Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lemmys House of Red

Jimmy if there ever was a guy in the scene that has changed his color more than this guy i wanna know...That being said Jimmy always looks good..the Fonz would give him double cool points on this one for matching the helmet and shoes.... liking this gut more and more every time i see his name in the results..
hope he sticks around..the scene needs more guys like him..

but man he runs some narrow bars..
teamies..i mean isnt time for the 3T super team to be coming forward with some new kits?
jimmy..are those POC glasses ???
he needs a matching lid..i expected more from him  and thats disappointing 
the red rocker in that bad ass TnA...
no wonder that dude couldnt drive 55
always looks good..
but what the heck is going on over his right shoulder with that O2 guy?
 terrible helmet and or fit..
not gonna say a single word about that thick dog in the base media kit..bringing up the caboose..
holy cripes
Speaking of base media...
this kid is pretty sudden..his eye wear sponsor needs to float him some new shades some that fit his face..these are way too big
the team kit looks passable..even in its black form... someone is puttin some grip into these guys...besides the fact that a couple of guys swing there bike, and ride the bullet in dumb situations..its a solid group of young talent that the scene has been lacking
 hope its not too late...
jimmy......never looked better...
the Wiz always looked solid
it wasnt up until the end were his style started to lag...

placement..this should be standard number placement not stuck into that over priced piece of Lycra
love the color scheme of that bike...
soo much bad going here i can barely stomach it..
the first guy in those white arm warmers..that looks terrible..always go black..
the Evil-Dude and that 3D violet alloy Allez..a questionable style move..i do like the color choice the AAVC dudes helmet..looks good with that kit...
insanely fuckin cool

man she could rock a big ol red T like no one else on that show...
Mike in his now famous kit

Brain dead, total amnesia,
Get some mental anesthesia,
Don't move, I'll shut the door and kill the lights,
And if I can't be wrong I could be right,
All good clean fun,


Anonymous said...

Seaman is one grizzled ol sac...lotsa thick dogs around.

Anonymous said...

What is it with the thick dogs in the scene, you'd think with all the Strava BS some weight would be shed?