Friday, September 28, 2012

1.Jgood surprise himself and fans alike with his slick moves Wisco moves
1.Hater Hatin Goes hiding...
2. DC and Slayer, sounds like a show I scene at Harpo's back in the 80's
3. DannyK just keeps coming...........kinda
3.JTP just a figment?
3.Roadies how many will be lined up to cry
4.RONC beats a bunch of eastside hotshoes to be crowned the King of the Rhonda Van Stoner invite thing
4.Bissell beats the shit outta Pando
4.Must be the shoes?
5.The Bunny Bounces all over wisco
6.No Johns? No Shit..
6.the Pony he is how old?
6.CRUZBOGIE is he back?
7.The Wiz..still cant figure that guy out
7.Loose lips sank the ship
7.crying game..or Kennsington.. or who doubles?
8.Strava for when your weekends dont allow real racing
8.OH well theres always ICEMAN...maybe
8.Job post:: Miscne cross racer looking for competent tubular tire gluier, must be willing to travel and withstand poor conditions, will provide materials. see  T Burke
9.Sarri..told ya so
9. the Bunny cant be the Pirate..he's already the bunny..
10.Shrek and Simonster there total combined wattage probably is more than half the Masters Field
10. Mustange..whats up...... no cross?
11.Danny Gerow grew up
11. How about a fall Dirt road series to coincided with all cross, mtb racing, and tailgating etc..?well maybe not..
12. Das German, like surgical precision            his riding is..
12.Track racing is still going, dam its like baseball
13.Rhonda Van Stoner invite did they really invite people?
14.The Battle at the Fort whats up?
14.A-GAME's form scary..
15.KROSKE Miscne favorite dirty white boy
15. Kolo-TC  better every week
15 Bsafe                 with your travels...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dont Believe the Hype of TAO and shit.

 So here we go again another useless shit post composed  haphazardly  and drifted to you via the poorest grammar that I can banter out.. but all the while its neatly wrapped in package so complex that its guaranteed to waste the solid time of updating the status of any important fool silly enough to stumble through it.
There i said I aint lying and i don't buy into the hype...Hype? what Hype? My hype..the hype of JTP, the real Miscene, the winners of the triple trail challenge, the king of shit. The Crybabies, the HATERS the Fakers..the takers, users and losers..those that roll and the one that really knows..all the while not to slight those that think they know..I know... I know faces are getting red and hate is getting composed...about what the hell is this colossus waste of time?
I gotta speak for myself on this one.. i dunno bout the others..but i dont take this shit all too serious..may seem like it, I know people think "T aint got no life".. spends countless hrs hovering over the social network and what not. just waiting to grab pics and rumors, facts and out right lies.. to create another useless shit post to a fill the void in this made up world.
Fact is... that couldn't be any farther from the truth..yea i snoop around so what... not anymore than most sceners do..but i tell this i keep this shit runnin for the pure entertainment and sole purpose of keeping unity aligned..i merely put forth the tablet that TMS has created.. for all of you, to go free rein to graffiti whatever they feel is necessary..the post and comments speak for themselves.  If  this thing continues to eat itself to the point of full consumption..I aint gonna lose sleep.. As i know i aint anymore than what i am.. and if i know 92% of my solid supporters they feel the same about themselves..and those  that don't? well all i can say is If your collecting checks for busting out hot laps, and winning the Barry Riech memorial crit..power on..

I dont expect no hippie love in,
Its a pretty fun place this Miscene is ..enjoy it for what its worth. i am

