Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lemmys House of Fuck you

Lets get into it haters..love this kit..it goes way out of the lines of normal cookie cutter kits. someone put some thought into it for sure..extra cool points for the color combinations
 I get the whole fuckin show rig thing going on and all..if you have the dough buy it and build it..but fuckin ride it for holy hell sake..nothins worse than something hot as fuck that doesn't get played with

Sports eye wear is made for sporting if your wearing Oakleys or Rudys or whatfuckin ever out hangin out or buying your hair care products..don't looks gawd awfully..side note love the color of that rig tho

 There is soo much going wrong here its right..right out of the fuckin MMBA show me a pic of your cobbled together Frankenstein gravel beer do it all bike...fuck part it out and buy something current you sensitive sentimental fuckin asshole

 Naked chix mountainbikein...Ok i can get behind that...but if your bombin singletrack wear a sports bra please..its not good for those dirty pillows to bouncing around..

 Completely horrified buy this all over print shit going...man i hope it doesn't catch fully on..nice figure! stupid neck gator..

 Does this smiling, perky, happy gal really strava..........?

Total fuckin staged photo...either that or she needs a proper fuckin fit look at the nose on that saddle..

There are bike fitters..than there ARE bike fitters..going to some hack that don't even ride is a recipe for lost wattage..choose one carefully and always dress comfortable as things may get hot..nice shoes..

 This gal kills me....that bike and that over the top kit is straight out of Ali-Express...do love me the braids...

 whats up with the WIZs head in this photo...man miss those days..GODSPEED fuckin State Champions

 All the kings Horses and all the kings men cant save you from being a miserable fuck...

don't take things so serous..

laugh its good for your soul..

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Henrietta Collins said...

Nobody rides a level saddle anymore. WTF???