Sunday, February 05, 2017

Fonzies Place

Hey Nerds..lets keep this one brief tonight..i know the Fonz is up against some big odds..with the Superball going on and everyone gettin tipsy and frisky..this shouldn't take you too long..The Fonz is gonna rate these six gals tonight givin each one cool points..based on there style, looks, personalty..and talent...

 ranking in at number six this week is Aubrey Plaza...You would have to be Potsie not to love her sarcastic ways

#5 Lil Kim speaks the language of lust in soo many ways..nerds need not apply

number 4 Beyonce wears the heat-misers hair in a good way.................. HOT!

#3 heather locklear...i wanna remember her this way forever,,,i just wouldn't get in that squad car with her for a million bucks

#2 Morgan Fairchild is back sorry nerds..but the Fonz got a request for this one..that 80s hair WOA!

#1 The Fonz is GaGa sickly infatuated with this Lady

make women feel around the crib, pick up your fruit of the looms without being told...listen to her..and most of all communication...


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