Wednesday, May 31, 2017

TAO of T

I aint dead yet..
go it your own has too many cookie cutters out there great men and women for that matter have often said great things..aint no shame in takin them up on a few and placing your style upon it..i dunno so the scene aint the same as it was 10 years gone..folks have come and gone like waitresses at that gravel floor bar down the street..sure we all get old aint no dodgin that..

didnt Eddie say
I change by not chaingin

but in all facts and reality hes changed too..
Everyone kno its not easy to be human..dont take no buddha, god with long hair or temple to keep folks upright...we all have life rules we live by...some put em out there for the world to see other dont pay no mind to trying to get there fair share of likes and hugs..or whatever there searchin...

maybe infact they aint searchin for anything its just time killin between the empty spaces..

T dont often talk TAO thats ok... we all know rarely makes sense and his grammar isnt even worth your time..I aint for everyone and neither are you..

take from what you will lifes short and you really dont have is what it is

think about it or dont

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