Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fonzies Conrer

hey Nerds..when is the last time you really thought about the things in life you often miss? The Fonz likes to reflect now and time again about two things in life he is insanely passionate about..

If you knew the Fonz like his good pal straight as an arrow best buddy Richie C..then you wouldn't need me to expand on it briefly..
WOA chix on bikes...
you noticed i didnt pigeon hole it into the one driven by a motor...Man the world of yours was gifted with some incredible bikes and chix over the past 10 years huh?
How about the queen of  the V-brakes that golden gal Paula Pezzo..woa she was sumthin ..just thinkin about  that tricked out Fisher soft tail to those golden hot shorts...makes me romantic for the golden years..
Canadians pride..
Emily B..I never really been fond of campin..but if it involved her towing me around bombin some finely sculpted be up for alittle smores later that night..
she looks like a California surfer girl but rides the Richies first car the Love Bandit..
Boy that willow koerber was smokin ..wasnt she? 
The Fonz had a hard time deciding what he liked more about her..those sexy poses she was known for or just how dam incredibly good lookin she was kitted out..
If your gal a gentleman and let her ride her way..
many nerds ruin relationships by thinkin there gals like to shred like them..
earn extra cool points this week and let them lead 

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