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The masters podium at Springfield Oaks was owned by the guy in the middle.

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Random pics from the EYE OF GATTO

You know the thing i like best about cross is the wide variety of bikes and components out there, here are some pics from the EYE of Gatto..(Hey i like that. EYE OF GATTO... i think the that will be feature here at the scene from now on! ) take a look at these, one thing for sure if you were not runnin sew ups, (tubulars) you were at a disadvantage in the elite field. single front chainrings were the hot set up as well as Time, and Crank brothers pedals. check the slic cable routing on the 3T pic. In cross its the little tricks that maje the bike right. Sharp eyed readers will notice the brakes on on Michiganscene feature bike walkers Ridleys, Mafacs pure SOUL....... hell there probably older than most of our readers. Frog legs are nothing but a copy.

Walkers Ridleys

This installment of crossteeds of the michigansceners comes from 2005 michigan state champion Jer Walker, although he doesnt officaly hang his hat here anymore he is still one of us. He like Jeff is sponsored by Cane Creek, so this allows him to ride a whatever bike he wants, Jer has been on the crosscene as long as if not longer than anyone in MI, and has also ridden other brands, with the last one being Fuji's, He didnt state how this one rides, but its one of the BEST looking cross bike on the grass.

Frame: 56cm Ridley Crosswind
Fork: 4ZA Python
Headset: Cane Creek Solos
Handlebar: Ritchey WCS Anatomic 44cm
Tape: Cinelli Cork
Stem: Ritchey WCS 120mm
Seatpost: Thomson Elite 31.6
Saddle: Custom Fizik Pave w/Chrome Scuffguards & Ti rails
Brakes: Mafac w/Koolstop dual compound pads
Brake Levers: Cane Creek Cross Top
STI: Shimano Dura Ace 9 Speed
Derailleurs: Shimano Dura Ace
Chain: SRAM PC99
Cranks: Ritchey WCS 175mm w/Salsa 45/38 rings
Bottom Bracket: Shimano Ultegra
Pedals: Time ATAC Carbon
Wheels: Cane Creek Aros 58 Team Issue and Cane Creek Volos
Tires: Custom Dugast w/Michelin treads 32mm and Challenge Grifo 32mm
Weight: 17.5 pounds

What makes me fast? Hard work and discipline. System of a Down and The Rollins
Band help too.



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You know sometimes those that do the most are often the ones most overlooked. and i think in my opinion two guys that need props are Doug Gatto, and Steve Balogh, yea there not kickin dudes heads in every weekend or sprtin the BIG sponsor or pimpin the look, or race face/attitude and fancy chicks on there arm , but GOD DAM they let everyone know there talent in a diffrent way, unselfish love to let everyone know how good they look even when they are on they are on the brink of death if i thought either of you to drank a cold one i would be given you some of the summers best from bells. thanks Steve and Doug. your the best!!!

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Jon Baker from the west came and staked claim to 2 big Elite wins this past weekend. Rumor has it he got the nickname the BEAST for his sometimes nonshaven look, or could be when he was young and often visited his great aunt Clara in the State of Ohio, and while there went to the The amusement park Kings Island and set the record for most time riding the imfamous The Beast roller coaster. you make the call...The racing was hot. the turnout was OK, I mean come on hard dudes, how often do we get a event of this caliber in our state? NOT often. I would call the turnout for michigansceners lame. if you werent there you suck. Impressive rides were not though, as the riders that won earned every lactic acid bit. The course was on par with anything we have had here in years past add the mud and grey days and you got a picture perfect cross outing.
The field in the elite was stacked. easliy on par with any event this side of the east coast, guys, like Schouten, Tyler johnson, Zak Grabowski, Andy Jaques Maine The California dude Brent prenzlow, Brandon Dwight the list goes on, Our localsceners faired well with Jon Card placing in the top 10 on day one( and whats with those glasses?) with Weinert not far back, Simonster left his mountainbike home to put in a good ride. Hot Tuber Tucker Olander had the ride of his life on Saturday but MIA in sundays event The quiet one Mike Wissink snuck out of the masters ranks for a change and rode well enough to grab some $ . Michigan state champion Jer Walker was in there but not his usual self.
Day 2 saw alot of tired legs, and course that demaned more horsepower as the mud began to take over the grass... everyone looked alittle spent except Jon Baker as he unleashed another one on the elite mens race, that dude looked so smooth all day, other classes, saw Rich Stark of Sunrise walk away with the masters win both days.. Todd frierich followed with the Don Cameron hangin in 3rd The big news in the elite womens field all weekend was that Ann Schwartz didnt killem all like years past, The saturn twins looked gooood!. Tim Sari, waxed the mens B with no effort, i think his first place was a bag of sand if im not mistakin. If you wernt there you missed a great event.
Thanks Robert of Tailwind and Kinietic Systems. see ya next year.

