Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tour de Leelanau. Results nuff said.

WHAT A WEEKEND....Priority Healthdid what was expected, Eddy Hilger wins it for michigans wonder team.and the rest of the are left with great war stories and thoughts of is soon to become a Michigan legend, as we all know it doesnt get much better in the great lakes state. i dont want to short change anyone in this field, The guns were out and dudes got shot...i would dig deep for more info but results are scarce at this time. and tall tales are many. One of my favorite parts of the day has to be Joe from Sunrise, his announcing is awesome. the results are followed
2006 Tour of Leelanau Race Results
Saturday, September 16, 2006
Time Posted:
Time Offical:

Men's Results

Postion Race # Name/Team Home Town

1 130 Eddy Hilger Priority Health Lookout Mtn, GA
2 132 Tommy Nankervis Priority Health Victoria, Australia
3 156 Chris Gottwold Ford / Giant
4 102 Tom Petzold Essex Brass Plymouth, MI
5 131 Jacob Rylewski Priority Health Bay City, MI
6 1 Nick Riestad Jelly Belly Madison, WI
7 6 Casey McCauley Team Wisconsin Marshfield, WI
8 17 Steve Clark Saturn of Toldeo Perrysburg, OH
9 166 Duane Dickie Wolverine
10 134 Derek Graham Priority Health Grand Rapids, MI
11 108 Brad Pauly Brick Heads Lake Leelanau, MI
12 100 Bruce Rivera Essex Brass Beverly Hills, MI
13 143 Eric Forrester Prioirty Health/Advantage Benefits
14 47 Jeff Hamilton Sunrise Sports / Jittery Joe's Kalamazoo, MI
15 2 Jordan Roessingh Team Wisconsin Madison, WI
16 154 Rob Daksiewicz Ford / Giant Ann Arbor, MI
17 147 Justin Desilets Health Delivery Berkeley, MI
18 153 Tom Archer Ford / Giant Pinckeny, MI
19 107 Ty Schmidt Brick Heads Traverse City, MI
20 53 Dave Williams Andrie, Inc Grand Ledge, MI
21 142 Larry Warbasse Prioirty Health/Adv Benefits Traverse City, MI
22 140 Scott Stewart Prioirty Health/Adv Benefits Oxford, MI
23 26 Fred Bunn Pediatric Partners East Grand Rapids, MI
24 162 Bobby Dobbie Wolverines Rochester Hills, MI
25 60 Brant Hendler West Michigan Coast Riders Grand Rapids, MI

2006 Tour of Leelanau Race Results
Saturday, September 16, 2006
Time Posted:
Time Offical:

Women's Results
Postion Race # Name Team/Club Home Town

1 201 Mackenzie Woodring Priority Health/Ford Grand Rapids, MI
2 219 Julie Bellerose Salon XL/AAVC Ann Arbor, MI
3 204 Kelli Emmett Priority Health/Ford Colorado Springs, CO
4 221 Laura Webb Advantage Benefits
5 202 Juli Alaire Priority Health/Ford
6 209 Erica Weitzman Redken/Wolverine SC
7 206 Renee Schroeder Redken/Wolverine SC
8 207 Kelly Patterson Redken/Wolverine SC
9 212 Rachel Steele Saturn of Toledo
10 205 Megan Elliot Priority Health/Ford
11 214 Jessica Woodard Saturn of Toledo
12 211 Jamie Galambos Saturn of Toledo
13 210 Beth Skau Redken/Wolverine SC
14 224 Kathy Kirk Advantage Benefits
15 203 Leslie Gaines Priority Health/Ford
16 223 Cheryl Olson Advantage Benefits
17 222 Amy Stauffer Advantage Benefits
18 215 Susan Schubel Saturn of Toledo
19 225 Sarah Adams Advantage Benefits
20 220 Ann Remmers Salon XL/AAVC
21 208 Lisa Meils Redken/Wolverine SC
22 216 Dawn Lovejoy Salon XL/AAVC
23 213 Brinn Pope Saturn of Toledo
24 217 Wendy Caldwell Salon XL/AAVC
25 218 Ann Ferris Salon XL/AAVC

2006 Tour of Leelanau Sprint and King/Queen of Mountain Winners

Men Sprint Winners

1. Jordan Roessingh Team Wisconsin
2. Brian Sheedy Priority Health
3. Jacob Rytlewski Priority Health

Men King of Mountain

1. Graham Howard Priority Health/Advantage Benefits
2. (tie) Marty Adamczyk Ford/Giant
2. (tie) Jordan Roessing Team Wisconsin

Women Sprint Winners

1. Kelli Emmett Priority Health/Ford
2. Mackenzie Woodring Priority Health/Ford
3. Julie Bellerose Salon XL/AAVC

Women Queen of the Mountain

1. Julie Bellerose Salon XL/AAVC
2. Kelli Emmett Priority Health/Ford
3. Mackenzie Woodring Priority Health/Ford
thanks steve Brown!


Andy said...

Hey, thanks for posting these results! I've been waiting for someone to all week!

I linked to this from Tour de Leelanau Results, Photos & Video on

the michigan scene said...

andy. thanks for coming to my blog. Its a family here, your always welcome!

Tami said...

Your blog has been added to Absolute (created by Andy of as well). Here's your link

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