Wednesday, January 18, 2017

State of the State

Good thing we are all humans..T included cuz if I would of posted the moment i got that anger erection im afraid i wouldnt of been able compose myself quite properly..

so i let it in sink in a bit, let the turd dissolve in the stew and throttled it back a few notches..

Im going rogue on this one...No strippers, No haters..No silly comparisons to late night blue filtered light...
Im gonna be as cool and level headed about this whole thing as i can be...the grammar is still gonna suck so if you swallow that there plenty of other places that would love to see you

In a security leak the 2017 schedule has not sure quite what to think..not wanting to fully dissect each event maybe we can do that another nite...

if your not graveling your gonna have to hang out...and wait alittle while to get your fix can race but no need for that highly touted USAC license this more spring flingin at Waterford...

the whole month is still questionable..cept Lowell 50...hope your not counting on getting full use of that bitchin over priced Time Trial rig  cuz Willow TT may not be alive anymore..maybe do some MTBin..i dunno

The AAVC saves spring again...cuz you can exercise the coveted license for 5 weeks a....your 3 day weekend gets saved.and you can still swing yer dick at Waterford....The Kent ISD crit will honor your USAC category..and The Port City crit? hope so..but dont hold your breath..Oh there is stuff on our borders..but most conflict with anything we have here..nice

well by this time everyone is either going really fast of looking at another for the new summer micro brew..aint too much happening in June. the awesome Zeelend Friday night crit is still on the morning or night get in the car and go down to Cincy for a whole slew of hard ass crit racing..or drive up to Lumber jack100......Grab your fellow USAC racers and go up to Michigan Mountain Mayhem and bury your Neighbor and his wife along with the rest of the Fondo riders.. or why not Go down to Cincy for a whole slew of hard ass crit racing.....The Black Aces gig is still up in the air..but that dont matter cuz no one likes body bags anyways..Oh and if you are bored theres always...Waterford racing

BTR, always a great show..remember your social security number if you plannin gettin in the grip...Lansing state crit championship or Maple Hill want more? ..get in the car drive somewhere else..but problem is anything out state is on the same day as stuff here

The Race that isnt a Race..Cherry this one or place well enough and your social media status jumps at least 20 points..Hey what about Corktown...crit racing in the Murdercity..? if its the same course lets hope the promoters have a good supply of body bags if Canadians or any other Honches show up..August 20th..Gaslight is a welcome sight back on the schedule..pity..That Strada Bianchi thing sounded fun..oh well last hurrah at The Debates Devo race..sniff sniff sniff boy that went by quick

Fuck it
Its cross season right?

i dunno folks if there was ever a time to go full on segment chasin or check out MIA style..this may be the year..

ebbnflo i suppose

Truthfully nothin but mad respect to all those makin little things happen


Anonymous said...

It's officially dead. Get out of state or you never gonna be anything.

Henrietta Collins said...


Anonymous said...

T - I am calling for you to set up a 2017 most miles traveled to race award. If suckers wanna race they are gonna have to get in their cars and drive somewhere to do it. I say we honor them with a shot out here and there through the year, and then give them some kind of worthless award at the end of it all. Results are important, but nothing shows dedication like driving your ass across this fine country to push some pins through fine lycra.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is not true.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 40+ something Cat 1 guy, gotta leave to "go places". How about a reality check?

Anonymous said...

That's a weird comment. The entire post is about there being few opportunities to race in the state and you take a piss on a group of guys because they may go out of state to do some racing. Instead of complaining why don't you ask one of them if you can go with them on a road trip. If you ask with less attitude than you have in this post then maybe they'll take you along. And I'd bet you would learn something because if they are a 40+ something Cat 1 guy then they probably have learned a thing or two with all of the places they have went.

Anonymous said...

I love how they "guard" your social security number at the BTR payout table. It's just sitting on a sheet of paper, in a manila folder, on a table.

Anonymous said...

I have never given my real one!

Anonymous said...

I'm stealing all the social security numbers next year! Who's with me?!

Anonymous said...

please do!