Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lemmys House of Style

Two color theory...fuckin A++ and i love the look of this photo pure speed..enhanced by the hair..

 No worries lost Johnny..i know your smart enough and not that pro to realize that sub 40 degrees and bare knees is no way to treat healthy joints.. next time double check your duffel before set out to dominate the scene..

 this is a pretty gawd awfull simple time machine..i betcha she fly's with the best that plastic has to offer..
 Im not a huge fan of this color scheme that is going on here..seems to be poppin up everywhere from 199$ Wal-Mart specials to tennis shoes..but i do love me the slammed stem and hiddin inner chain ring tho
The Evil dude was doin everything right here, Helmet and sunglasses match ..clean kit..dialed bike..but one thing Ive noticed about him you would think after all these years he could pin a number in a much cleaner matter...fuck..somebody help this guy get it fuckin straight,

 Naked chicks with 70s nipples in ol drop tops cruisin the beach...zero fucks givin

 If you cant drift that you aint shit................

OK im down with the color..but im not fully convinced the coin you drop on one of these bikes is gonna make your erection last long enough...i do like those togs in that color..nice compliment to the bike color....

 Nothin much to gripe bout here...just enjoy how the styles have evolved in almost 10 years

 go afucking away...you have better things to do than hang out here

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