Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fonzies Place

Holy Cow nerds...Jennifer Lawernce just is too gourgeous no matter what way she wears her hair..Silver linings Playbook American Hustle..are on the Fonzs list of favorites with her!
 People used crack on J-Los acting capability's but man i tell them to sit on it..She gets more attractive every year and stays classy with a look that aint too plastic..  A dame to die for..Sophie is ageless..

 Ok now this gal is way over the top...I dunno what the Fonz loves more about her? Her hair, or her Medusa ..she has a classic beauty that is rare now a days...and that dress WOA!

Sophie Vergara...that accent.the eyes those lips....the animal print..some days the Fonz thinks it wouldnt be too bad commit to just one gal!

 The Fonz only uses one brand of Shampoo and u-no who is on it..Im not into pedal bikes..but if she tooled into Arnolds on this Ten speed i might give it a try..It would be hard pressed to find a smile as bright as Farrahs...That golden Playboy spread she back in 1997  still gives me a lift off..if you ever get a chance watch the Burning Bed..ultimate-ending

 Too Young for the Fonz but near perfect age for my kid nephew Spike..Ariana Grande is the sweetest thing to come outta Hollywood in a long time..look at her hair..betcha it smells wonderful..hope she dont stray..

 T this one is for you..those teeth and that lazy eye..Kate set the bar for sickly supermodels...

 Remember fools..treat all ladies with nothin but pure doors, never gawk, and when steppin off curbs The Fonz would throw his best James Dean jacket over the muddiest, oil slickend puddle for any woman...


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Henrietta Collins said...

Now that's a list of hot chix. Sofia Vergara for the win.