Sunday, January 01, 2017


100. 2016 gone..the scene hopes for a brighter day with 17
99. TMS posts all sorts of irrelevant shit
98.Lumbo 100 sells out again
97. BRX gets bumped back on the schedule has riders hoping for a warmer start to the season
96.The Waterloo Gritn Gravel kicks off the early spring scene under cold and cloudy skys
95. the race is run in fine tuned way...medals get handed out before you can catch yer breath
94. Vanias rides to the 3 man break of Yankus some quiet guy named Scotty and the Evil Dude
93. then rides away only to miss a turn..
92. Roadbikes seem to be the hot least for Yankus has he handily beat Scotty
91.The Grayling giant is out crushing everyone on a fat bike
90. the Lowell 50 is run under some classic conditions, rain, sleet snow wind and sunshine
89. Nate Williams wins the 6 man break with the Evil-Dude and Jordan Diekma in tow
88.The AAVC spring series sits in doubt as of Mid March
87. Waterford Hotshoes are biting at the bit to swing there dicks around
86. Martin Vecchio leaves the the defunct Never ending rubber team for greener pastures
85.The Bunny stays quiet all winter
84.Zwiftin is the new form of bike masturbation for those not liking normal trainer work
83.Simonster rolls the spring gravel classics on a new rig, and a new team..
82.Phart Bikes sales drop as winter did not pan out
81.BRX sets a record under sunny dusty skies
80.MTB scene is rolling into funky spring of one off events

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