Love ya T

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

1.where were the dollar bills?
2.JB is back
2.Robert looked confused
2. one word: uncomfortable..
3. over heard..i think im gonna puke
3.Timmy is coming..just not around here.
4.great new tailwind venue specially if your into SKAT
4.Nude pics of a semi well know local scnere found at Island lake WTF?
5.Bunny bounces past Das German machine
5.Wiz still cant figure that guy out.
6. Does the Queen better with age..? HM?
6.Jgood misses a win
6. Loose lips sink ships
7.Outta scneres stir up the usual pecking order.
7. DC Novocaines them again..
8. The roadking blows a tire
8. whole Lotta suffering going on
8. cross its fun!
8.Comebacks are like heart attacks you never know when
8.Lako gets a win ....but why B?
9.Masters 60 minute... wonder how that felt?
9.Bowsers back
9.Haters still Hatin
10. folks with no showed
10.OH well theres always ICEMAN..
11. Choices we all got em..
11. It aint that far..quit crying..
12.Please no more sled hills
12. overheard..who glues your tires
13. Mark W love him but grey is not your color.
14.B field of semi unknowns
14. overheard: i need to take in more air
15. some A's caught in the unknown..
15. Back in my day STFU.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Triple Trail Challenge:
  They need to re brand this event 'the booze cruise'. Maybe it'd attract the Detroit tour society people.
 Conditions were good but for some reason people kept saying it was cold. Didn't seem to turn any of the real women off. They were all wearing some delicious shorts. Where the hell are all these ladies when the starting gun goes off? Probably having fun. We should be honest though, this even isn't challenge except to be first to the beer line. Those five kegs went faster than DK goes off the front of a masters race. Five kegs, that's what you brought?! Do you know who you're serving? We're thirsty mother fuckers, that's who. Burn the chili all you want but don't fuck with the buzz. DNR should smell me coming. Why the hell else would I get that stupid sticker?

 Columbus CX:
 Rumble in the quaint jungle Alright. Credit where credit is due. It wasn't bad half bad...The other half? Horse shit. Dried horse shit as far as the eye could see. Drop your bottle in the field? Eh, I'll get another. If this is tailwind finally catching it's stride maybe they've got a shot. The magical RV was replaced by a ghetto NASCAR bus. Glad to see they figured out what MPG stood for. More mean mugging in the parking lot than usual. That's cool. Your girlfriend is what I'm looking at, not your busted ass rig. Speaking of rigs, where's the wolverine death star trailer? They slummed it. Others dragged trailers with cars and families. That's not all that went down though. Races were attended by all the SE boys. All the heavy hitters rolled. No west coast bandits except the farmer's crew of one rolling elite. New kits, new rigs, new rumors, new rumblings, and some sweet fucking bathrooms. Results? Well look at them for yourself. A lot of weird shit but nothing that some colder weather won't sort out:

Well boys and girls another fucking weekend in the paper bag.  Now pass the spray paint.  It's time to get raw and play with the big boys at the USGP...or maybe you'll keep it local and hit up the swamp thingy something something in East Lansing's only bum maintained golf course.

 Who the fuck cares what you do.
 Just bring the eye candy god dammit.  I'm getting bored of your stupid biking talk.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

1. some have legs of iron: Sven-z-German
2. some have legs of lead: Bunny
3. Wiz no show at Ithaca but races a mtb race instead the expert class
4. still cant figure that guy out..
5. overheard..Im gonna give cross a try..

6. Hope some women come out to play.  They have nice legs.
7. 'I'm not racing' pfff right. Give you a week, sucker.
8. Rumor has it the Old guard of ol'G's are sitting pretty waiting to strike.
9. Will your old glue job hold up?  You lazy fuck.

10. Brad Whites right leg is the size of Svens waist
11.CRuZ Bogie that's all you need to know...
12. Who the fuck let people charge what they wanted to glue wheels?!
13. Corey Stange , a strong kick, finally going for it? Wait, bissel ... or cross?
14. rumor: someone stole his visor so he quit
15 fuck cross i got a Homecoming to go to.
16. Track racing heats up ..
17.Rumors spread like herpes but at least I'm getting lip service down there.
18.Tailwind going to finally get some real barriers and ditch the portable walls?                (nudge nudge)
19. usgp game on,                                    get ready to be pulled.

