Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Keepin Whitey Happy

It aint easy runnin this shit from beyond the grave... and i still cant finger out what the fuck the Russians see in constantly trying to hack into a broke mans PC...but fuck it fools its a brand new year..and T is ignoring what the meters in his room are signaling once again...always striving to expand my grey matters in the most unorthodox way...i figure if folks and bots alike wanna ride along so be it..routine ya know... schedules make people more productive..does id thought maybe we can get alittle more routine for the month of January  like here on the scene..or not...

a.m. freestyle..what ever the feelies are for

p.m. Fonzies place..stop by and see the Fonz  he'll shed his love on the better half of the human race...light hearted fun from the king of cool.

Bikes, and worthless crud from the present, future and past..

WATN... a brief look of who what when and where are they nows..gain extra cool points if your chosen and still breathin human air

Lemmys house of style...listen to the horrible one and his random assholes throw out there filthy opinions on what they thinks works and dont..

the State of The State...misc ramblings for the fuck knows on what and who and why and the whathefuckever is going on in and around the scene

your always in for a good time with some doped up neon bike racers...come on admit it..Eurofuckin is kinda fun..

Friday 15...your OG list...a quick list of random worthless ramblings from the panel of opinionated fuckers on the inside of TMS  that are full of bullshit

get a life and dont even stop by............seriously theres nothin fuckin good going on here ever its a joke

nothin but love and respect folks..nothin but...

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Anonymous said...

That's a lot of work and effort T. Props to you for putting in the time.