Monday, June 05, 2017

Lets face it haters...if you have been visiting this shitty blog your probably a bike racer or had been one at some point..So when I say podiums you get my drift...I dont have all nite to dissect every podium that has ever happened in around in Miscene..or all the pro like rules that make them up
Some folks spend there entire racing life trying to get on the boxes..many have never scene it and some are more of a regular on whats the proper etiquette?..I dunno and i frankly dont give a shit..its not the pro-life..and non of the guys calling the cat 1/2 race the pro 1/2 my worthless foul smelling opinion...whether anyone sticks around to see you collect your entry fees back is irrelevant ...
the semi unofficial good looking podiums should like this

  1. Congratulate the winner
  2. Shake winners hand
  3. One hand on the winners back one in the air
  4. smile
  5. hold sponsors products if available 
  6. wear team gear..if its practical..

T has a few ideas or  rules when it comes to what happens up there..
  1. the boxes should be clean and presentable in a decent location
  2. the guy that won should call the shots...
  3. helmets on or off (see number 2)
  4. If you get on the boxes dont come stumbling up there in jeans and T shirts..(there is exception to this rule though)
  5. throwing that metal sign of metal or the thumbs up is frowned upon (unless you win) and you stick anything you want in the air you fuckin won 
  6. children are allowed but make em smile..
see ya soon with Ts unofficial opinions ...


Anonymous said...

no fucking podium bikes. no one cares that you got your bike for 40% off. get it outta there.

Anonymous said...

but true

Anonymous said...

100% true.

Henrietta Collins said...

Kids should never be on the podium