20.Tailwind and Specialized are teaming up to offer Cross bike rental to anyone wanting to give cross a try sweet!
21.Battle of the Burg lays an egg    at least in the elite race.
22. DG wins..
23 1000ft of climbing for A's in Ithaca. Frenchie should a came..he woulda won for sure..
24 Remember it's hard to have two break out years, assuming you broke out of your cage.
25 Time to play the team Shell game.  Hope you can justify the cost or it's off to glue factory horsey.
26 roadies still going at it one last weekend..but only if you've got the uci cred.

27. SOA series support it..
28 Fuck cross I'm waiting for Halloween sluts. 

29.Fro's Not Ho's
30.USGP prepare for your domination 
31.Dave 'Gunner' Dygert...with a nic name like that... you better haul ass
32. last time i gave a shit            i got fucked
33. fuck cross         when you can triple trail challenge yourself
34. kiss opener..nice turn out
35. Its do or die for some this fall..
36.RONC nuff said
37.ya know what time it is? its Cross Bastard time..
39. Tom Burkes game face ..wonder if he ever gets tired?
40. overheard.."im getting ready for Iceman"

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cross Preview p2

Many weeks back T overheard as he often does.... misc irrelevant banter that would justify just another shit post..Originally I thought i  might touch base with it ya know maybe spread my drift on it...but then maybe i don't have enough knowledge to speak on the subject so i let it slide. Maybe later as it does pertain to the upcoming Miscne Xseason in general...and as hard as i try i cant keep my yap shut..
But it did get the grey mater stirring to a point that it was bubbling over with too much irrelevant shit its time to dump some of it on you folks, some care.. some don't...and frankly i got time o kill..
So Were Sitting on the eve of the Official east side cross scene west siders don't give a care but folks east U.S. 23 do..., Honestly i don't play the lottery, never bet on black when in Vegas, not fond of horses, Fantasy football doesn't tickle my fancy, and I haven't pitched pennies in years....but throwing out two cents on some 2012 cross prediction isn't as delightfully sinful as the thoughts that dance inside my noggin but i told myself what the hell. ive been good....cant hurt......

The UN-Official players guide in no particular order..feel free to through some of your own opinions around..
Elite men and masters, also rans, and WTF's

Sven Baumman: un questionable the 2012 favorite.for the most part .Rode around last year breathing..Wattage is no longer questionable..and with a state road title only cements his power...only a few could derail the Das Germans onslaught 
ParmaChicken: losing the woman and  coming off a solid summer of good off road results, puts Paramachicken in a  revenge  seeking mode... puttin dead presidents on him wouldn't be a bad idea..but its a long a season,,nuff said

The Pony: like tumbling doubt..the pony will come good..always does...the question is when and were

The Wiz: can he find the magic of his 2008 season? the odds are against him dominating like he did for a few seasons but a beautiful mind would Never count him out.... his toughest opponent? is his head.