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emo, real or fake?

You Know i love to give praise to locals, and while out of town i hooked up with a friend and we checked out some local talent, and well to my surprise it was Dead by Wednesday, I have never heard them live but, i must say i was surprised, I thought a posting was in order. But I have one concern, If this emotional rock is real, or just made for the people. because NO one could be this seroiusly messed, if you get a chance check out DBW, if for anything a grin

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Masters mount... our own MCG honch Joe Lekovish

This coming from Mighty Joe L, (blue must the color....)
The weapon of choice for a mid-pack, masters CX racer:

This is the new 2006 BLUE CX6.5. The frame material is 7005 series aluminum. A nice feature are the shaped tubs. The top tube is slightly ovalized, the down tube is tear-dropped shaped. The bike is set for mega-clearance in the rear chainstays. Much more than my previous Redline Conquest Pro. New for 2006 is the all carbon front fork. This fork really smoothes out the bumps.

Here's the story behind this frame. In 2005 Michigan racer Jeff Weinert was sponsored by BLUE. He raced their previous model the CX5.5 that season. With input from Jeff the engineers at BLUE immediately designed the BLUE CX6.5. This model hit the market in early summer 2006. Immediately BLUE also started work on a new carbon CX frame, the CXC. This newest frame is the one Jeff Weinert will be racing in 2006 and is only just starting to reach the market. I believe Jeff has been racing the pre-production or very early production model. BLUE is a US company. The general manager is former Jittery Joe's pro cyclist Chris Pic. The company also is the bike sponsor to the Colavita/Cooking Light Womens Pro Cycling Team, of which Chris' wife Tina Pic is a member. Tina has been ranked as high as #1 among US pro women cyclists in 2006 and will be racing her BLUE RC6 road bike at the UCI World Championships in Austria next week.

Frame: Blue Competition Cycles CX6.5 Aluminum Size ML 55.5cm
Fork: Aerus Composite full carbon 1-1/8
Headset: Ritchey WCS 1 1/8 integrated
Handlebars: Ritchey WCS Oversized 42cm
Stem: Ritchy WCS 4-Axis 110mm
Tape: Ritchey
Front/Rear Brakes: Shimano BR-R550 w/cartridge pads
Crankset: Shimano 105 FC-5600 press-fit, one piece, 172.5mm
Chainrings: Shimano 48/39
Chain: Shimano 105 10spd
Cassette: Dura-Ace 12-27 10spd
Bottom Bracket: out-board Shimano Ultegra
Pedals: old set of Icon's
Seat: Ritchey WCS Streem
Seatpost: Ritchey WCS 27.2
Brake/Shift Levers: Shimano 105 10sp Team Issue
Top Mount Brake Levers: N/A, I prefer to ride in the drops as much as possible
Rear Derailleur: Shimano 105 10spd
WheelSet: Hand built Shimano 105 32h, w/DT 15g spokes laced to Sun M-14A rims
Tires: Maxxis Larsen Mimo CX clinchers 700x35
Notes: These frames have a pulley for the front derailleur.
Even with the heavier wheelset, this bike weighs in at only 18.5 pounds.

