Wednesday, June 07, 2017

State of The State

Things i aint given out tonight..
no strippers, 
dead F1 drivers..
great music videos..
silly Photoshop BS..
ageing supermodels..
silly gif images..
no silly hand gestures 
eurofucks ...
over priced bike shit.

the list could go on but simply T don't have the energy or the time to dick with it... like hes beating a dead horse and this just might be the last time he even goes anywhere near the subject with any thought or depth..

I aint your captain ..
(but id probably make a badass one though)..ill be dammed if im going down with our ship...ill step off into the life boat before anyone even knows im gone...Im being flat faced TMS honest with you all... half of our scene is circling the turd bowl..  and im not visualizing a full recovery anytime soon

Some bad stuff is goin on and we better right the ship pretty dam soon before we all lose more to other things life has to offer..I know this blog sucks..and is not taken serous..and that's OK that's how its built..but like anything in life...the truth and facts lay deep inside everything..

Never called myself a writer or a wise man but i know how some things just generally work..

Im gonna hit on some points that have wringing my wrists..I want you all to think about it for a few days..i don't care if you speak up..just think about it

  1. Did i miss somethin..But who is runnin the MBRA?
  2. No point series
  3. a point series
  4. The Spring thing series..points and payout debacle..good or bad...or wtf?
  5. The Maple Hills race
  6. the omnium and TTs added at the last minute..good idea or bad?
  7. why Waterford and Gratten races are so popular
  8. The lack of Junior riders
  9. Mountain biking..........
  10. Schedule conflicts: asking a race promoter to be added to the series and then another promoter dropping a another race on top of it..
  11. Cone Azalia whats up with that?
  12. No scheduled State championship road race
  13. No scheduled State Championship crit
  14. why the some races have become so soild and still thrive  like Alma GP..Lumberjack 100 BRX etc
  15. the cross scene is on the rise race wise..great...but will people care?

These are just a few..
please if you do anything..just think about one of these points..its your scene and i know we like to think EbnFlo small parts of are going away little by little

See ya in a few days 


Anonymous said...

For number one: Harvey is the 'director' but he sucks at it and is essentially killing it.
Waterford Wednesdays is popular because they don't do the let's have a class for everyone single penis size. There is an a and b. At other races, there's 20 different races throughout the day thus even if you have 300 racers, it averages to 15 per races. Nix the million classes and make shit more interesting.
14: Alma gets people because jb promotes the hell out of it. The course is only so so, but he has so many sponsors giving swag and cash, it makes it worth it. Barry and lj100 are experiences. Does anyone ever think "oh I can't wait to ride the beautiful aavc course". On top of that, for the Barry as well as other gravel races, you don't scare off the mtbers and casual riders. Youre not going to get some fatty who normally doesn't road race to enter a crit.
Going back to 5: it's a matter of late scheduling​. That was a free day so I made other commitments. I'm sure others were the same way. I love the course but it just didn't work this year.

How to get bigger attendance to road race? Look at Iorn Hours classic in darango. Have a few competive classes go first, then a giant fondo type thing afterwards that's open to everone

Anonymous said...

that is solid math right there