Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fonzies Place

If Pam woulda been around the Fonz was jumpin sharks he woulda staged a fall just to get saved by this Baywatch babe..Pity she carries diseases now..fame. fortune and rockstars always does creepy things to people

If Arnold needed to upgrade his social media status it would be by bringin in Dolly on push that gals buttons any day

I cant recall if I Jayne on here she was plum over the top crazy..she shoulda took the bus when Anton told her she may lose her beautiful head in a car crash that night...

Susan should have her very own night here..The Fonz knows T would love that eyes in Hollywood..and her shape isnt soo bad either WOA!..
Thelma and Louise is on the watch list after Im done here!! 
earn double cool points in your ladies life..

give more and take less...

1 comment:

Henrietta Collins said...

To this day, I still want to see Dolly's big ol cans