Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lemmys House Of Style

boy not fully diggin that backwards hat on Jimmy..
in fact the backwards head thing has never been high on the Lemmy list and when you through it on an old dude it looks gawd awful ugly..homeless and worn out drunk are the first things that come to mind...
Baseball catchers, driving in convertibles, dirt-bags on BMX bikes and dudes in big ass offshore racing boats are exempt from the backwards hat hate list..
group rides, half wheelin and suffocation..and beers at the end..if she was towing the line around
yea id be up for it....
colorful gadgets..
im lovin these little trinkets to hold all those lil knowledge capsules
curvatures and landscapes

Jimmy..getting double cool points...
that Yellow bike was his winning ticket...
The Black Ace...
more style than 3/4 of the scene the red bar tape gets pulled together by those Red Brikos..
the  Gloves and white helmet finish it off...
what about that watch?
If you squeeze my lizard
I'll put my snake on you
I'm a romantic adventure
And I'm a reptile too

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