Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fonzies Place

Demi......ayyy man she does red right..that dress..and The Fonz loves that trendy cut she was sportin
 Love me some Katy Perry..anytime, any hair color..
 Three of the Most Super super models to date..pity all they eat is asprin and cocaine..cuz the Fonz would love to thicken them up with a Arnold burger and malt some night..

 Ms Ross always leaves me shakin..long live Motown WOA!
 The Fonz loves his sickles..even more when Ol Ann is straddlin one..boy nerds somethin about gals on two wheels

 The Fonz prefers his Kim alittle thick looks like she has been lovin life alot when this pic was takn...and that white Bikini the extenuates her curves

 Selma playin with Snakes..Selma eating Cake, Selma on roller skates..what a great gal and respectable actress..

  Im gonna step on some toes on this one..doubt this gal rides but she has the look down nicely..i like the head band..not a fan of nipples expect a little more class..Im gonna have to send this one over to Tuesday night cuz im seeing something completely wrong with her set up...Hey Lemmy...

Be different this week a gentlemen no matter what the woman in your life is naggin you aint easy being a woman now a days..


Henrietta Collins said...

Good GOD this is the most stacked lineup! How do you pick just one? Gun to my head, I'm taking Kim for the win.

Anonymous said...

I'm rolling the dice and going with Demi.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thought you might like this TMS