Monday, June 12, 2017

podiums are hard..hard to get to
often hard to organize..
and more often hard to get right...

lets keep this shit fun..cuz ya know T and Lemmy aint takin any of it serous..if you get picked or my rightly so get on the boxes..just enjoy your quick 15 seconds of fame cuz who knows..u may never get there again...
This was somewhat of a Bandit race.. so thinkin on the boxes dont always apply..I would gave this a total fail because of the dork in the middle and his one arm i just came triumphantly fist in the air salute..but because heis  flanked by two multi state champions and the Coors brew wagon is in it its a full on fuckin KOM!
almost a solid execution....that dude  on the far right needed to drop his right arm and leave the baggy shorts for the MTB podium..and the Bunny shouldnt be invading the Sven space..unless the Pony is doin the saME..Das German gets the pass on the pants..

winners can do whatever they want....
I suppose this is a is A phart bike race and quite possibly in four  years no one will remember this discipline was ever really around..
enjoy your time..
way back...
despite the fact that Saari and the Wiz are dressed in street attire i will call it a pass..not a win but a pass...the hand symbol isnt always a podium welcome..
but you know the rules..

winners get to do whatever they want...
be cool fools..

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