Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lemmys House of Style

aside from the ridiculous wide tires..this bike is sick lookin..
.but does anyone really mount a bottle on the top tube..
the only blokes ridin that long are ridin exploros..and they have sag vehicles handing them bottles  by co-eds
speakin of those guys
.smile you fuckin rotter your livin the pro-life travlin all over gods great earth reapin the the big$$ benefits of being a Factory sponsored athlete...
State Championship road race is in two weeks make a believer outta me..

sorry i just cant help my rotten old self...
wide tires on a crit bike
what has happened to our world..
fuck me
this is just fucking dumb..
cant even imagine how shitty this bike would ride with all that dead weight on the down tube...
inexpensive power-meters are coming...
soon they will be as readily and cheaply available as 50$ wireless computer...
but honestly less than 5% of the scene that owns one knows how to actually use one to its full potential..
coolest bike ever 
the Redhook crit has caught on like fuckin wild fire
Not too happy that The S company is now makin thick grip off it...
the whole thing...those limited edition colors are trick tho 
quite possibly the best lookin MTB on the trails this spring
But whatta ya think pal..maybe its time to up the game and spend a summer with the Giant and the rest of the Elite field?
Ya never know you just might like it
The scene hasnt scene a gal this hot since I dunno when..
pity she is just posin

Boy fuckin howdy im bettin Danny doesnt get too much pull on those tiny bars
man up and get bars that fit your frame..
Knew I had to bite you baby when I first set eyes on you,
That moment turned me on, I can't believe it's true,
I like to watch your body sway,
I got no choice, I'm gonna twist your tail,
Love me like a reptile, 

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