Thursday, July 13, 2017

Roger de Vlaeminck, Winning Paris-Roubaix, (1977)

Monsieur Paris–Roubaix

Perhaps no other rider has delivered in Paris–Roubaix than Roger de Vlaeminck. de Vlaeminck holds the Roubaix record with four victories. He also finished second four times and third once. This record may never be surpassed. But much more than mere numbers was de Vlaeminck’s total mastery of the pavé. “He had an amazing feel for this race, rolling over stones as if he were on asphalt”, recalls de Vlaeminck’s directeur sportif Franco Cribriori. “The evening of Paris–Roubaix, we threw out all of the wheels except those belonging to Roger, which were still serviceable. In fact, they were like new.” de Vlaeminck’s mastery and successes at Roubaix are impressive enough that this virtuoso of the pavé has become known by the moniker Monsieur Paris-Roubaix.

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