Jeff Weinerts mounts

well its that time, the leaves are changing, the air is crisper , Jocks are gettin laid at homecoming cyclists are up for early morning runs, and every Sunday somewhere around the country, riders are goin full tilt boogie at redline at a cross race. So its befitting to see what the fast Michiganscene riders are on this year.
this installments im featuring multi State Champion, and former masters national Champions Jeff Weinerts Blue, jeff has ridden many cross bikes, Bianchis, Fuji's and numerous Independent Fabrications, steel and TI , for which he was sponsored by. So its safe to assume he knows what works.
Jeff's sponsor Cane Creek allows him the liberty to pick whichever bike he wants and for the past2 seasons he has riddin the Canadian brand Blue. Although he still has a alloy version for training. This year though his main bike is a carbon and alloy mix, carbon tubes and alloy lugs. He says the ride is very similar to a steel or TI bike but without the weight. Heres kwick rundown of the main bike straight from Jeff himself
Frame: Blue Competition Cycles CXC Carbon 54cm
Fork: Aerus Composite full carbon 1-1/8
Headset: Cane Creek S-8 non integrated
Handlebars: Ritchy Pro 44cm
Stem: Ritchy Pro 110mm
Tape: Profile
Front/Read Brakes: Cane Creek SCX-5 w. cartridge pads
Crankset: Dura Ace 172.5
Chainrings: TA 43 w/ dual Spooky carbon guards
Chain: Shimano XTR
Cassette: SCRAM 12-27
Bottom Bracket: Ultegra 118.5
Pedals: Crank Brothers Candy
Seat: selle Italia SLR
Seatpost: Thomson Elite 27.2
Brake/Shift Levers: Dura Ace 9sp Team Issue
Brake Levers: Cane Creek Crosstop levers
Rear Deraillure: Dura Ace
WheelSet: Cane Creek Aros 58 team issue and Cane Creek Volos team issue
Tires: Challenge 32's / Dugast Rhino's 32's/ Dugast 32's with custom
Notes: These frames have a pulley for the front deraillure. Jeff also
> >switches
between Cane Creek clinchers and tubulars. When using clinchers he uses the
origional Michilin Mud green
this bike weighs in at a feathery 16 pounds..whew!

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Weinert winds it up.

When most of the Michiganscene is upnorth at the Final road race of the year, Cane Creeks Jeff Weinert hits up the kisscross' first cyclocross race of the season, This series is usual low key and centered around a good time, come on when you throw out beer for 1st place its gonna be fun, but someone shouldof told a few guys its about the beer... not crushin funseekers, Multi State cyclocross champ Jeff dropped the hammer on the on 25 or so other dudes this past weekend in Grand Rapids, Russ Tiles of Slingshot and the quiet one of the michigancross scene Mike Wissink chased for 60 or so minutes only to run out of time. Its begining to feel alot like crosstime. Tailwinds 1st race will be this weekend and it also is the motorcity UCI doubleheader.

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Tour de Leelanau. Results nuff said.

WHAT A WEEKEND....Priority Healthdid what was expected, Eddy Hilger wins it for michigans wonder team.and the rest of the are left with great war stories and thoughts of is soon to become a Michigan legend, as we all know it doesnt get much better in the great lakes state. i dont want to short change anyone in this field, The guns were out and dudes got shot...i would dig deep for more info but results are scarce at this time. and tall tales are many. One of my favorite parts of the day has to be Joe from Sunrise, his announcing is awesome. the results are followed
2006 Tour of Leelanau Race Results
Saturday, September 16, 2006
Time Posted:
Time Offical:

Men's Results

Postion Race # Name/Team Home Town

1 130 Eddy Hilger Priority Health Lookout Mtn, GA
2 132 Tommy Nankervis Priority Health Victoria, Australia
3 156 Chris Gottwold Ford / Giant
4 102 Tom Petzold Essex Brass Plymouth, MI
5 131 Jacob Rylewski Priority Health Bay City, MI
6 1 Nick Riestad Jelly Belly Madison, WI
7 6 Casey McCauley Team Wisconsin Marshfield, WI
8 17 Steve Clark Saturn of Toldeo Perrysburg, OH
9 166 Duane Dickie Wolverine
10 134 Derek Graham Priority Health Grand Rapids, MI
11 108 Brad Pauly Brick Heads Lake Leelanau, MI
12 100 Bruce Rivera Essex Brass Beverly Hills, MI
13 143 Eric Forrester Prioirty Health/Advantage Benefits
14 47 Jeff Hamilton Sunrise Sports / Jittery Joe's Kalamazoo, MI
15 2 Jordan Roessingh Team Wisconsin Madison, WI
16 154 Rob Daksiewicz Ford / Giant Ann Arbor, MI
17 147 Justin Desilets Health Delivery Berkeley, MI
18 153 Tom Archer Ford / Giant Pinckeny, MI
19 107 Ty Schmidt Brick Heads Traverse City, MI
20 53 Dave Williams Andrie, Inc Grand Ledge, MI
21 142 Larry Warbasse Prioirty Health/Adv Benefits Traverse City, MI
22 140 Scott Stewart Prioirty Health/Adv Benefits Oxford, MI
23 26 Fred Bunn Pediatric Partners East Grand Rapids, MI
24 162 Bobby Dobbie Wolverines Rochester Hills, MI
25 60 Brant Hendler West Michigan Coast Riders Grand Rapids, MI