Dan Bannik: tall sucker with a good kick
Dan Gerow: showed some good form on the road,, defiantly  top 5 ride are in the cards
Tom Burke: the roadking he's good but racing weekend and week out might be the % he is missing..lets hope grey isnt his color..
The Black Ace: might not be on your plan but rest assured he will go fast when he the dude is almost 50 lets see how fast your going when your creeping half a century .
Pete Thompson: he is in a tough position..maybe no elite materiel but a solid miscne master..maybe a tad more suffering is all he needs..lets see were he stays..
Todd Frierichs : he's been around for awhile top 5 in Masters would be a good ride for him.
JGood: loves cross more than T loves..well.... anyway Jgood can he go good until the end or will his peak come in the form of September and October?
Queen Anne: is this the end? or can she find the heat required to bake those cakes like BITD?
MMMarne: will she or won she?...if she doesn't maybe she can drop that dam chincy cup in a USPS priority box  to last years state champion..JHC
SIMONSTER: a tailwin finally...
Lil british guy: solid and capable of podiums week in week out..but consistent wins?
BIGPUN: if he races masters he is gonna be fine elites I dunno tuff call..
Don Maul: Dc will kill the masters..nuff said..
Patrick Russell: so close so so close...
RudyP: might raise some eyebrows..then again..might not
Clint V: big question, go or no..if no too bad could a been a contender with a tad more fine tuning..
Jay Money: getting close in 2011...2012 might be the time..dont be afraid to pull through ..
JMAK: how much will the lack of racing effect him this fall
J Hildritch: B, or 5 either way..maybe
The Bunny: hard as nails...but he needs to make hard decisions.theres only so many matches even  in a break out season
Kaye west: questionable
EK; maybe just maybe on a slim good day a top 5
JB-Baby singlespeed....yes..elites no..if he does T is pulling the cross rig out..nuff said
the Cross Guy: man this one is tough he has been hiding all year.. is this the year of consistence or just random decent shots..???
Rob Selleini: Great September.. good October, ok November...then....well its up to him to prove TMS wrong..right?
Seaman: Love him, but unless he changed his plan i dont see anty real breakout
bob wydra. will race 4 classes...and wait till u see hiss ss.
mustange: tired dont expect much from him uless he loses the visor... sorry
Andy Fedawa: I see wins and consistent podiums..
Jeff Haney: ditto
Scott Fab: top threes
MATTYB SS yes..masters questionable
Andy KLumb on again off again he might have some decent weekends but..
Wayne Cook: Gained weight wont go as fast
Frenchy: maybe
Lako: top 10..don't be afraid to suffer is out there
Tom Clark: top fives if he can see clearly through all his banter, and the rumor of pink eye..
Rich Stark: podiums, but to defeat don Maul would be a a few wins would be a safe bet
Mike Anderson: A-Game podiums..and a few select wins..and if the stars align the state podium..
BIGMAC: I dunno podiums and some solid rides but....
Steve Brojillio: this guy is tough to figure out, B's? masters?.Elites..i dunno either way he is good but might not be ready to go toe-to -toe with Burke, Sven, the wiz and parmachicken..
Rainman: the kid is getting good...TMS likes this..
gary.O: heart but no wins
Hater Hater Hatin: will go about the same
Melly Kelley: unless we see Queen Anne step up its gonna be he same ol boring
B's too confusing to finger out

Monday, September 10, 2012

Roadscene wrap

How time age old saying..but oh so true it is...The body of the road season hasn't even lost its color and tms is already kicking a fresh one..I never liked long lead ins and I dislike long good byes even more..but that doesn't mean i have nothing but deep hearted love for you...and besides you know where im at...

Barry Ruby: second biggest race of the year..was met with balmy Betty Crocker like moist conditions..if you weren't there you probably were on another plan or dont buy itno the gravel grinder thing....grumblings of how good it felt, (whether you were in the lead group, pack fill or cruising in with buddies) when you enter  the park for the final stretch was similar to the pro world...... like entering the velo drome in Paris roubaix.The A-Game beats B-Matter and Nate Williams to crown himself the king of BRX..bunny misses the break, but still has time to care...also notes WIZ goes 1 speed again and Don Maul continues his streak just the same..

FRCC AAVC spring flinging: decent temps for a change for both version created solids fields, even seeing west side riders like The Lion of Leroy Ditte and a few others come east.  Different winners were the norm for 2012. The Lion, The bunny, Foshag, Rodd... Das German  and even the Eagle... with Lathrup winning aavc and Wolverine on the north side
Fisk Knob: KIDA makes his 2012 debut killing em all attention you are now witnessing the "future" of Michigan cycling...

Willow TT: temps dropped and brought with them the normal April winds.. Das German topples some of the best on a standard roadbike..the Bunny hops in for second..other standouts were Ken Vernier Pete Thompson and Brent Goetz winning cat 3

Cone Azalia: 2012 brought Driest condition with the best roads to date for the classic test of tire choice..MACB won this years version setting the tone for his climb to the USAC pro ranks..Jason Hess wins masters 35, Mike Jones takes down the Miscnes version of Darth Maul....

WMSR: this one got legit great weather, three solid stages of racing, The field depths were good enough to give this one a look 2012.aside from the movie theater crit and scoring snafus..we would call it a hit...Bissell owned the weekend thats all..

