Friday, May 26, 2017

1.Alan Antonuk,,came on real fast made the cat 2 splash got picked up by a decent sponsor.. but never fully got off the ground..coulda been good..

2.Jon Leach..not sure what happened to him..he was comin then.but when he went to Bissell he kinda fuzzed out....MIA maybe hes still out there but hes been quiet

3.Cant Stop Staran..Max was ready for the next level but too much of his own ego was killin him here he is body builder or something....MIA

4.Randy Rodd..un-real natural talent..could of been one of the best sprinters of our time..the guy never really trained..and still cranked out great rides

5 Jeff .Koch; the beast of from Elk Rapids..won a bunch scene and gone

6,York..The Bunny ate himself alive state titles..and countless Badass rides..realized there was more to life then bike racing left the Miscne in honorable fashion

7.Rudy P..this kid was hiddin behind KIDAs shadow his hole junior up bringing..needed solid guidance..guess he is doing TRI s now? or just MIA..who knows hes young

8.Prentice: he was on his way for about one summer..rumor was he was headin to Bissell at that time..MIA

9.Bogedin: Kooky but fast on cross bike as well as roadbike..kept coming back but then opted to follow the ways of a samurai

10.Cantanzaro: this was one of those Bissell guys that one summer when they decided to pick up any one young and passably kwick..never real made a hit.

11.Florian: Andrew was that sneaky guy..once a year he popped out decent ride and then he disappear again into the field

12.Rainville: Richard never had a chance to live up to his hype..cutting his teeth in cross..he came sooo close sooo many racing is hard and injury's set him back who knows he's young maybe again

13,Big Don Cummings: Big Don..makin big money and raising a family with a trophy wife was far better than suffocating with the rest of the Michigan schleps

14.Jimmy Minnema: This guy would go run a 20K after the Milford crit in 100 degree heat..far better Tri dude than a bike racer..which is why he was also a great TTer

15.Graham: probably the best all around bike racer of the TMS time period..i think he got bored  with the scene and moved up north to live a normal life

when your good..
and its still not good enuf

bike racing is hard and winning isnt everything

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Kroske said...

Wow. Nice sprint down memory lane. All true.