Thursday, April 19, 2012


Before this i was:
a teenage werewolf that had a crush on Christy McNichol
Ive been busy with:
brain stormin new ideas in between trips to Atlanta
My crew is: 
a select a few

Last time someone tried to fight me:
I busted it out old school style I took off my boot and shoed them in the head with the heel

predator face:
consists of finger meltege and hands to the face
people think i suck at:
basic biometrics 
Dybo will never:
change his shifty ways

Girlfriend in the porn industry:
make better friends than girlfriends

Old gold is:
is like candy to me

aint no play ground

Subway sandwich:
they all taste the same..Jimmy Johns..hand down
Overzealous security guards
deserved to be sodomized
are just as deadly and a pain in the ass as guns and gun up your ass

The best video of all time:

Multiple personality's
exist inside every sane and insane person

Dont listen to:

Best Dude out there right now:
he no who he is

landscapes of my mind

the difference between myself now and five years ago:
my body has aged but my head has grown wiser

Omen II
the old fool under the ice always brings a creep into T's mind

the weirdest place in Miscne:
Hillman Michigan, or Oakland county whats up with dat
Lemmys Mole:
has its own zip code and elevation gain 
The best photo of all time:
I havent scene it yet

Id kill for:
burgers, on a patio bar, and some flannel wearing female 
The most ridiculous situation i have ever been in:
involved this guy with a mullet a hot pocket microwave sandwich at a T/A travel center @ 1:30 in the morning
the best bike trick of all time:
BIGRAY top fivin any 1/2 race

I wasted my money on:
just about everything i ever bought that wasn't food
id like to know more about:
the brain and its pineal gland

One thing I always freak out on:
sceners and facebookers no one cares and if they do there lyin...about  what your eatin, where your ridin and what your numbers are.
If I had a million dollars:
id make a video that involved a highly skilled midgets racing at a world cup level, or buy skid mark a personalty

when I die:
my body will rot and my mind will be erased
after this i will.
slip farther into the void.


Anonymous said...

Psh midgets racing. Two chicks at once.

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Anonymous said...

mmm hmm.

Anonymous said...

I like this shit. Slayer