Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fonzies Corner

Holy Bat turds..the Fonz doesn't really like super hero type Movies..and sure isnt up on the constant trying to reconfigure the oldies..but id be up for a lil distress with this OG Wonder-Hero...
I know quite a few people that dont dig the colored hair thing going on now...But variety is the spice of life from what T says..if all gals were blonde, or brunette it would be a pretty boring sock hop..Ariel Winter wears that color with double thumbs up
Ol Linda B may have been crazy possessed by that evil-dude.(not the evil-dude your thinkin of) .but man it was all for the best...crazy what sellin your soul without knowing does to a person...
LindaC...The OG wonder woman..holy cow nerds the 50s were cool but the 70s were outta site..
Does Cher ever age..
I mean seriously..This broad has looked the same for the last 40 years..who is this woman's doctor any how? 
treat that lady right in your life..she doesn't have impose super powers or make shit move across the room to deserve your goodness 

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