2006 Tour of Leelanau Race Results
Saturday, September 16, 2006
Time Posted:
Time Offical:

Women's Results
Postion Race # Name Team/Club Home Town

1 201 Mackenzie Woodring Priority Health/Ford Grand Rapids, MI
2 219 Julie Bellerose Salon XL/AAVC Ann Arbor, MI
3 204 Kelli Emmett Priority Health/Ford Colorado Springs, CO
4 221 Laura Webb Advantage Benefits
5 202 Juli Alaire Priority Health/Ford
6 209 Erica Weitzman Redken/Wolverine SC
7 206 Renee Schroeder Redken/Wolverine SC
8 207 Kelly Patterson Redken/Wolverine SC
9 212 Rachel Steele Saturn of Toledo
10 205 Megan Elliot Priority Health/Ford
11 214 Jessica Woodard Saturn of Toledo
12 211 Jamie Galambos Saturn of Toledo
13 210 Beth Skau Redken/Wolverine SC
14 224 Kathy Kirk Advantage Benefits
15 203 Leslie Gaines Priority Health/Ford
16 223 Cheryl Olson Advantage Benefits
17 222 Amy Stauffer Advantage Benefits
18 215 Susan Schubel Saturn of Toledo
19 225 Sarah Adams Advantage Benefits
20 220 Ann Remmers Salon XL/AAVC
21 208 Lisa Meils Redken/Wolverine SC
22 216 Dawn Lovejoy Salon XL/AAVC
23 213 Brinn Pope Saturn of Toledo
24 217 Wendy Caldwell Salon XL/AAVC
25 218 Ann Ferris Salon XL/AAVC

2006 Tour of Leelanau Sprint and King/Queen of Mountain Winners

Men Sprint Winners

1. Jordan Roessingh Team Wisconsin
2. Brian Sheedy Priority Health
3. Jacob Rytlewski Priority Health

Men King of Mountain

1. Graham Howard Priority Health/Advantage Benefits
2. (tie) Marty Adamczyk Ford/Giant
2. (tie) Jordan Roessing Team Wisconsin

Women Sprint Winners

1. Kelli Emmett Priority Health/Ford
2. Mackenzie Woodring Priority Health/Ford
3. Julie Bellerose Salon XL/AAVC

Women Queen of the Mountain

1. Julie Bellerose Salon XL/AAVC
2. Kelli Emmett Priority Health/Ford
3. Mackenzie Woodring Priority Health/Ford
thanks steve Brown!

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this weekends start list...WOW!

Go to ..... for this weekends start list Im still not pickin a favortite, but DAM is it gonna be a great race!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

One of the Godfathers of our scene..

Andreu issues statement
By VeloNews Interactive
This report filed September 12, 2006

Following news reports that he admitted to the use of EPO early in his career, former U.S. Postal team, rider Frankie Andreu released the following statement explaining his reasons for his admission.

Turning the sport around.
As hard as it is, sometimes putting something on the line is the only way to help. My confession of taking EPO when I was younger is not meant to drag anyone down but to raise awareness of the problems that existed and still exist. I don't have to tell you this because in the last few years some big profile names have brought this to all of our attention.

I took EPO to help myself, not to help anyone else. The article mentions a specific date but I never mentioned the time frame of my mistakes. It doesn't matter the reason why or when, it's wrong! To say there isn't a problem in cycling would just kid yourself, there is a problem it seems in many sports now. At least cycling is taking the steps to try and correct itself and make it a better a sport. It took cycling a long time to take this stance.

When I took EPO, the peloton was flying. I was surviving. I didn't live in the doping world very long but that short time felt forever. The sport is trying to make things right and perhaps it's time the riders also try to make things right. They don't have to speak about anything, they just have to race clean as many in the peloton now do.

Are my remarks going to make the sport better? Are my remarks going to clean up the sport? Probably not. I've been out of the sport for six years and I'm sure things have changed a lot. If anything I hope that my words help other riders, especially young riders, to not get caught up in doping.

We need to make some steps to make things better. If DNA sampling and testing is required then that is the way we should move. I understand the invasion of privacy and no other sport requires this, but if you put the truth out on the table then perhaps something good will come from it.
Frankie Andreu

man is it getting messy. FUCK IT...he is till one of my heros....

WMCR take team series overall

With the numbers and and some great riders west michigan coast riders earned the overal, Saturn/shell of Toledo was second , and the ever tough Ford/Giant in at third. team participation was great all season Another step forward in improving our scene..

