Monday, July 17, 2017

Built for Speed

It aint what i couldn't make it tomorrow so you got me tonight..i aint been to dam bloody fuckin regular as of late but i got alot of stuff going on and hangin out in this dead spot of the internet hasnt fit into the game plan..but i awoke really early..and had some time to you get what you bloody fuckin get..

That big scary dude from the North has been kinda quietly as of late but with a few biggies comin I betcha he  is gonna come swingin..its so god dam sick he beats people wearing those blue diapers..but when your as fast he is

wear anything and get away with it..
These shoes are so god awful ugly...
and really unless you got bunions or have some weird ass foot issue laces make zero sense to me..
these are nothing clunky awkward lookin

id wait at the finish line and level this dickhead
such a fuckin stupid trend..if your over 12 and do this you are basically a douche bag with over printed jeans and too much money
I dont spend too much time at the beach...but i just might have to make a trip down there if cougars like this are pedlin around..
but I wont buying any those over priced handbags like the one she has in that basket...

nice head tube junction and color is refreshingly simple 
few can pull off togs like this...if you can your on the list
Man has this Monster been killin all season..I like the WP kit the black and yellow works well..
Like T i think the Big kev should find his man britches and step up a few times to the big boy race before he is too old and worn out....i dont mean do that silly race a pile of races and then do it..come in fresh legged and ready to shred..who knows he may surprise himself..
instagram gal of mystery
that braid and the long sleeve kit is probably hotter than your mistress..
I get it..
I understand the Parlee way
But im not totally on board..
nice colors and very creative group of blokes tho

I love this little cuties kit...But id be willin to pay the bucks those Oakleys are not the real things..and if they are i wouldnt buy her a Budlight Lime..
anyone who pays that much for a pair of sunglasses is out just lookin for a sugar daddy....

dont forget these guys they aint gone yet...
the Miscene gravel collapse without them
She should gives this bike back to the guy she has been hittin on all afternoon..
she is obliviously too fuckin patio drunk to realize the seat is too fucking high!!!
Lovin the pink tape of this badass team bike!
Id punch this little squirt in the dick..just to make time with that hair farm
cuz ol Liz kills it..
im just bummed i think she may have jumped on the build your face with plastic and goo bandwagon....
smile you fucking assholes..
life is pretty fuckin incredible

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