Das Tour De Frankenmuth: all you need to know about this flat wind swept race was Shrek nails this one for the ugly side, and Eric Macdoanld called this one a hit....special note don't mess with the chick at the shell station..she's really a dude..

GRBC TT: The only thing thinner than the kidA that one the overall here.. were the fields too bad.. good idea, in a hard discipline..

West Branch classic two day:  Classic is right..50 degreess High winds and rain were on the docket for Saturdays RR...fields were acceptable..Das German and KIDA ride away for over 70 miles..leaving a pile of Priority nonsense in there wake..but hat being said.. A-Game keeps improving..The HULK and the "other Benson win there cats, and  Mackenzie BIGRING solo's off the front..nuff said..
The Crit saw sunny and warm temps but the wind kept most of them honest..KIDA wins again.the Bunny bus out a mean field sprint and.the Turbo Diesel trucks up north and wins with seconds to spare....ZOLOJESUS sets the stage and the Einstein duo cross over  together..

Le Tour De Mount Pleasant: although shrouded under a Nazi like atmosphere the LTDMP is a killer event to most..Panther lines em out Saturday..and  always a Michigander Jake the Snake wins in front of his kids..and The Lathrup guy who should race the 1/2 all the time wins masters the whole darn  weekend..and the Turbo Diesel is just getting up to speed

Duck Lake State TT: 3 yrs and who's counting..numbers were up this year.. the roadking was looking for repeat but barely kept his spot on the blocks to be denied by a couple of Bissell riders one  with a broken seat. Rick Snow is crowned state champion to the delight of cougars everywhere..

Celebrations Crit: back to the theater for interesting parking lot crit Dwitte and Hess ride like pure bad ass's in small fields ...maybe the heat startting to get to everyone

Wednesday worlds and Grattan: by this time..ZOLOJESUS lets it be know Wednesdays  are just as important as he weekends Essex brass just cant keep up...and Bissell posse trade blows with the Leadout mafia out west

Festival of the Sun Crit, Lansing Mi: new course..formula one esquie on the grounds of an old school..small fields again with some surprises although out numbered in a five man break Ben whitehead showed form of yore and won the 1/2..ageless mark Woloiec wins as well. note of interest California John has a cool rig

Terry Riech for charity circuit race: The Turbo Diesel put his upgrade to good use and finished on the boxes DAMyankus beats five guys, P-ROBB is riding on good form following some time away...  and California John shows why he is that states champion...note of mention TMS hits an all time one day hit high of over 1K thats a WTF..go figure...

BTR crit: its now July 24th and RGF is now in full Miscne effect..RODTHEBOD cracks the top 5.beating the bunny who is showing he kinda cares... Dybo and White Lightning still show they know how to win..and all the while its fuckin hot

Maple hill race for wishes: small fields for this one, Fly-weight wins this beating out the Turbo diesel and a pile of his team mates...

Lechampion De Pave: neo pros Macb and the lion walk all over them in the cobbled waste land.. Rick Snow doesnt win and Dybo does a three way

GR crit: the sacrificial Lam gets the monkey off his back while others use this one for openers to a state championship.....nuff said

Milford State Crit championship: NRC pro's spend the night so they can muscle there way around  the streets of Milford in front of a bunch plastic cougars.. against the largest field to date in 2012, Nate Williams takes his second state title finishing 5th. some RGF dude thats built like a runaway armored truck goes down  in a heap...Lathrup now owns the pink slip on the old guy cats. ParmaChicken may get the upgrade...and  Mackenzie Bigring gets stopped by Renkemas wife.

Hines TT: as always this on is on the thin side no matter.. Dybo is there..while Rick Snow wins again...and Das German shows he might care  a little...but wheres the Bunny?