Monday, September 11, 2006

Howards Earns Sparta youth award

Grahm Howard earned the Sparta Youth award with his strong finish at the Univest GP this past weekend...WAY TO GO! as Papp T says the youth from michigan are lookin strong!
photo by Doug Gatto photgraphy, thanks Doug!

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Tour de Leelanau coming..

As we sit on th eve of probably the biggest and best road races in our scene for for quite sometime, i think its a good time to reflect on how lucky we are to have what we got. Sure races get cancelled, scoring is sometimes fucked, payouts are lame at times, but inshort it could be like it was 10-15 years ago, rider turnout low and not many choices as far races. These are good days we live in bro.
Now the Race..Priority Health,Ford, WCR, Sunrise, Wolverines Saturn/shell, as well as some others are gonna be ready to roll.Im not pickin any favorites, too many guns, but the numbers are gonna rule, if you know what i mean. I love this race and im glad we have it but my only gripe is the time year. I think lack fitness may play a part in tired legs for those that have been goin all out scince March, I know its keepin a few crossers at home and those with no gas left , hey..those guys are just that wimps..HA! just kiddin!!..its gonna be good no matter what. ill keep up with the report. Thanks Steve Brown for this event.

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Ive given ya the HOT ones, now its time for a reality check.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Yea...another cheap Misfits ripoff, who gives a fuck!

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MAN WHATTA WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man this had to had to be one of the Best weekends for our michiganscene in a long time lotsa racing and great weather. and awesome venues! 1st on on the docket, The Rochester cycling festival, great coures and a decent turnout, the pro 1-2 race saw a great match up with Grahm Howard of Priority Health snaggin a win, former national cyclocross champ, Mike House Texas/Roadhouse was there to keep him Honest. Also in the Mix was former Michigan boy Nate Griffin came in for 3rd he looked fit and strong. Thanx Essex Brass for a stellar event.
A few notibles from the our scene went over the border to do the Amerstburg race, the course a fast 4 corner crit saw many of the fast canadians from the area show up to to get there shot at the provincial crit championship, The imfamous Leferve bros Dan/Tim made it a one two punch at the line, The Jet Fuel team sent about 5 guys over for the weekend but couldnt get it together when it counted. I hear the Cane Creek boys had a rough weekend when one hit some little ol lady broadside in the middle of bridge to a gap. whew after a few neutral laps they cleaned the carnage up and it the race went on. Once again another CC rider went don in a sweet 30+ mph knee slide in the last corner....Hardman Jon Card raced like 3 cats on this day, HMMM get ready for cross maybe? And then theres dude named DARKO FICKO....whatta name......
ERIE, ST.AHH..the racing the nightlife (see pic). The competition was tough all across the boards a 100 rider+1-2 field with some of the best teams from around the area, Abercrombie/fitch, Texas Roadhouse, wolverines, Priority Health. After a break of about 18 riders, got away, we had surprise winner Hooters Danille Defranchise,( i call it a surpise, with teams like texas/roadhouse, that included Paul Martin, Mike House, Mike Busa, and others, as well as Jet Fuel and The Leferve bros, ohio team Torrlei and other Michigan tough guys.) Danille took it fair and square with Nate Griffin in for second, The field was mostly dominated by Canadians. but a few over the borders were in the mix. up and comer Derek Grahm made the top 10, Frankie Andruea was within the strickin distance. whats new?? Old schooler Jon Coyle in at 18th. I love this race scince you get to see old Wolverines out there rollin, chub and all, is that a requierment?
Jim regan of the Saturn/shell team hurt them in the masters 40 race, as did Terry Palmer in the 30+...Hey Terry what gives? your a contenedr in the 1-2..just kiddin. The whole VIBE is awesome here..i cant wait until the 50th anniversey race in 2 years! Thanks Aldo!!!
Rockcity...whatta surprise here. i thought parking lot crits were bring, NOT this sucker... a true classic ina parkin lot sense, although it lacked the flavor of yor, it was a a good filler.The results are are brief due to me lax and not searchin too deep.......After hittin the deck hard not less than 12 hours b4 Ben Renkema, WCR showed why he is State crit champion as well as one of the best cat2 crit racers in the midwest, as he took this one TOO!!! DAM! the hill was takin its toll on tired legs throughout the day as we saved the best race for last...Thank god its over cuz im tired! Thank you cadiuex for a great event and congrats to all those, and sorry if the results are bleak on this one, IM COOKED..its sad to say were at the end all already of another great season. Later!