Wednesday, February 01, 2017

State Of The State

Coffee or Tea
Phart or Skinny
Frosted or Unfrosted
Fries or onion Rings
Mittens or Gloves
Sprinkles or Plan
Creamy or Crunchy
Liquids or Solids
Gravel or Pavement
Dry or Wet....

Man T like all humans probably loves to have a choice in every aspect of his drinks, apparel, etc.....without it may seem like a pretty stale grey existence...I could ramble on until the liver spots multiple on my arms about all the things i like to choose from..some aint soo easy..some are just gol darn no brainier..

So on tonight's State of The State i said to myself..give em a choice T....let them smell the sweetness of a flowery sugar coated opinionated turd post..or let them have full monty...a  foul stenched out honest from the heart of T steamer..

The Michigan Gravel series...Love it what a steller idea..give em what they want..practically the only disipline in the state that has any sort of growth..why the hell..something about the gravel crowd gives T that old school early 90's vibe..real people..real looking people..

Folks on MTBs and wind pants..some chubby, with cobbled together rigs, some semi serous with  last falls cross bike..and some full on steely eyed roadies types with specific key goals to there weekend egos...but ya know even the later are havin fun..ya know  rubbin elbows spillin suds with the before mentioned..very little attitude..gravel to T is flow.. a current of sorts to the next thing or revival of the ailing road/cross/mtb scene...a  bridge of sorts...

the series aspect aside...i like the idea and the initiative of those who are taking the time..T would fist pump if you were sittin here next to him.. i cant hold my tongue...with zero disrespect to those still sleepin in there jerseys. Im not trying to pee on your feelings..I respect your effort to the most highest degree,...myself I feel USAC just chalked up another "gotcha" on the money meter..(kinda like Cross Nationals) like calling my Gloria Vanderbilt' can they even call the past weekend a national championship..5 years..i give it..and then its gone..

Gonna be a nitch inside a nitch inside a nitch...dont kid know im right..its OK..i mean look at the state championship results..less than 100 make matters worse even USAC did not even recognize the Naty champs on there opening page...just a blip...the more we try to stamp out Nazis regim the more they be creepin..I could flog the dead horse all night but..The Fall Guy marathon is about to start and aint missin that shit


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