Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fonzies Place

Hey Nerds..hope you all have been good..I know the Fonz has..everyday I can you make others life a little more happy..a smile, a open door...hit like more often than not....spread yourself thin..if its not broke reinvent that thing cuz change is good..and good things are better...

Chix in cowboy hats in the middle of a dry desert with incredible Tan lines fall in to the top Five this week...
Vampira..queen of the dammed and the epitome of 50s creepy cool...
 this convo comes up quite often around the malt shop..wonder if a girl like Madonna could find a rebel like the Fonz cool enuf to hang out?..the answer always comes back as AYY! why not..Madonna comes in at number 3 .....we need more Madonna on TMS.....................naked pizza WHOA!

 Of course this wouldnt be TMS without a chick and a gun..and to the gal that never seems to age...Raquel is one fabulous gunslinger.i love the hand resting on the side arm in that sultry ultra cool way..

Hands down the winner this week is...a no contest..
Cyndi Wood...on a one of a kind Playboy Pink Schwinn Varsity................and that 70s Carol Brady hair..WOW!

Be  cool confident and friendly this week the world needs more of us around!

1 comment:

Henrietta Collins said...

What a stacked lineup!

That's a nice pooper.

Madonna is looking DOPE!