Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Lemmys of House Euro-Shit

 Tornado Toms style personified..like a single moving part of aero fuckin wattage...i cant believe i just fuckin said that...

I like the Scott helmet..but it looks a tad like the Evade from Specialized..id consider it if your not into the somewhat pungent taste of  Kool-Aide

I wish Giro would make up there fuckin minds on shoes, laces, Velcro or half boa or wtf ever

I gotta feeling red is going to be the new color for 17...oddly enough the pinstripes work here...
This chap needs a lid that fits properly..unfortunately if you get the correct size Rudy it looks a bucket on yer head..so id probably run small too...do like me those shades those..might be the best out of the
Rudy Camp in years..

Red Shoes...the Fonz would gives these two thumbs up and extra cool points..the Black socks are perfect length...

white socks..horrible..only allowed with white shoes see Tom...Fuck you

I like Limar helmets..i wish they offered them in more sizes..The glasses A+..not a fan of mixing eye wear with another brand of helmet..if the eye wear company makes helmets you should use theirs..unless its a complete turd..

Man there still nursin this brown and blue scheme..startin to grow on me ill admit...

Shoe covers must fit snug and tight with no wrinkles,,these are a good height..the tall ones tend to bunch up and look and nasty..

I love the BOA system...but servicing them after a night of thunder isn't for the feeble handed..come locked and loaded if you dont wanna end up kicking your dog,,,

"If you didn't do anything that wasn't good for you it would be a very dull life.

What are you gonna do?
 Everything that is pleasant in life is dangerous."

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Anonymous said...

This is fucking gold -"a single moving part of aero fuckin wattage"