Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Lemmys House of Cards

This guy...i love this whole Northwoods race club collection thing going on right now. id like it more
if they would drop the "race" from it..why does everyone feel the need to race? whether its cyber or real life..every fuckin hack who owns a credit card is racin somethin..why not just ride fast..but all that said i like this shit..
ruining shit..only some douche bag would do somethin this idiotic..

a black helmet would of looked much better in my opinion..
Heres another one of Instantgram gals Syla ..im thinkin maybe with those nice legs she sees alittle saddle time..
Czech gals with pigtails in the snow..the big question is...does Syla ride often or is she just out to gain likes and followers with all her posts?
Well either this is staged in one of those premature housing lots yet to be named, or She really is out rollin to solid playlist of Rockn Roll..

The Lemmy Jury is still out on this one..but I hit like on everyone of her pics..

See Ya next time maybe..
If not dont forget me..

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