Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lemmys House of Crud

That 7/11 kit has never been matched in any way shape or form...and the hat over the helmet FUCKIN BAD ASS

I can get behind that Sagan thing right now..i mean like fuck it right? we haven't had anyone with tru full blown natural style since Cipo..the sport needs more of this..
 That kid from up north is pretty dialed love that video game creatures..he could be fairly sudden if he fine tuned it a tad more ..its dam cryin shame he turned Japanese on all of us..fuck
 Nothin but huge props to the big man for stayin true..and sportin the his semi scene legendary shoes..might be time upgrade em tho..heres one assholes..ask yourself....ya know your own sense of style?...come on whats yours?

 great lookin rig love solid colors..but what hack set it up? whats with the seat angled up into your nuts..?

Never has there been a team kit more stylish and well put together than the historic Blue-Wave..right down to the matching helmets..years ahead of there time in so many ways..The Evil dude ridin steel IF..the lil Pony on one of the first carbon cross rigs..and what about The Black Aces beads? they  had just started grow..word has it now the man carries an extra duffy for them to all the races...

I like the Grand Rapids Bicycle company kit alot..and short Earl looks pretty good in it..the Smith helmet fits in well with the green inside the vents..congrats you fuckin pass..
I dunno bout you but...sword carrying metal chicks in the forest make me wanna drink and slay dragons

 I know you Know what Im thinking............................

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