Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The Alien Blueprints

Blueprint #1
Turns playdoh into hardened steel..a rider with very little talent  and not a ton of early 2000 Too White seeks guidance to get better. Shepard closely by the Black-Ace..with hard work, starvation, dedication and heart..This guy goes from getting dropped, lapped and DNFs to a top 5 guy with confidence..and then later to a State Champion

Blueprint #2
Teaches an old dog new tricks..around 2004 The Evil-Dude has an offer to go to what was considered even by he as the infamous"dark side"..after a similar path as Too White aligns himself under the wing of the Ace..with trust, hard work, and most of all respect he is transformed from a often getting dropped or lapped and wheel follower to winning field sprints riding hard breaks along his scene idols............ later a State Championship.

How and why? 
the reasons are many..there were more warriors that went to battle along side these two during the tour..some made it some did not....the reasons are irrelevant ..The things that standout the most with this story is how one person basically there competition offered to help..they had been given the on going script of knowledge and the ever evolving swords that would possibly lead to them eventually slaying there master..

Taking two very different athletes. one with very little natural god given talent and a size disadvantage...The other a decently talented athlete but hampered with so many years of engraved mistakes and ready excuses

All was given for nothing more than spreading the knowledge and maybe helping them create the perfect monetary gain was ever made in the masters part..

It would be hard pressed to ever think there are too many people in the scene that would dedicate themselves to there competition the way The Black-Ace did over those years..for the record doing it  his way was not easy by no means many were unfortunately crushed trying to did not make them lesser humans at fact in some ways maybe it saved them and made them smarter in the long run..who knows..

We all have a story to tell some of us would make great short novels, maybe a movie, sitcoms, and a sweet ass  mini-series..the last 4 weeks of Black History here on TMS is nothing new..we all have it in us somewhere

Never stop believing

always respect


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You're welcome and you both have also taught me more than I could have provided. You will always have a place on each Wing.

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Woah, HEAVY...

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