Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lemmys House of Meth

This photo just keeps reappearing over and over in the channel's of my life..i love knowing the fact that somewhere someone is calling someone and bitching about the devastation those assholes did..
This chap to my left despite that  shit eatin i love gravel grin aside...why do fools even bother wearing a cycling cap if your in denial of the bill and all its advantages it has to offer..its there for a fuckin reason..
fuck at this point go by one of those silly ass buffs..

Former one time American future euro wonderkind Cole House looks about as impressed with Johnny U as most of the scene is..
personal space find it and respect it..
Nothin against these guys and this mission there trying to make...and I know this 3t Quark media team is all the buzz on all fronts of social media..but ive already grown tired of that kit and it aint even warm yet....
hey you on the right!!
 fuckin smile and enjoy that snobby micro-brew..
your life is pretty good...
Its all about havin fun....
so fuck you if you cant take a joke...

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