Cherry Ruby 3 
day 1 Chris fishers cares and wins the TT  while most opt out for micro brews

day 2  MLUJEAK and SWIATLOWSKI..beat the snow man, and a classic Renkema/Foshag battle gets interrupted by RudyP   ..... but only after Thelma and Louise take out the break of the Sacrificial lam and the Lathrup guy with no socks..

day 3day: On the Hardest road course to scene date..Das German adds the state road title( and it looks good next to his 2011 state cross title) riding some of the best off his wheel..notables include the MACB the Bunny...Scott Hoffener and Ben Renkema cracking the top 5..just ahead of the Black Ace....The lathrup dude that should race 1/2 soloed in ahead of the traditional masters favorites and comebacks, Special notes:..the Enstien chick sought medical attention and few scneres  wished they sought out Jenny Craig months prior to this years addition of the state road championship..

Tour De Gaslight: Leadout made this one official and bumped the 1/2 race up to 90 minutes..deep fields all across the board.. RGF sends Pendelberry to the front..beating out MacB and NRC pro David Williams. S W A T is now showing the form to come..rain hit the later bogging the day down and soaking the hotties.

Sylvania Crit: not since Rockford has there been a crit this tough too bad most sceners opted to play it safe and stay fresh for matter guys like the Bunny, Williams,, DC, Burke, Foshag , Bissell crew, ect made the short trip south..But it was Jason S W A T soloing off the front for number of laps winning the Ohio state title that went to RGF...Kroske and Dybo saved wolverine face and made the trip.

B-Ham Crit: i don't know what was more distracting..the Hot weather, goofy bikes or the plastic body parts....Points of note.. the Lathrup boys where a mixed bag ..Danny K came up from down under. got one in the break  sock less and two on the ground penniless. all he while Paul Martin breathes while everyone else is in oxygen debt. RGF comes locked and loaded , California John wins again over  super fit Jason Hess

Erie ST: few sceners make the trip...but. note of mention the lil Lathrup guy without socks rides deep into the top 10, behind the the breathing Paul Martin and fellow Panthers..Dybo wins , and TimmyF is back!

Debaets-Devo Crit: end of the line....overheard.. dudes look tired...Panther made sure they iced the cake with the Canadian kid  out of a WTF break..the Lathrup sock less speedster cracks the top 5 again,,and some RGF dude goes down ......again.  taking the breathing Paul Martin with him that's  a WTF!!!  the Bunny wins without winning.....notable: California John notches another...

Sunday, September 09, 2012


 TMS 's buddy JB s put on another good show midstate to officaily kick off cross season, turn out was light but that didnt mean the suffocation was em and get ready for the train to get rollin ...

Men - Cat 1/2 - Elite Men - All

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1267.84Brad White   Holland, MI247483  
2303.27Sven Baumann (1 - Cat1)   Lake Orion, MI378155  Wolverine Sports Club
3338.71Tom Burke   Grand Rapids, MI179205  Midwest Cycling Group
4374.15Jeff Weinert   Lake Orion, MI37591  Wolverine Sports Club

5409.58Brad Cole   Fort Collins, CO215131  KCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team p/b Challenge Tires

6445.02Brad Sullivan   Shawnee, KS213844  

7480.46Andrew Holly   Grand Rapids367247  Fusion / LIVESTRONG

8515.89John Leach   Traverse City, MI337826  

Men - Cat 1/2/3 - Masters 35+ - 35+

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1337.79Peter Thompson   Ortonville, MI245538  
2357.87John Osgood (1 - Cat2)   Kimball, MI254343  Team Sandbag
3377.95Ray Auger   

4398.03Shaun Schaffert (1 - Cat3)   Clarkston, MI284970  Flying Rhino Cycling Club

5418.11Andy Fedewa (2 - Cat2)   Clarkston, MI262182  Flying Rhino Cycling Club

6438.19Nathan Kearns   Ypsilanti, MI359540  

7458.28Mark Caffyn (2 - Cat3)   Ortonville, MI252670  MPI- Main Street Racing team

8478.36John Ammond   Detroit370232  Einstein Racing

Men - Cat 1/2/3 - Masters 45+ - 45+

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1276.88Jeff Haney   Rockford, MI273412  Bissell/ABG Cycling Club
2291.97Mark Wolowiec   Davisburg, MI41215  Flying Rhino Cycling Club
3307.06Scott Fabijanski (1 - Cat3)   Royal Oak, MI256573  Wolverine Sports Club

