Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fonzies corner

Holy cow nerds did things get hot that nite...whatta ya think ..does Linda Evans look really concerned that John is about choke the dickens outta Joan...? whatta great show
Kara Del Toro...those eyes...
that dress enough to melt inspiration point even on the coldest nights 
Even though people are throwing out Iggy Pop as Jens doppelganger..i aint buying cuz Jen is not only a beautiful gal at any stage of her career she makes the Fonz laugh..and laughing is cool.. 
Hayley Atwell...a smile big enuf to make even the Fonzes worst days at the garage all seem worth it..
and her hair double...WOA
the beautiful innocence of Lea Thompson in the Wild Life..makin doughnuts and doing the dirty deed with that local fuzz..
It's casual.
make yer lady laugh instead of frown nerds..
youd be surprise what might happen


Henrietta Collins said...

Kara Del Toro...Good Lord!

Anonymous said...