew at the local pub.

Up for another lap of the POTO? sure! I clocked a 1 hr and who gives a fuck! what do you run there? Dam you should be postin blistering times there, you know the place more than you know your own wife and kids. Oh i forgot they left your lame poto GOD ass. But im training! sure. FUCK i could go on and on, on how over blown the ego's are in this fucking state! The guys goin out of state with the exception of a FEW are finding out how soft they are, I mean when you got dudes 40+ and fat winnin races, it aint that hard here. to be 20 thin and fit in Miscene? its like being a shark in a fish bowl.

the TMS blog. were do i start? I'm not even going into the grammar and writing of the whole thing, it FUCKING blows. there are you happy? The race reports are stale to say the least. The interviews are soft, and too few and far between. come on! what is this Bicycling magazine? i don't give a flying fuck what kind of bike that guy from Essex learned to do wheelies on. or what CD he left the local Wal Mart with. If this is such a edgy site how about how often he has cheated on his wife, or if he has ever done hard drugs while masturbating.
The choke..uh??? I cant call it art work, Photocrapping at best! Its old, and played out. enough, we get it! you have fetish for nasty chicks with guns and gore. Its run its course, pull the plug or make up some new shit. I mean fuck what in gods name does any of that dumb ass crap have to do with michigan cycling? Oh i know its tasteless and redundant and played out, just like our whole scene! now it makes sense, its like watching the same episode of Maude every tuesday night. over and over and over
Im good

i get it.

from now on Basher will move to Wednesday night.