4322.15Mark Belanger (2 - Cat3)   St. Clair Shores, MI279343  Cycle To Fitness Racing Greyhounds
5337.23Matt Baroli   Troy, MI163946  Wolverine Sports Club

6352.32Michael Seaman (3 - Cat3)   Mt Pleasant, MI32045  

7367.41Jim Hilditch (4 - Cat3)   Canton, MI234565  Cycle To Fitness Racing Greyhounds
8382.50Tim Faas   Farmington Hills, MI208526  Wolverine Sports Club

9397.59Ken O'Day (5 - Cat3)   Ypsilanti, MI51473  

10412.68Tom Clark   Sterling Heights, MI262346  

Don Cameron   White Lake, MI94327  

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Singlespeed - All

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1285.08Tom Burke   Grand Rapids, MI179205  Midwest Cycling Group
2307.15Mike Seaman (1 - Cat3)   Mt Pleasant, MI32045  
3329.22Andy Fedewa (1 - Cat2)   Clarkston, MI262182  Flying Rhino Cycling Club

4351.28John Osgood (2 - Cat2)   Kimball, MI254343  Team Sandbag
5373.35Mark Hughes (1 - Cat4)   Clarkston, MI296403  Flying Rhino Cycling Club

6395.42Jim Goerlich (2 - Cat3)   Sterling Heights, MI254334  Team Sandbag

7417.48Ray Auger   

Russ Greenwood   

9461.62Marc Dettman (2 - Cat4)   Grand Rapids, MI215793  Bissell/ABG Cycling Club

10483.68Curt Potocki (3 - Cat3)   Almont, MI262345  Team Sandbag

11505.75Jennifer Conine (3 - Cat4)   Ypsilanti, MI384837  

12527.82Nathan Kearns (4 - Cat4)   Ypsilanti, MI359540  

13549.88Wayne Cook (4 - Cat3)   Clinton Twp., MI7671  

Men - Cat 2/3 - B-Men - All

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1299.87Ben Rollenhagen (1 - Cat3)   Mt Pleasant, MI240802  Tri-City Cyclists
2313.06Alex Monte-Sano (2 - Cat3)   Ann Arbor, MI234763  
3326.24Thomas Barrett   Ann Arbor, MI244235  Ann Arbor Velo Club

