Wednesday, February 15, 2017

State Of The Fakes

God bless mother nature...

boy howdy fools as she ever been uber..eeer utter  cooperative for some good stuff...Its winters like these that tickles T in such way that it makes him feel the sweetness of youth and joy in his special purpose place...spring is coming and i betcha there is gonna be more just a few hailin bazoonies...hell folks are soo bitin at the bit they be makin up there own spring classics..gotta Facebook account? open about a parking lot?..send out an invite for a little  early season beat down..maybe a punch yourself in da face gravel point to point road race..roll it like cannonball run..and guess whaaat..???????no USAC...

man maybe there on to somethin..

meanwhile up north in the land of Kolo-Tc...BIGRAY and illest Pony keep the phart tire fires burning just like Jill used to say.."if it weren't for sleds the shop woulda closed years ago.".I know i dropped the balls on this one..but holy hell if i could swing it id be rollin fixed rig to just get ready for the Velodrome that is touted on the horizon..

Its still early to ramble on about who is on whos pro-deal hookup squad..maybe when we inch closer to the due date T may spread a little but from the rumor mill..

for the rest of the week i want you to do yourself favor for a change....

tune in turn on think out side your box


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