Monday, April 16, 2012


It gawd dam amazes me how fast Mondays come, one minute its TGIF and your planning how to make the most of what you got, and next thing ya know your scrapin up lunch.. 
Ah it aint all that bad....haters are gonna hate but most everyone keeps pinning one on at least once a weekend...without taggin em all i leave that up to that trendy site..solid rides were put in on the fling side of things with TMS favorite MONSTER beat em at there own game, and then he ran over the border with a lil bunny to bounce around with a few other select at the infamous Paris/Ancaster both fared well  and  "the eagle" Adams did it to a few at AAVC..Out on the other side of the the scene kid A  just keeps gettin better pulled an all nighter from Battenkill and threw up the roadblock on  Michigan's State TT champ Roadking.... to win a wet n windy FiskKnob..of note,,the HULK made his debut in the Leadout gear..Sc A R Y
If you felt like gettin dirty  cuz its ok...the mid state growing  Rustshaker saw two strong dudes go to the line..multiple BRX winner and Too Tall made this one thats DOPAGE !
Without going too far into it at this time But my good buddy Mike has been in and out with random vague hard to interpret quickies which has kept Ts lid on and sipnnin, not wanting to confused the accused ...but this one was too good to go with out tellin.
Mike told me he sensed  this.. he knew how much haters like there jelly, but he also said there aint enough bread to go around so the dark side of the spoon is the only option..
and for once as of late i kinda get his drift..

maybe you do, or you dont..
later haters


Anonymous said...

No hatin here-

Props to the young guns on the road.

Kid A threw punches at the seniors in NY and MI. Badass results for a young kid.

Rudy P was rolling at Battenkill until a couple flats took him out of the equation. Then he made the break in the race of attrition that was A2.

Great work young guns

Anonymous said...

I agree fully.
The Future looks a hellva alot younger than what has been touted.

Anonymous said...

How about strongman Mac Brennan, following in the footsteps of GC and killing it at Hillsboro Roubaix taking top honors.