4339.43Adam McIntyre (3 - Cat3)   Jenison, MI359411  Bissell/ABG Cycling Club

5352.62Brad Lako (4 - Cat3)   Auburn Hills, MI254600  KLM/Cold Stone

6365.81Greg Johnson   Fenton, MI211378  Flying Rhino Cycling Club

7379.00David Lintemuth   Grand Rapids, MI243743  Fusion / LIVESTRONG

8392.18Jonathan Evans (5 - Cat3)   Kalamazoo, MI240895  Hup United

9405.37Ryan McKinnie (6 - Cat3)   Brighton, MI222912  

10418.56Scott Walburn (7 - Cat3)   Rockford, MI276518  Speed Merchants

11431.75Derek Gibbs (8 - Cat3)   Westland, MI271573  Trails-Edge Cycling Team

12444.93Douglas Reed (9 - Cat3)   Waterford, MI349988  

Russ Greenwood   

14471.31Mark Bugnell   South Lyon, MI293290  Cycle To Fitness Racing Greyhounds

15484.50Todd Powers   Marysville, MI256547  Team Sandbag

16497.69Alex Gonzalez (10 - Cat3)   Ortonville, MI265107  Team Sandbag

17510.87Alexander Gaulin   White Lake, MI311408  Flying Rhino Cycling Club

18524.06Shaun Welch   Waterford, MI346096  

19537.25Jim Goerlich (11 - Cat3)   Sterling Heights, MI254334  Team Sandbag

20550.44Cut Potocki (12 - Cat3)   Almont, MI262345  Team Sandbag

21563.62Michael Babcock (13 - Cat3)   East Lansing, MI284404  StomachOfAnger

Dennis Willard   

23590.00Doug Gatto (14 - Cat3)   Allen Park, MI196826  Trails-Edge Cycling Team

Men - Cat 2/3/4 - Juniors - 14 & Und

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
David Swarthoot   

Luca Fornari   

Matthia Fornari   

Men - Cat 2/3/4 - Juniors - 15-18

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
David Swarthoot   

Men - Cat 4 - C-Men - 19-34

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1489.64Ryan Bolin   Lake Ann, MI379843  
2506.37Zachary Benet   Ann Arbor, MI360323  University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
3523.09Luke Mullis   Rochester Hills, MI296792  Wolverine Sports Club

4539.82Ryan Hebert   Whitmore Lake, MI385812  Tailwind Racing

5556.55Patrick Tomlinson   Marysville, MI300417  Team Sandbag

6573.27Wesley Thelen   Ypsilanti, MI382949  

7590.00James Freed   Ferndale385805  

Men - Cat 4 - C-Men - 35+

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1434.63Paul deBeer   
2442.81Brad Phaneuf   
Jamie Buchin   

4459.16John Ammond   Detroit370232  Einstein Racing

5467.34Rick McDowell   Flint, MI373309  

6475.52Aaron Huntington   Grand Rapids, MI345002  Speed Merchants

7483.69Mark Hughes   Clarkston, MI296403  Flying Rhino Cycling Club

Tom Sawyer   

Robert Hughes   

10508.23Matt Anderson   Traverse City, MI359531  

Anthoney Howey   

12524.58Mark Judd   Owosso, MI379543  

13532.76Marc Dettman   Grand Rapids, MI215793  Bissell/ABG Cycling Club

14540.94Tom Lawrence   Grosse Pointe, MI20562  

15549.11Vince Anila   Bloomfield Hills, MI367305  Cycle To Fitness Racing Greyhounds

16557.29Robert Falik   Lansing, MI362193  StomachOfAnger

17565.47Jeff Wood   Royal Oak, MI249666  Cycle To Fitness Racing Greyhounds

18573.65Dennis Bean-Larson   Traverse City, MI302342  

Jack McIntyre   

20590.00Scott Adema   Commerce Twp, MI370479  

Women - Cat 1/2/3 - Elite Women

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
0383.24Anne Grofvert (1 - Cat3)   Dimondale, MI14256  
1404.68Anne Schwartz (1 - Cat2)   Grosse Pointe Woods, MI119057  
2426.12Kim Chapman   
3447.56Jessica Bratus   Ann Arbor, MI254329  

Laura Melendez   

5490.44Susan Shaw   Fenton, MI246829  


7533.32Vanessa Stauffer   

Women - Cat 1/2/3 - Elite Women - All

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1380.43Anne Schwartz (1 - Cat2)   Grosse Pointe Woods, MI119057  Flying Rhino Cycling Club
2409.11Kim Chapman   
3437.80Jessica Bratus   Ann Arbor, MI254329  Ann Arbor Velo Club

4466.48Laura Melendez (1 - Cat3)   Grand Rapids, MI225973  

5495.17Susan Shaw   Fenton, MI246829  CX Bones

6523.85Monica Tory (2 - Cat3)   Kalamazoo, MI255445  Velo Bella

7552.53Vanessa Stauffer   

Women - Cat 2/3 - B-Women - All

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1529.17Jennifer Conine   Ypsilanti, MI384837  
2539.31Danielle Mullis   Rochester, MI296790  Wolverine Sports Club
3549.45Adrienne O'Day   Ypsilanti, MI254330  

4559.59Ellie Burke   Grand Rapids, MI342636  Team Kenda presented by Geargrinder

5569.72Amy Haney   Rockford, MI349810  REAL WOMEN TRI

6579.86Sarah McIntyre   Jenison, MI386926  REAL WOMEN TRI

7590.00Diane Weiss   Detroit, MI344922  Fraser Bicycle & Fitness