Sunday, March 05, 2017

Fonzies Place

Not a huge fan of the whole  kardashian family thing...but Khloe' WOA
I could go until next Sunday on how much the Fonz loved that badass girl...robbin banks and drinkin soda on some door stoop in a struggling depression town..Faye was over the top in the performance

MOTOWN baby...soo much coolness going on here..if we had points system going this gorgeous gal of a great movement would be near Cat 1

Badgirls need lovin too..and Drew B gets the nod even tho she is destroying her life with those smelly cancer things..Man Oh Man Im lovin her hair in these shots

Italians do it better and Monica over the top in style and class..Id love sip some even cheap wine with her if i drank..but the Fonz dont drink so ill just enjoy it from a far

KM! its TMS what else you want AY?

Be cool fools...dont be a nerd this when you see a lady no matter her income or status level..

ladies are ladies..some just need to be reminded of there beauty...

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Henrietta Collins said...

I'm down with Khloe, although I liked her better before she was blonde and skinny.