Monday, June 19, 2017

How good does Special K look in this podium shot..?
now theres a dude that knows his way to a fact that guy kroske sees his fair share for a short (no longer fat) fat bald guy..both r reppin well..The Lathrup dude needs more fine tunin though...but hes built like a armored truck...
maybe not text book official
 but this shot of the 1/2 Birmingham State championship podium looks well and balanced..surprised cuz that evil dude doesnt know a thing or two about how to stand on a podium the right way..
Near perfect..
Ben Whitehead comes out not too often and knows how to rep on top...
Hulk looks scary like a action figure on steroids..
only nic is that kinetic guy is not wearin civilian bottoms...I really like the way the 2nd and 3rd place guys are holding there certificates of achievements..
I think after riding your bike 100 miles through that hot ass State forest u should be allowed to wear whatver you some extent but  lets look alittle more into this shall we....

I like the lumbo big 10 man podium..its very befitting to a race of the this size..

diggin the

 SIMONSTERS mullet...nice!
the big red beard of Acker..(fuck how does he wear that shit in the heat tho)
Catlin and Tandguy look solid..shhesh look at Catlins wonder that dude won a national championship..
ScottyA is scarin me with that all aqua ensemble he is in..
Johnny Utah is not impressin me much with that hipster surfer look...fuck wear your jersey please at least..
and finally i dunno who that dork is with his back to the crowd..but holy crud..someone should of threw a turd at that guy for disrespecting such a killer fuckin ride..
i mean really what is this a sign of??
is this person crying?
did he get dry gulched by a bear across the nose..?

did he just spill his recovery mixture on his Quicksilver's..
whatever this person reason it might just be crusty old T ways but it comes across as arrogant and snobby ..but what does T know..



Anonymous said...

Isn't the backwards guy someone standing in for Yankus who got hurt and couldn't make the podium? A space filler hence the body in the line, but not facing forward for podium symmetry. I would have said throw 9 guys up there and call it good, but this was probably someone's idea of a good idea.

Anonymous said...

The stand in for Yankus was hilarious! Did help if you knew the back story, though.

Anonymous said...

if he got hurt then its probably fair to leave his spot open (hope he is ok) ..i do applaud the stand in though.
still seems kinda sketchy

Anonymous said...

Lumberjack podium -

1) why don't they just throw another 90 people up there and make it 1 for each mile.

2) the Yankus stand in is entirely acceptable standing backwards because dan is kind of twisted.

3) fuckin Utah. Come on man. Show some respect.

4) proper arm placement for everyone except leave it to the French guy to surrender

Anonymous said...

Too funny