Tuesday, January 03, 2017


59.The Black Ace makes another scene appearance at Cone AZ..
58.O2 saves the memorial day weekend for some and throws a party at Waterford
57.Bissell stops by and runs em all over
56. Northerner John leach shows his best form all season
55. Stange has what might be his best race all season
54. The Sylvania hard man crit puts a whole bunch of sceners on life alert after 6 laps
53. Bryce Nyvier gets away early with Canadian Jeff Schiller and wins the shit..
52.Burke is the only other Miscne rider not in a body bag of the 38+ starters 16 finish
51Friday night in Zeeland crit sees a carbon copy Bryce and Foshag get away for the first 40 min
50.EPS fields a pile guys and shuts its down securing the top 6 places
49..Old men Hess and Foshag pick up the scraps
48. Mid June still no Bunny
47. Waterford is still churning out underdog weekday warriors
46.Michigan loves there guns..dudes carrying pistols and MTBing wtf..
45.Kevin Collins is killin dudes left and right...............................in the Cat 3s
44.. The Grayling Giant snaps a chain at Tree tops.....Comes back and snaps everyones neck

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